Monday, April 26, 2010

i won! i won!

and by that i mean, i got into the MPPAL program at york! woohoo! it's nice to know that i have enough qualifications to get into a fake grad school program for working executive n00bs. YES, GUY!

i received the email acceptance today, telling me that the paper acceptance is coming shortly. so unless this is a particularly malicious and random bot/virus, i'm going to accept the email at face value and assume that i'm in. woohoo! you guys think i can bang this out during my mat leave? it's only 1 day a week and one saturday a month...i'm kind of thinking that i can probably do it. my poor sis had to go back to work after like, 3 months. and some poorer ladies get no mat leave at all and have to go right back to work! it would be kind of awesome to get 'er done while i'm off anyway. i'll have to talk it over with the program admins and see how feasible they think it is. at the very least...i could probably do the term that starts in january or something?

i don't think there's any expectation that i'll be anything LESS than captain neglect-o-mater. case in point: last week we shelled out $5 for the first ultrasound of the fatburger. this is AFTER we agonized over whether to even shell out the coin at all, based on me having heard from somewhere ("somewhere" being "madeupsville, usa") that they cost $12 a photo. us being the thrifty parkers that we are, i kinda thought that we should use our camera to take a shot of the ultrasound machine screen and kind of cheap out that way. we are also the same people who, when i had the first inklings that i might be knocked up, waffled on whether or not to buy a pregnancy test because they cost 20 bucks a pop, and we didn't want to shell out again if the first one was too early. upon finding out that one photo only cost five bones, we shelled out, and i stuck the photo in an envelope provided by the ultrasound place and stuck it in my purse.

cut to 4 hours later, at dodgeball, when i realized that we didn't have anything to keep score on, i grabbed the envelope and a pen out of my purse and thrust it at our buddy L, who was sidelined with a bum knee. it wasn't until 6 games later that i remembered what was actually IN the envelope and thought to tell L that maybe i should take the photo out so it doesn't get all scratched up (first i asked him to "be a little careful" cuz spumante's ultrasound was in there, and then realized it was probably better to just take the photo out entirely.)

here is a photo of the o.g. hot pot crew repping 100 degrees last night (and the charnel house remains of our decimation of the place):

we call ourselves the o.g. crew because s-dawg isn't super into boiled meat, so from back in they day, it's been me, the dotytron, my mum, and chova repping the hot pot. awwwww...i love chova - he's such a good kid (i'm a chova apologist in my family - i can't help it! he's such a good kid!)

tonight for dinner i made us a kind of mezes meal of roasted garlic and eggplant dip, hummous with chili oil, and that green pea and pecorino dip - which we had with warm pitas and these flatbread crackers. i also made a quick cucumber salad with chopped mint in a lemony vinaigrette. i love mezes meals and i REALLY REALLY REALLY love my roasted garlic and eggplant dip - it's heavenly.


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