Tuesday, June 08, 2010

home alone

have i ever mentioned how much i hate being home alone? i get super-freaked out and scared really easy. technically, i get super-freaked out and scared really easy even when i'm not home alone. like on saturday i was vacuuming and the dotytron came upstairs to where i was and called out "beebs!" like 5 times, and i heard him, backed out from under the bed, took a look at him, and STILL screamed my head off for like, a minute. it's truly bizarre.

our sunday night dinner was a bit of an s**t show. we got mexican fries from great burger kitchen AND burrito's from chino loco's. they skimped us on the cheese on the mexican fries...i find great burger kitchen super inconsistent so i'm not sure that i'm going to continue to frequent them. at the very least, we're on a time out for the moment:

last night the roomie came over to keep me company while l'army was playing ball hockey. have i said already how much i love the roomie? and how good she is at her job? now that i'm exposed more fully as a client to the midwifery practice, seeing how the roomie acts in her profession, how patient she is, how knowledgeable and reassuring she is with me and my inane questions that i don't really want to bother my proper midwife with (the questions fall more into the "irrational worries you talk out with a friend" territory, as opposed to "clinically warranted" territory) it's just so lovely. i'm so lucky! because i have a friend who is QUALIFIED to reassure my irrational worries from a clinical perspective. it's the best case scenario. i really feel like it's deepened our friendship and i say as much to anyone i talk to. having known the roomie since the 2nd year of her undergrad and all this time knowing that she's wanted to be a midwife, and living with her through her last years of midwifery school and her first years of practicing, it's been so gratifying to see someone so well suited to their profession and giving so much of themselves to their work and the community. and that's NOT just the hormones talking!

i'm still barely bumping out - it kind of looks more like a post AYCE-meal food baby, so i've been worried about that. so she helped me learn how to feel where my uterus is and it's in the right place. then she used her doppler so that i could listen to the fatburger's heartbeat again. so aces! i was at dinner with another preggos who was at five months a few months ago, and she was all like, "i think i want to buy a doppler, just so i can check in on the bambino sometimes" and in my head, i was like, "wow white lady, you crazy" but i TOTALLY GET IT. well, the irrational part of me, which constitutes about 21% right now, totally gets it. i wasn't going to do it, but the roomie had it right there in her car and it was easy, so we did it - which was super nice of her just to make my stupid hypochrondriac worrying butt feel better. this time, in addition to the heartbeat, the roomie pointed out these fast swish sounds, which she said was the fatburger kicking to get away from the doppler, apparently they're not super-into it and they tend to swirl away from it and hide - which leads me to think they have sensitivity to super-high pitched sounds? like they can pick up that frequency? kind of weird, right?

i took the leftover white anchovy and chili pasta and reheated it in a pan and then topped it with a poached egg and some of the extra breadcrumb mixture. it was delicious! we ate it with caesar salad.

we've started eating dinner on the front stoop, so we get some outside action and can avoid the terrors of the back deck. so the roomie got a taste of my street in full-on sesame street mode. it's rare that i come home and people aren't hanging out outside, catching up, all up in each other's business. the across the street guy we're obsessed with, R, apparently has a hot tub, a trampoline, and a hammock in their backyard which all the kids love hanging out in - in his words, "it's like the 'price is right' back there" lol! he just finished writing his last CFA exam, he says if he passes he's going to treat himself to a sound system. lol! he also told us this while wearing 3D glasses as shades, and a kid's beaded necklace. double lol! on thursdays and fridays it's not unusual to see a blanket spread out on one of the lawns and everyone congregated there, sitting on the blanket and chiefing it up. it's kind of the best. i hope no one ever moves.

tonight i'm going to eat that leftover flank steak with the black beans and rice and chimichurri, while i get busy prepping the last things for the book club meeting tomorrow.

i'm putting out a spread consisting of a spanish goat's cheese, a triple cream called tuxedo from france, which features a chalky interior, some mortadella, some hard-cured cacciatore, olives, cherries, sliced radishes, roasted garlic eggplant dip, smoky red pepper feta dip, these spicy crispy flatbreads i love, some crostinis, and raspberry brown butter bars. i bought a rosé and a white wine and we have the stuff to make gin and tonics and negronis. i'm also making a strawberry lemonade with mint syrup.

i know i'm probably going crazy and totally over-killing it. but a good portion of the above is going to make up my dinner tomorrow, so i'm personally excited to eat the spread!


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