Tuesday, April 06, 2010

hot tub time machine


goosetang came over last night for a low key dinner and "hot tub time machine" viewing and it was horrendous! first i gotta say again that i love having a nice, plush, clean, low-priced snacks vending movie theatre a 20 minute walk from my house. the theatre was basically all there was to recommend the flick. it was terrible! so sophomoric - so many puke/blow job/homophobic jokes that fell flat - i'm not sure who the audience for this was. the concept isn't even all that bad - they just didn't do it in a funny or clever way. it was all lowest common denominator type stuff. and the 80s are so ripe for sending up! the concept was fairly solid! this didn't even have camp value going for it (like "snakes on a plane") terrible!

we ate dippy eggs and toast for breakfast yesterday and then i spent the remainder of the day alternating between a heating pad and lying on my yoga mat in my slanket with a tennis ball under my tushie.

today is my stupid night class. the instructor is actively avoiding me now, evidenced by the fact that i've sent him 2 emails (1 about the assignment that also expresses my disappointment and disconnect between the course materials and the final assignment expectations and 1 to follow up on the fact that he never responded to my questions in the first email) and he hasn't responded. I ASKED LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS, TOO! if he fails me there is going to be HELL to pay.

for dinner i packed a nicoise sandwich (beans, roasted red pepper, tomato, hard boiled egg, olive tapenade on an ace roll) and a spinach salad with avocado, red onion, grape tomatoes, and cucumber. it was good and totally hit the spot but i think people in class were recoiling from the eggy/tapenade-y smell.

when the dotytron picked me up from class he told me a story that made me fall in love with our neighbourhood. have i told you about our neighbours across the street from us? they're kind of amazing, and the patriarch is this guy, R - who we've totally been fixated with ever since the day we saw him doing yard work whilst blasting techno out of his opened up dodge caravan. the fascination was only exacerbated when he later stopped and casually started reading a book of philosophy while standing up and leaning against a fence post. we totally became obsessed when near the holidays, we saw him striding down the street in a homemade gingerbread man costume. AMAZING. he and his wife R (who up until fairly recently had pink hair) have a passel of 3 very outspoken, adorable kids who go to an alternative school.

anyway, the dotytron came home tonight and was blasting c.r.e.a.m. by the wu. and R shouts out, "are you repping the wu?" and the dotytron says yeah, and R goes, "i love that shiz...hey, do you guys like old tunes...do you guys like vinyl?" and the dotytron is "yeah, for sure, we both collect records" so then he finds out that R totally knows jungle labels like reinforced and likes artists like ALPHA OMEGA. WTF. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then R was all like, "we should have a sound clash, X versus Y! [our house numbers]" lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING TIMES A BILLION.

and then the dotytron told me that tonight there was going to be a kids versus grownups street hockey game.

so he's telling me this on the ride home and we roll up to the house and sure enough, there's kids versus adults - and there were only 2 grownups, so the dotytron was invited to join in. there's even a trophy and everything! i was reffing and monitoring the penalty box (penalties are mostly for high sticking.) it was AWESOME. that's the dotytron being sour about being in the penalty box. the kids ending up winning by one point.

and just like that...with all my griping about the neighbours yesterday, i totally fell in love with my street and my hood. how can you not? this is the kind of upbringing that kids (and parents) should dream of! neighbours helping each other out with child care, playing street hockey in the dusk, hanging out and chiefing it up. i'm such a curmudgeon sometimes but ultimately, this is the stuff that families and good people are made of.


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