Thursday, May 27, 2010

i'm too tired to write...

and too excited by my impending road trip to lovely geneseo to bother with the long rundown. so here's a capsule photo montage. i don't know why some of the photos aren't showing up but i'm too lazycakes to fix it.

this is a cotton candy machine that was outside another of the izakayas in the east village.

on monday morning we had breakfast at good enough to eat, where i had the best corned beef hash ever (and i've eaten a lot of corned beef hash in my day, trust me), with big chunks of greasy, crusty potatoes, onions, and tender bits of real corned beef. it was served with fluffy yeasted biscuits and whipped strawberry butter. the strawberry butter was delightful. the dotytron had a regular farmer's breakfast with pork sausage patties, poached eggs, and a delicately flavoured onion-dill bread:

we rented bikes near central park and then biked around. we made a mistake and finished a small loop of the park in about 20 minutes - thinking we'd done the whole thing. MISTAKE. when we took the other fork in the road the bike ride was over an hour to circle the park - and some of it was ruthlessly uphill, which is deceiving because most of manhattan lulls you into complacency with its' flatness. we also biked along the hudson where i took horrible, ugly, unpicturesque photos:

our last dinner in nyc was in brooklyn, again in williamsburg, at fatty 'cue. zakary pelaccio has another restaurant (two branches, now) called fatty crab, which serves malaysian street food type stuff - laksas, curried crabs, etc. this is a southeast asian take on bbq with delicious, piquant results. this is a nam prik eggplant, which is served with chiccharones, green mango, radishes, and beans for dipping:

this is dragon pullman loaf from chinatown, toasted (the fluffiest white bread ever) served with fat from the smoker. somewhat predictably, i was the only fan:

this was pork belly, served with the most fragrant yellow curry custard - so good:

the dishes are meant for sharing and they arrive in no particular order. this was pulled lamb shoulder with house made pita and greek yoghurt with thai mint:

a cucumber salad and a celery salad with yuzu:

a smoked snapper that is then seared, served with chili sauce:

some of the juciest, most flavourful, most perfectly cooked duck i've ever eaten, served with a red curry custard:

brisket served with bone broth, bao, and condiments. the idea is you make little sandwiches with the bao and then dip in the bone broth:

this was a special that night, called "the legend" basically a cross section of the belly of the pig, smoked and then fried, served with more bao. sooooooooooooo good:

we had the snapper bones fried so we could snack on them:

i freakin' love that place and would go back in an instant. so good! so very, very good. lentz joined pingy, pingy's roomie, myself and the dotytron for dinner and he and the dotytron had a blast taking down the "recession special" at the bar and with dinner - a set of drinks which featured a shot of whiskey, a shot of pickle juice, and then a tall boy of pabst blue ribbon for $8. the pickle juice was really, really good! kind of gingery and not acrid briny at all.

the morning before we left we stopped at amy ruth's which is one of our favorite soul food restaurants, and also (according to the menu) a favorite of such african american luminaries as the reverend al sharpton and bill clinton. my stomach has been feeling a little sensitive and over-worked lately, so we kept it "light" so to speak. i had biscuits, virginia ham and eggs and the dotytron had bacon, grits, and eggs:

then we hopped on a plane and raced to our midwifery appointment and now we're all caught up.
last night we went to see stravinsky's petrushka at the toronto symphony orchestra. it was fantastico. i fell asleep through most of petrushka but stayed away for the pre-intermission bit, which was the second part of the three cornered hat (or something) which i LOVED and this nuevo tango number which i also LOVED.

i've been craving fresh, cold, salad-y things lately for dinner so i made us a GIANT pre-symphony greek salad which we had with beef souvlaki from sun valley:

it's been SO HOT and we don't have a/c in our house that i wanted cold crispiness. we're going to eat that again tonight before we drive down to geneseo.

squee! so excited to see my sis and outlaw bro and her family. we haven't seen them since easter. it was miss ramona's birthday a while back so i made up a certificate for her naming her aunt mercy and uncle do-do's "favorite niece of the year" and had a fill-in-the-blanks prize form for her to fill out and mail back which entitled her to a very special fun day with just us and her. she picked going to the strong museum (children's museum in rochester) and eating burgers for her activity. so we're definitely going to do that. otherwise it'll just be me and my sis rubbing our bellies together to get the cousins acquainted and eating and relaxing and watching MTOD. i'm hoping it's going to be hot and sunny enough that we can go swimming at stony brook, if it's even open yet.

happy memorial day weekend everyone!

i'm currently in love with this tune - it's so hands-in-the-air 80s:

it's made by the same guy who made her "hot'n'cold" which i kinda love, "since u been gone" which i TOTALLY love, and "party in the u.s.a." which is TOTALLY TOTALLY love. this guy, dr. luke, totally has me dialed in.



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