Monday, May 10, 2010

the weekend wrap-up

this weekend was extremely tumultuous on all fronts: meteorological, emotional, physical, familial.

friday night featured the "thunderstorm of our lives" as dr. rei called it and a class A meltdown from yours truly. upon coming home and finding that the dotytron had been home all day, and having been given an extremely minuscule list of things to do, one of which consisted of doing the dishes, which he had dutifully done, but had NEGLECTED TO EMPTY THE GUNK FROM THE SINK TRAP, i promptly lost my mind and went on a classic, karl lagerfeld on the birth control pill-era tear. seriously. there were so many eff bombs dropped that if there was an international body tracking such things and mapping them GIS-style, there would have been a noticeable spike and surge centred squarely on our house. lately my recourse of choice when having hormonally induced meltdowns is to resort to stuff that references the coming year of upheaval and how buck it's going to be having to look after an eating/s**tting machine 24/7 and how if the dotytron can't pull his weight now, then how is he going to do it THEN, when i'm going to be exhausted and leaking and at my wits end, etc. etc.

ultimately, the increasingly diminished sensible, sane, rational part of me that exists as some vestigial memory of the pre-incubator karl lagerfeld knows that i'm being somewhat ridiculous (i'd put it at 70%). it also knows that i lucked into having a partner that is quite capable of pulling his weight and even if he isn't as mindful of the labour that goes into maintaining a house to the level at which i am accustomed, he is MORE than capable, and outright enjoys, the prospect of impending fatherhood much more than most (read: i) - so i know that if the sight of a dirty house is making me go crazy, at the very least i can feel very comfortable that the dotytron will look after the fatburger while i get down on my hands and knees and hand-wash the floor (yes, i hand-wash the floor because i'm just that crazy.)

once the maelstrom had exhausted itself we headed over to dr. rei and hanbo's first stopping to grab some provisions from poutini's.

i got two small regular poutines and 1 small "the works" which is a regular poutine with sour cream, chives, and bacon bits. the portions were a wee bit on the small side, for the price, but for the basic poutine, it's pretty decent, $4.99 for the small, but $6.99 for the large. the works is ridiculously priced, $6.75 for the small, and $9.19 for the large. NINE DOLLARS FOR POTATOES AND SOUR CREAM. what the eff? i was annoyed by how long the order took to be ready - there were maybe 2 other people there and i waited 15 minutes. unless you're starting FROM SCRATCH with each order (and i know they're not, because the guy was frying pre-blanched fries) then there's NO REASON IN HELL why it should take 15 minutes to do the second fry on an order of french fries, add cheese curds, and add gravy that's in a gravy-warmer, ready to go. i do think smoke's poutinerie has more generous portions. the cheese curds at poutinis are good - really large, chunky, squeaky curds, but the gravy! the gravy is pretty bad. SO THICK. like, KFC chicken gravy thick. like, mostly flour thick. it was globby and the only thing you could taste was salt. i'd personally rather have swiss chalet dipping sauce, st. hubert's gravy, or even canned gravy - at least something with some FLAVOUR other than salt. overall, i'm glad i tried it but i'm not sure i would ever go back.

NFA was pretty good. truth be told, i was coasting on a high of getting hit on at the club while secretly being 3+ months preggos. AND dancing. AND getting home after 2am. it was glorious! the rest of the camp had a decent time although ayres was under pressure to play randoms for the drake crowd that kept filtering down and stomping on people's feet with their stilettos and being totally smarmy "keys to the vip" clubwear dudes from oakville and taking a zillion pictures of their lame-ass bachelorette party. highlight for me was hearing this tune:

it's on my thursday night dodgeball mix and it makes me go crazy.

second highlight of the night was seeing the dotytron getting hunted like a defenceless baby seal by this super-trashy, oshawa looking girl wearing a self-ripped "i <3 NY" t-shirt that she had turned into basically a bikini top. she wasn't club trashy per se, she was more like, tonnes of black eyeliner, and tattoos and piercings and tight black pants trashy. she had her sights on him from the get-go - even before we hit the dancefloor and were standing on the stairs, she came up and basically presented herself to him and stood in front of him all awkwardly giving him the "come f**k me eyes." then when we finally WERE on the dancefloor at a certain point she planted herself in front of him and was all grabbing his butt and grabbing his neck to pull him in close to talk while me and dr. rei and bwong gave each other "LOL" eyes and LOL'd. it was awesome. the dotytron just kind of stood there and gave dead fish until she gave up. 2 seconds later her face was in some other dudes' crotch doing a dance that is very unbecoming on white people but that somehow seems fine if you're like, at a dancehall jam. HI-LARIOUS. the best was the dotytron gazing off into space with his arms limply at his sides as she groped and pawed at him. i felt kind of bad and contemplated helping a brother out but then i realized he's a grown-a** man and he should be able to take care of hisself.

saturday was a bit of a write-off. we were exhausted and under-slept and we had to do our grocery shopping in pissy weather and i went on a ridiculous mission to ikea to get these small lack shelves for our bathroom (they're forever going out of stock) so that we can move all the supplies we have sitting outside the bathroom in a small plastic drawer organizer onto the shelves and clear out the hallway some more. then we bought a stroller off of craiglist because some crazy rich lady was giving an insane deal.

i know it's kind of crazy to already buy the stroller. and it feels jinxy. but it was such a good deal! we weren't going to pay $1000 for a stroller because i draw the line at shelling out that much coin for something that doesn't have an engine (seriously, that's 1/6 what we paid for the captain.) but the problem is that people on craiglist who sell strollers are n00bs and they're selling to n00bs so they'll knock off like, $150 for a USED stroller but people will actually pay it and it's super annoying. anyway, we found the model that we liked and it was probably the most ideal craigslist scenario. a rich lady (doesn't want to recoup her costs) who wanted something smaller, was super-high strung about her first kid (the stroller was barely used and immaculate) and who was super-conscientious so she let us wheel it around and take it for a test drive and gave us the original bill of sale and whatnot so that we got the warranty. she'd only had it for 5 months. anyway, we got it at a significant discount and no tax and so we felt like we got a really good deal. we got the uppababy vista:

the pros are it comes with a bassinet, handles like a bugaboo, has a telescoping handle that's tall enough for the dotytron, and comes with the rain shield, bug guard, and a seat that you can switch to forward or rear facing, plus huge amount of under-seat storage. the cons were that the 2009 model retails for $799.00 PLUS tax. that's just insane, as far as i'm concerned. we were totally going to go for a peg perego but i have to say, there is a bit of a difference in the handling and maneuverability between the $300 strollers and the $500+ strollers. the lady also threw in the car-seat adapter.

the funniest part was smuggling it into the house because we haven't really told the neighbs yet. i feel like they're not on the first-tier need to know list...but somehow it keeps coming up which means that i have to keep saying stuff like, "if we ever have kids [then we'll do such and such]" and then have the dotytron give me the superdramatic *rollseyes* around their backs. lol! the point is, we got a top-of-the-line stroller for the same price (roughly) as a mid-range stroller and this one is pimped out AND the handles extend enough for the dotytron, which is kind of a big thing. also, this stroller holds its value well (see craiglists n00bs above) so i'm like, i could even turn around and sell it again on craigslist and make a pretty tidy profit.

we were supposed to see 2 hotdocs on saturday but due to another hormonal meltdown and a SNAFU with our tickets i made the dotytron leave and so we came home and watched "top chef masters" and i baked a batch of those mona's mother's mother's cookies and drank milk and slept for ages and ages. it was bliss.

sunday for mater's day we had momma and poppa d and ehmdo by for brunch - i made spinach, refried bean, scrambled egg, and monterrey jack cheese breakfast burritos and a bob evans sausage, red pepper, and potato hash:

ehmdo brought fruit, we drank coffee (even though i had the fixin's to make caesars) and then we loafed around until it was time to play dball for s-dawg's team whereupon i played a SICK-ASS game. we had NO subs and had to iron-man it the whole game - they had a bunch of people from the intermediate league sub in on their team so that they had MORE people than us and we still whipped their behinds 15-11. it was awesome. i've been doing MORE showboating than usual lately because it feels EXTRA good ducking and dodging and catching and getting people out knowing that i'm preggos. it's kind of the best.

sunday night we had dinner with my grandma and grandpa and the fam-bam up in markham at asian legend. good times.

also, the crazy thunderstorm and wind on saturday BROUGHT DOWN A TREE on our street. i think some people are like, trapped in their houses! it was crazy! basically the tree was about 3 ft in diameter and a 1/2 of it split off and fell onto two people's houses, bringing down a power line. it was scary. our neighbours (the ones we're attached to) have a GIANT tree in their yard - like one that's easily 4ft across so we're a little paro about it now. we took a look, it doesn't look like it would split in a way that would damage our house - mostly the deck. apparently they had an arborist come by and take a look at it and give them a quote for cutting it down but it was going to be 10,000 or something like that (!!!!!!!!!) i'm sure our home insurance would cover this - especially since it's not even on our property. we should probably call and check that shiz out, though.

it's been super-wintery cold out lately so for dinner tonight i made us a split pea and ham hock soup (ham bone leftover from the hamcamp klik bday dinner for dr. rei) with corn, zucchini, and monterrey quesadillas to use up the pounds and pounds of guacamole i made for the sunday brunch. we also got up early and went for a run this morning, so i'm feeling pretty healthy.


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