Thursday, May 20, 2010

people and their messed up kids

fact: it is impossible to get up to the bridle path area in toronto (the playground and living room of the fantastically rich and fabulous) via the ttc without getting thoroughly confused and disoriented. people there just don't TAKE public transit, so what piecemeal service there is, runs like, every 30 minutes, making us poor plebes late.

the concept for the dotytron's spring concert at the private school that he really likes was "time warp", with each grade doing songs from a different decade and strung together with interludes about time scientists who kidnap this kid and take him to the different time periods. i admittedly give the dotytron a hard time, a lot of the time, because i don't think he does real work (lol!) and then i question why he comes home so zonked. last night was a great experience for the both of us - for me, it allowed me to see all the hours of hard work and the culmination of months of stress and wrangling and blood, sweat, and tears on his part; for him, because me having my epiphany means that i'm going to go a lot easier on him for the next little bit. lol!

the concert was THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. i missed the 50s number, but all i gotta say is the kindergarten class did the 80s. they sang "shout" by tears for fears and the little boys were dressed all 80s hair metal with fake tattoos, ripped jeans, etc and the little girls were straight early 80s madonna - with super high ponytails, banana clips, pink streaks, tutus and fingerless gloves. ZOMG. the best shiz ever. parents were losing their minds.

that school has a really high proportion of special needs kids - developmental delays, behavioural issues, autism, asperger's syndrome, etc and seeing the special needs kids singing and dancing brought tears to my eyes and made my heart explode with rainbows. i was sitting in the audience so i had the unique vantage point of overhearing parents say stuff like, "__ has NEVER sung that much at a school concert, ever" and it made me so proud of the dotytron and all his hard work and made me realize how much love parents have for their messed up kids.

i think one of the fears you have as someone who's contemplating parenthood, is that, nevermind the stuff you can screen for (nintendo ds, open neural tube defects, etc.), there's the stuff you can't imagine and fathom that might make your child's life really, really hard - stuff like autism, or asperger's or whathaveyou. that's definitely been one of my fears and a constant, niggling worry throughout this process of gestating the fatburger. but sitting in that room last night, watching parents of ALL the kids, videotaping rapturously, grinning from ear to ear, waving ecstatically at their kids mumbling and fidgeting and yelling into the microphone and talking AWAY from the audience, it really made me realize the power of parental love. parents LOVE their mucker kids with a fierceness that can bring tears to your eyes with the intensity and purity of it. heck, **I** love their mucker kids and that was the first time i'd seen some of them. they were so freakin' cute. granted, i always have been and always will be a champion of the underdog, but the deaf, severely physically and mentally challenged kid banging on the snare drum during the band's performance of the star wars theme was the BEST shiz i've ever seen in my life, hands down.

dr. rei took me out to lunch yesterday for all you can eat indian buffet, where we stuffed our faces and then stewed in a sag paneer and carb purgatory afterwards. i'm so lucky. every day i'm reminded of how lucky i am to have such loving, giving, generous, bright, and funny friends and family.

today i had an appointment with my audiologist. my hearing has IMPROVED since last year somehow, and i had near-perfect hearing - he said i don't have to come back for five years, or unless i notice something amiss. now i'm going to try to squeeze in a final coat of white paint on the one wall and finish packing and sorting out my stuff for my trip to nyc. i can't believe we're going! 5 glorious days away, with pingy and count chocula and my cook friends, and xtina and buns in one of the best cities in the world. i can't wait.

have a wonderful long weekend everyone.


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