Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the tide is high

not so funny things, ian's grandpa (poppa) is in the hospital right now. we're waiting to hear back on some tests. we visited him tonight. he lucked out and is in the BLINGINGEST hospital of all time. flat screen tvs! wall-mounted, vertical cd player/radios in every room! the nurses don't kick you out when you show up past visiting hours (we got lost on the way there)! he seemed pretty comfortable and was in good spirits, so all we can do is wait. poppa totally tried to discourage us from coming out by saying that it was too far to drive and that we didn't have to come visit. typical old white person routine of not wanting to burden the younger folk. it's so weird.

chinese people are THE EXACT opposite of that. like, if anyone in my family goes in for surgery we're all supposed to take the week off of work and just BE READY to wait on them hand and foot. the chinese old person routine can basically be boiled down to, "i'm old and i've EARNED THE RIGHT to burden the younger folk, now come and do my bidding" which, in my opinion, is kind of the right way to go about things. damn straight you earned it!

on sunday night, at the supper club, we were dining with a bunch of cbc radio enthusiasts who were waxing poetic about the various shows and talking about getting star struck sitting next to cbc radio personalities. so tonight, on the way to visit poppa, the dotytron puts on cbc radio to see what the big deal is. faithful blog readers will know that i've conducted independent lagerfeld cbc tolerance field experiments before. so we finally find the station and it's this woman interviewing the irish president or some shiat about suing that google street cam for invasion of privacy. FOR HALF AN HOUR. listening to it was seriously making me nauseous. i can kind of understand the appeal of say, npr, because then you get folks like david sedaris and al franken and whatnot. plus shows like "this american life" and general funny stuff mixed in with political tidbits. i DO NOT need to hear some irish shacker who doesn't know ANYTHING about the legal/philosophical/political issues being interviewed by the BORINGEST WOMAN ALIVE for THIRTY MINUTES. crikes. i feel like that's the problem with cbc. they spend too long talking to shackers on a surface level about stuff that's uninteresting. all i need is a soundbite: "irish president suing google over alleged privacy law violations in summer 2009 with google street cam" DONE. there you have it. or i need to hear someone like, i dunno, paul virilio or like, zizek talking about. NOT SHACKERS INTERVIEWED BY SHACKERS.

the thing is, if you're not going to give me the level of contextual analysis i need, then i really need you to condense it to a soundbite.

ugh. so finally, when i felt like i was going to barf, i switched it to our new favorite radio station, 97.3 BOOM (formerly CHEZ). it's THE BEST. so i interrupted irish mcgee and cut to this:

immediately, it was like, hands in the air, air snaps, good times a rollin'. i dunno. i don't really feel like i know less about what's going on than people who listen to the cbc. and i have way more hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s in my life. so i kind of feel like i win?

as we were zooming along the queensway, after circling a bunch of times, and we're like in deep etobicoke/mississauga, we passed a rather desolate stretch and were getting more and more tense, worrying that we were going to drive for 45 minutes and miss visiting hours. then the dotytron suddenly points at a store on the left and goes, "hey, that's where edgar's is" (edgar's is a store that apparently sells his weird yerba mate drink) then he points to the right and goes, "and there's where michael ignatieff lives" (pointing at michael ignatieff's constituency office in a seedy stripmall) lol!

there have been some other random funny things lately, but i can't remember. we ate out tonight, out of laziness and desire to get a quick meal in us before heading out to visit poppa.

tomorrow i'm hopefully going to be able to see the dotytron's spring concert. i'm super-pumped to see the results of his work!

two more sleeps until nyc! getting so excited. my friend who is now the butcher at per se invited me to go to the greenmarket with him early saturday morning, and then offered to give me a behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant! so lucky! i hope that happens. i'll OF COURSE post a ZILLION photos.

tomorrow is my last day of work before my extended long weekend! wahoo! i've got a tonne of loose ends to tie up, though. boo. but dr. rei is taking me out to lunch! wahoo! and our couch gets delivered on thursday! wahoo! but i've got to spend all morning at mount sinai waiting for my hearing appointment. boo. and i should probably try to fit in another coat of white paint on the walls. boo. and finalize arrangements with the roomie for checking in on the cats. boo. and i haven't packed yet. boo.



steph said...

Dude-Boom 97.3 is it!!! The only downfall is Saturday evenings it turns into bad disco hour. Not that I would know. I always have hot hot plans for a Saturday night. Awkward.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

is there such a thing as a good disco hour?