Thursday, April 01, 2010

the month of march...

has no long weekends in it. and that's why march sucks. this is also why i'm EVER SO GRATEFUL that working for the quasi-government means that i get BOTH friday and monday of this easter/passover/whathaveyou weekend off. sweet holy mother of time off, i totally need this!

it's also a short day today! woo woo! so pumped! it's also passover AND easter which means that i'm cooking heeb food for the next two days.

tonight we had my famous, "better than bubbe's" matzo ball soup with my dilled matzo balls and a homemade chicken stock laden with chopped veggies (onions, garlic, carrots, celery, celery root, sweet potato) and fresh parsley and dill and thyme. i served it with an open faced, half reuben - mustard on rye topped with sauerkraut, thinly sliced corned beef and then toasted with swiss cheese in the oven until melty and hot.

late dodgeball game tonight - last game before playoffs! whut whut! super stoked because this game is close to our house for a change - we can bike there and back in 20 minutes.

this weekend is going to be so ballin' - sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, sons! tomorrow we're having my mum and both bros over for a passover dinner of brisket and latkes and flourless chocolate hazelnut torte.

then team geneseo is showing up so we're decamping to markham for saturday and sunday - easter egg hunting, easter brunch dim summing, japanese AYCE-ing, CLASH OF THE TITANS 3Ding, swimming. ya know. then on monday we're meeting up with dr. rei and hanbo for some home cooked deliciousness and hot tub time machine. BOSS.

also, i found out my sis was in nyc for the day today for work - so i made a crack on her fb wall to stop by momufuku milk bar and pick up one of their famous crack pies to bring home. AND SHE TOTALLY DID. this is why my sister is the best sister on the planet. i can't wait to try it. nom nom nom nom.

so you know how you get flyers in the mailbox from randoms to do windows, doors, handy stuff, plumbing, etc? and they're all photocopied on generic "goldenrod" paper at kinkos and have pretty low grade graphic design. and you know how you're automatically suspicious of these advertising campaigns because you're like, dude, if you're reduced to going door-to-door, how busy/good can you BE?

well, last weekend i pulled this flyer out of our mailbox:



entropy: in any closed system disorder always increases with time

this second law of thermodynamics is more than just a theoretical abstraction - a quick glance around your home may provide some irrefutable evidence. however entropy can be reduced by the expenditure of energy, or work.

[details of services offered, ie. carpentry, walls, bathrooms, flooring, etc.]

so stand up to the laws of physics and put a little more order (and beauty) into the universe (or at least your spot in it).

for a no obligation consultation call quantum home improvements


so i'm reading it out loud to the dotytron, and against all better judgement, i'm like, "ummm...I KINDA LOVE WHERE THIS GUY IS GOING WITH THIS." and the dotytron replies, "it's a pretty unique approach he's going for, and he's swinging for a pretty narrow spot in the market - he's got US, though" lol!!! OF COURSE we would be swayed by someone who introduces their home improvement services using a definition of entropy. quantum home improvements really DID get us. talk about market segmentation.

so against my better judgement, i'm going to give the guy a call. lol! we have some people coming in to give us quotes on a few small jobs anyway (fixing the plaster walls in the craft room, new railing that's to code for the stairs) so we might as well, right?

it was so hilarious - the way this contractor who is seemingly MADE for me and the dotytron totally fell out of the sky. randomonium.


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