Monday, April 05, 2010


somewhere in the middle of the events that i will recount for you over this four day weekend, i have completely ruined my periformis muscle which has resulted in me being unable to:

1) walk without wincing every few steps
2) walk with the tender, tentative gait of the stooped and aged
3) make a transition from any position (seated/standing/lying) to another position (seated/standing/lying) without experiencing pain and with any modicum of grace
4) get a good night's sleep
5) put on (or take off) my own pants

it's hell. my periformis tends to give me trouble and i haven't seen my massage therapist in about 3 weeks (soon to be 4) and it's highly problematic. i think my cocktail of running and biking without stretching exacerbated things.

friday morning the dotytron and i availed ourselves of the friday grocery shopping opportunity and got all our grocery shopping done. we love friday grocery shopping because:

a) there's less people
b) everything is stocked up for the coming weekend rush so when you go get bagels you have a choice of the full spectrum and don't have to settle for spelt raisin
c) we can find parking for the captain

all very good reasons and it makes grocery shopping a much more pleasant experience. when we left and came back, the neighbours were in full effect being neighbourly. it was all very well and good but it always makes us feel awkward when we're leaving the house or coming back from errands and people are sitting on front lawns under lawn umbrellas with kids and zipping around on vespas (!) and visiting with each other and we just go into the house after a "hi!" and a few words. i mean, are we supposed to sit outside chiefing it up all afternoon? we don't have kids! there's no reason for us to BE outside (even though i think we hold a certain fascination for the neighbours - being so young and childless and presumably "free" and all.)

making breakfast burritos definitely perked me up a bit, though:

doesn't that look good? i made refried beans with canned kidney beans sautéed garlic and onion and cumin and coriander and oregano and chili flakes, mashed them up and mixed in baby spinach. spooned that into a tortilla shell with some soft scrambled eggs mixed with cheddar cheese and then folded the whole thing up and toasted them in the panini press. we ate it with salsa, sour cream, and avocado and lime. so good!

then we tried to go for a run and that's when i realized my periformis was messed up. we called off the run and walked to the garden centre to look at flagstones and flowers for the front yard. i want dahlias.

then my family minus big d came over for a passover dinner of brisket, mashed potatoes and cabbage:

i was going to make latkes but the messed up periformis put a damper on that plan.

my sister was in nyc for the day on thursday and posted it about it on fb and i posted in response that she should go to momomfuku milk bar and pick up one of their "crack" pies and bring it up...AND SHE TOTALLY DID. because that's how awesome my sister is.

this is a $44 USD pie. and this is what it looks like:

kind of unassuming and a bit of a rip-off, right? that's a regular, 9" foil pie plate, not even a deep dish one. the pie is like 1" deep, at best.

so i cut it up and served everyone a slice:

we all took our first bites. there was a pause. then we all erupted in a chorus of overlapping exclamations: "uhhh...this is EFFIN GOOD!" "OH MY GOD" "i'm addicted" and the most important one: "WHEN CAN WE GET MORE?!?!"

the "crack" pie nomenclature is not a misnomer - that shiz is hella addictive. it's got the perfect balance of the chewy crust from the oat cookie, the salty-sweet combo, the gooey factor. so delicious. i'm already hankering for more! thankfully, recipes for the pie abound on the internet - so i'm going to try to recreate it at home. we agreed that we'd settle for a 75% success rate.

we woke up in markham on saturday to an absolutely, pitch-perfect day. so gorgeous. we decorated easter eggs:

me, doing the blowing-the-egg-out-of-the-egg-butt technique

we called this angry crafts with rico (cuz my outlaw bro is very particular about mess and order and following instructions). this is rico and little ze during a touching (non angry crafts) moment

our finished eggs

we played kick-ball for hours, at the park and at home in my parent's yard. we ate AYCE japanese for lunch and i stuffed myself silly. we went to big mouth kee for dinner and had what we call "BMK big d" present - which means that big d is in a magnanimous mood because he's at big mouth kee and it's his favorite there and he totally spoiled us by ordering all our favorite dishes.

then we went to see "clash of the titans" this weekend was perfect because the days were hot and sunny at 24-27 degrees and then the nights cooled down to about 10. if every day in summer was like that i'd be beyond happy. so it was nice and cool and windy when we got the theatre, except the theatre that they put us in (we didn't bother seeing it in 3D because by all accounts it wasn't filmed in 3D and the effects were added in after and therefore didn't justify the increased ticket price) hadn't been cleaned so it was FILTHY and it stank like feet and the A/C was broken so it was a billion degrees in there. gross! i complained and so we got free passes and basically got to see it for free. yay!

overall, we'd give the movie a low 7. it was entertaining, the movie was appropriately and tastefully CGI'd out, but the pacing was off - the final battle seemed like an afterthought and as usual they gave it all away in the previews. my sis is a huge mads mikkelson fan so she was pumped to see him in there. it wasn't enough of anything - it wasn't enough of a cheeky send-up for the original, it wasn't funny enough, it wasn't buddy movie enough, it wasn't really all that quest-y. it just needed some fine tuning. dr. rei was disappointed that they made mt. olympus look like a**, which i agree with, and there was a general failure of the imagination, i think. also, i didn't know who you're supposed to side with - humans? zeus? hades? perseus? they were all so conflicted! and it's gross that zeus is one giant raping machine. and medusa's story is super-sad - she basically gets r'd and then gets PUNISHED for being r'd by athena. raw deal.

what we collectively realized though, is that "release the krakken!" is a good all-purpose phrase for when you want to announce you're taking a deuce, when you fart, before coitus, etc, etc. there are no limits to how sophomoric my family can get.

sunday easter brunch was at ambassador chinese cuisine for dim sum which was uber tasty and again, we ate too much. then we played frisbee and did more hanging around outside. the kids went swimming. i was feeling thoroughly owned at that point so i opted out. we were trying to figure out what to order for dinner and so i was trying to narrow down the options, burgers, pizza, or fried chicken. and then i kind of said off-handedly, "well, there's also double double" and then s-dawg piped up, "you know...double double isn't that bad" and so that's how we ended up ordering 16 pieces of fried chicken, 2 large 3 topping pizzas, 40 potato wedges, and 8 slices of garlic bread for like, 6 people. i ate a LOT of double double growing up and i gotta say, it's pretty good! the pizza is totally decent and the fried chicken is crispy and tasty. i'm a fan.

my mom wandered down wearing pj bottoms and a "star wars: rogue squadron" t-shirt which made me ask, "ummm...where did mom even GET that?" and s-dawg responded, "nintendo power" which is HILARIOUS. can you imagine my mom ordering a t-shirt from nintendo power? and not even that, sending away for the iron-on transfer and then ironing it herself?!? lol!!!

her home clothes notwithstanding, my mum is WAY too fabulous to iron.


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