Friday, April 09, 2010

yay, short work week!

not short enough! we're both going a little buck at casa dotytron and lagerfeld. it doesn't help we've been going to bed at 9:45pm every night! cuts into your nightly productivity although the extra sleep is doing us both a world of good.

i'm only just recovering from my piriformis issues, i splurged on a one hour massage on wednesday (i've been going for half hour sessions lately because my insurance covers me a flat rate regardless of how much time i'm there, so it's more cost effective to go for a few half hour sessions than a more expensive one hour session where i pay more out of pocket) and it seemed to loosen me up but i've still been cozying up to the tennis ball and heating pad. it's wack, dudes. i can't wait to go back to normal - BUT WHAT IF THAT NEVER HAPPENS. i tried doing some yoga last night and poses that i can usually snap off (like happy baby) i couldn't do! WHAT THE EFF. i hate that feeling of my life being irrevocably changed (physiologically) - what if my piriformis never fixes up? what if i can never do happy baby?

on wednesday i struggled against the forces of newly deliviered burger king coupons and made this pizza:


i was super-nervous about how it was going to turn out and if it would be good. it's squid, arugala, garlic and guanciale drizzled with a chili aioli. i shouldn't have worried - it was F**KING INCREDIBLE. so tasty! who woulda thought that combo would pay off? well, pay off it certainly DID.

last night was dinner for one (dotytron had parent teacher interviews), lagerfeld style. i sautéed up like 2 lbs of button mushrooms in butter and then mixed them with egg noodles (note: i can eat my weight in butter-fried mushrooms - true fact.) then i topped it with reheated leftover brisket and ate it with roasted asparagus:

unf unf! so good.

this weekend is another gangbusters ones filled with non-stop activities. tonight we're going to my buddy L's friend's place for a bbq. the female host is in my academic book club - but i've only met her the once. the other couple there and her partner we've never met before. it's kind of stressing dotytron out. lol! but we think L is good peoples so there can't be anything wrong with meeting MORE good peoples, right? as my contribution, i attempted to make the crack pie (recipe here) hoooooeeeee. i split it over two nights. the first night i made the oatmeal cookie. the second night i made the crust from the crumbled oatmeal cookie (which already has a lot of butter in it) with MORE butter and sugar, and then filled it with the filling which features over 2 cups of sugar (combo of white and brown), just over 3/4 cup of whipping cream, ONE CUP of melted butter, and EIGHT egg yolks. this makes 2 very thin 9" tart shells. by the time the things were finished baking, my silpat mats were glossed with a fine sheen of extra butter the tarts oozed out.

pretty promising, overall! i'll post pics and tell you how it tasted tomorrow. i know i made one mistake in that i over-baked them after over-heeding the advice of the foodie/crack-pie obsessed blogosphere. boo! the real thing was slightly goopy and runny - like a pecan pie filling, or a loose lemon curd, or butterscotch pie filling. i baked mine more solid - so they're like a firm butter tart. ah well...if the taste if there, then i know what to fix next time. and if the taste reaches my family's pre-ordained 75% success rate, the next time will probably be, oh, i don't know...TOMORROW.

so i'm going to bring one tart to the bbq and the destiny of the other tart remains unknown (probably on a direct route to my belly, population: diabetic coma.) so much for not craving sweets right now! the plan is that after the bbq we might try to muster some mustard to go to this old skool jungle party featuring the technics 1200 stylings of medicine muffin and c-rat. i hope i hope i hope i can coax the dotytron out! those guys are real-deal legit about their old skool.

tomorrow morning i'm heading over to H's for 10am to model clothes from her line, foundlings vintage. she upcycles vintage clothes and fabrics and makes some stuff from scratch. M is going to come too, as is dr. rei so that H has a variety of sizes to show off. she thinks that having people model instead of the dressmaker's judy will show off the clothes better, and i'm inclined to agree.

then we're going to do our usual saturday grocery shopping, followed by some house stuff (the big elephant on the to-do list is cleaning out and reorganizing the basement) and then meeting xtina and buns for buns' birthday dinner at foxley. yum! then possibly a dancehall reggae show at thymeless. VERY AMBITIOUS of me.

sunday morning we're going for dim sum for momma d's birthday up in markham. and then hopefully sunday afternoon we rest. and by rest i mean: finish my assignment for my course and prepare monday night's dinner and eat burger king.

next week is gangbusters - night class on monday, wednesday night the symphony, thursday night dodgeball finals, friday is my day off but i'm seeing a new family doctor, getting a massage and hopefully working on my quilt, and then my mum's friend from cleveland and her cool kid and her kid's gf are supposed to be coming into town. AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE WEEK AFTER THAT.

oy oy oy!

sounds like the kind of schedule only burger king and crack pie can soothe. good thing...


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