Saturday, May 01, 2010

things not conducive to raving

1) incubating a fatburger

but let's do things sequentially, shall we? thursday was a little bit of a crazy day as i had to bring all my dodgeball stuff, my contributions to book club, AND a giant cupcake caddy with me on public my friend J said when she dropped me off at the subway after book club, "i feel like i'm sending you away to camp!" lol! giant knapsack, 2 side bags, purse, and cupcake caddy.

we totally lost our dodgeball game by 1 STINKING GAME! to a total n00b team, playing short-handed, with only 5 people: 3 girls, 2 guys. it was tragic. they tied it up with 1 minute left in the game and at the end, when the buzzer rang, they had ONE more person on the court than us, which means that they won by some stupid technicality. if we had had even ONE more person, it would've been OVER for them. oh well...if we play them again, it's going to get silly. they're going to get spanked. but...i REALLY hate losing to teams i KNOW we can beat.

i guess i can indirectly blame book club for my lack of mustard last night. we were book clubbing until PAST 11pm!!! that's the latest i've been up since i found out about spumante. it was buck. i didn't get home until after midnight. it was insane-o. of course i woke up at my usual time (6ish) so i got minimal sleeps and yesterday was a bit of a busy, errand-y day, which meant that by the time i had eaten dinner, i was SPENT. i've said it before and i'll say it again: WHY CAN'T NIGHTS START AT 9PM AND GO TIL 1AM?!? that's IDEAL! the thing that kills you is the pre-drinking time when you're WAITING to go out - that inertia is hard to battle.

anyway, yesterday was a little buck. woke up, went for a 3km run, waited for a contractor who NEVER SHOWED UP, got an hour long massage, and then met up with the dotytron to head downtown to see our first hot docs, this movie "babies" - here's the trailer:

it was pretty cute! my favorite babies were the namibian one and the mongolian one. the white baby was the boringest. so privileged! and its' parents were sooooooo san francisco liberal - like at one point the baby smacks its' mom upside the head and the mom just coos at it. it wasn't even that much of a BABY at that point - it was at least a year old. they also took the baby to some baby and parent singing group where they were singing what sounded like aboriginal songs about mother earth (english-ified, of course.) i mean, it's not like it WASN'T cute at all, but it was the least interesting by far. it also goes to show you how much in the west we fret over our kids and worry. namibian baby was chewing on rocks and animal bones in the dirt. and mongolian baby was plunked down amid livestock and going bare-butt most of the time. we westerners totally over-think things, i think.

at book club there was a whole discussion about daycare and about the problems one of the book clubbers was having finding a daycare near her where they do infant care (like, from 12 to 18 months) and how she didn't want to move the kid at 18 months to a different daycare and uproot the schedule. i was like, "but aren't they like, pretty adaptable?" and there were some murmurings of agreement but also my friend J said that they're having attachment issues at 12 months anyway. i dunno...i kind of feel like, there are babies who grow up in like, palestine or the congo - humans in general are SUPREMELY adaptable, i don't think that the upheaval of sticking your kid in a new daycare at 18 months is a) even going to be be remembered and b) going to be even an issue. COMPARED TO GROWING UP IN PALESTINE?!?!!!!!! c'maaaan.

the dotytron and i are also way more into fear-based parenting than the ladies in the book club. i don't even call it fear-based parenting - it's like setting a baseline of acceptable behavior and not pandering to children. THEY'RE CHILDREN. YOU tell them what's what and the expectations of how to live and behave within your family unit, which serves as a baseline for their eventual interactions in society. and the foundation for that is RESPECT and DOING WHAT I SAY BECAUSE I'M AN ADULT AND I SAY SO. i don't understand negotiating with children. you don't negotiate with terrorists, and children are basically miniature militant extremists. i don't think my mum and big d would have ever FATHOMED pandering to us. which isn't to say we weren't spoiled and given so many different advantages, but the dotytron is full of stories of sending home notes with kids telling them to practice their instruments and the kids coming back with NOTES FROM THEIR PARENTS excusing them from their homework. that's what leads to a culture of entitlement folks. and no work ethic. that, right there.

mum and big d would have never even conceptualized taking MY side over my teachers...the very thought is ludicrous. i also believe in making kids work.

anyway, we'll see what happens to our beliefs when the time actually comes - they'll probably all go out the window! you'll see a gradual series of micro-capitulations until we're fully at the mercy of the whims of the tiny despot. lol!

after the doc i accompanied the dotytron to his after school program and then we went on a mission to real mccoy burgers and pizza in scarborough to get the mojo burger, which is an 8 oz homemade patty with cheese and bacon. we also got a whistle dog, which is a hot dog with cheese and bacon. the place is even smaller than johnny's, if you can believe it, with no option of eating in, which means we were RACING to get the food home in time. the plan was to side our burgers with an order of the mexican fries from great burger kitchen, but since those fools don't have a working phone number online, we ended up opting out of the fries to get the burgers home quicker (it still took us a half hour to get home.)

my review? delicious. different from johnny's in the sense that this is a real hamburger and not one of johnny's frozen patties - johnny's represents an ideal in the classic, greasy spoon, burger shack-y kind of burger, whereas this burger is much brawnier and meatier - on account of being a 1/2 lb of meat and all. the bun was perfect - a little soggy from the ride home but still had enough support for the weight of the patty and toppings. it was delicious. just what the doctor (read: the fatburger) wanted.

then i proceeded to pass out from around 7pm until 11pm, waking up intermittently to find the dotytron watching "jersey shore" which he just discovered like, 2 weeks ago and is totally obsessed with. lol! then we shuffled off to bed. we officially are le suck. i've been complaining and complaining about the lack of good old skool parties for YEARS. a prime candidate (probably THE prime candidate) comes along and i can't get off the couch. le sigh. it will get better - it HAS to get better. i have to believe that i will one day dance and go out again because i'm NOT ready to throw in the towel yet, ya hear?

today we're going to see another documentary, "cooking up dreams" then doing some garden-based errands and then meeting up with my mum for dinner - i've been craving hong kong style cafe food (also known as cha chaan teng for the tea, "cha" served there) like crazy. so i think we're going to go to phoenix so that i can get my ox tongue spaghetti, baked porkchop rice and malay style beef tendon curry on (and maybe hainan chicken rice, too???) then we're meeting up with my bros to see a movie. s-dawg gets back this afternoon and is having chova drive him (à la tony stark in "iron man") to a hero burger to eat "real" food. lol! i can't wait to see s-dawg and hear stories from sri lanka!

best get crackings.


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