Thursday, June 03, 2010

the business resumes!

i'm still trying to get quotes from contractors about replacing two of the plaster walls in spumante's future room with drywall and perhaps adding insulation. if it's like a $500 difference, we might end up taking down the lath and plaster ourselves. my mentor at work had a good point (he's kind of the best mentor ever because he also mentors me on life stuff/home renos/AND the work stuff) - basically he said, doing demo is easy. you're just tearing stuff apart. and worse comes to worse, you can always call someone in and say, "i messed up, now can you come and fix it" which makes total sense to me! who knows, we might even try putting up the drywall ourselves - i'd probably leave the taping and finishing to an expert, though.

AND due to the impossible heat wave we're been having (which thankfully broke last night with the thunderstorm) i'm researching CAC units. the downstairs of lil' ugmo gets no natural light, which means that it's always nice and cool (we're topping out at around 75F, which i know is a normal room temperature and only feels warm to us because i insist on keeping the house at 64F in the WINTER!) but the upstairs has been pretty brutal. i've been okay with a regimen of a fan on, computers off during the day when we're not home and at night, cold showers right before bed and coverless sleeping, but the little principessa the dotytron has been complaining and complaining (keep in mind, i'm the preggos one who is literally incubating another life form) so it's time to start thinking about CAC. we could get by with a window unit but for resale, CAC is kind of par for the course.

secret admission: i love researching stuff like CAC. it's so much fun! i just like being an informed consumer - i don't go buck, but i like to at least have some terminology and specs down.

this week has been crazy. dotytron is djing the school fun fair and barreling towards the end of the school year with all that entails (ie. report cards), we're trying to paint the dining room and get some house stuff done before i host my book club and before the dotytron leaves next monday for 3 days in montreal with his school, last night we went to see momma d sing with the toronto choral society at their spring concert, this weekend we've got a baby shower and brunch and more house's just a lot piling up. but it is what it is.

this is tuesday night's pasta dinner - so good, huh? we've been eating out on the front steps if it's nice enough as we're avoiding our death trap of a back deck:


last night i made us fried rice with chinese sausage, egg, napa cabbage with steamed shanghai choy on the side and dumplings that i accidentally burned (we still scraped them up and ate them):

thank you chinese sausage for maxing out my sodium intake for A WEEK.

tonight is dodgeball - last game before the playoffs! so pumped to play.

this is what's got me cranked right now:

1) looking forward to TWO weeks cottaging this summer. 1 week with my family, 1 week with my kdubsguelph family. the kdubsguelph one was kind of a bonus-throw-in so it's even better.

2) dr. rei has filled my head with the idea of renting a villa in sardinia next summer. check out some of the rentals, here. some of them are surprisingly affordable, considering that you'd be sharing the cost with another couple. so pumped! look at those places! even if it doesn't end up happening, what a place to dream about.

3) my friend L, introduced the dotytron to the wonders of "yacht rock" which is a series about the quasi-fictional development of the smooth rock sound (ie. steely dan, the doobie brothers, chicago, kenny loggins, etc.) of the late 70s and early 80s. it's HILARIOUS. check it out for yourselves:

the dude playing oates from hall and oates makes me want to pee my pants, laughing. granted, this has a pretty limited appeal - you kind of have to know some of the figures involved for it to be funny. we've been walking around singing like michael mcdonald all week. so good!

i've read quite a few books lately, expect a monster review capsule post soon.

tomorrow is the work picnic on centre island, assuming we don't get rained out.


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