Friday, June 18, 2010

80s hair metal

tonight is going to be about this:

and this:

and maybe some of this:

all leading up to this:

isn't the lead singer super-charismatic and a hottie? i'm totally pumped for this.

i'm also totally pumped for an M-R-I reunion with dr. rei sleeping over cuz she's done the first draft of thesis hell AND unfortunately hanbo is out of town. but if that means a sleepover with the bfffff then we'll have to make do with a hanbo-less weekend. yay sleepovers!

i woke up just shy of 6am this morning, so we'll see how i last. i predict some post-dinner pre-spin gallery napping might be in the cards.

i'm LESS enthused that last night was the last dodgeball game of the season, and do to my burgeoning belly, of my foreseeable future. not happy. at least i went out on a good note - i rocked a solid game with some key catches and got some people out with the much sought after "foot shot" but i'm so sad i can't play! this is the first season i've taken off in like, 4 years, since i started. it's balls i tell you. the only thing making it easier is that summer yields SO MANY physical activities. we haven't played a single game of "no rules tennis" and we've only played a couple rounds of frisbee. haven't hit the driving range yet and once the pool opens, i'm sure we'll be there quite a bit - at least for senior citizen lane swim time.

last night we ate leftovers, but on wednesday we went a little buck and ordered pizza and a meatball sandwich to split from this new place, recommended by cousin al, who incidentally is the former drummer and now 2nd guitar player for the diemonds. the new place is called colombo's pizza. the food was pretty good! you could tell it was homemade. they're known for their "neapolitan" pizza, which is a no-sauce pizza with fresh tomatoes, sausage, oregano, and mozzarella. the toppings are super-tasty, especially the sausage chunks which are redolent of fennel. unfortunately the crust needs some work. the crust is very much like a slightly less cardboard-y pizza pizza crust. if the crust was just a little bit thinner and greasier, it would be perfect.

the meatball sandwich is legit. tender, soft meatballs gently nestled in a perfectly crusty-yet-yielding bun with a sweet tomato sauce and cheese. we'll definitely be ordering from there again:



tonight will probably be leftovers or some freezer-clearing pierogies, before cleaning the house takes over and a pre-show nap.


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