Wednesday, March 24, 2010

no sleeps makes lagerfeld...

a cranky puss who calls in sick to work. my sleep patterns be all messed up. i went to sleep at 9pm last night and woke up at 3am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep and felt like HELL. so i squandered one of my precious sick days to sleep in and recalibrate. i needed it like whoa.

i slept and slept and slept some more until i felt like i could face the world. and by face the world i mean, finish (finally) my nyc restaurant list. this has taken me more than 20+ hours. obviously, the nyc resto list is always a work in progress - restaurants open and close, chefs move, my tastes change. but i've finished the big chore of moving the info from the excel spreadsheet format it lived in previously to the now-preferred word table format. and i've done about 4 year's of restaurant clippings, ripped magazine pages, and bookmarked websites worth of updating.

i'm not sure what my angle is going to be when we go in may. i have a feeling it's going to be the quintessential nyc experience - i'm craving american classics right now - so i think i might eschew the hype of a momofuku (although i will go to the milk bar and try the infamous crack pie) and go to peter luger's, pearl oyster bar, shake shack, and gray's. the pizza dilemma is weighing heavily. do we trek out to di fara's again to have a pizza handmade by dom demarco as he's been doing it for decades? let's be real here, since the last time we made the pilgrimage, thanks to a whistle-blowing new york times article, there's a LINE-UP now at di fara's. heretofore, it had been a kind of underground, word-of-mouth, phenomenon. we didn't have to line up and we went on a friday night for dinner. now it's exploded! let's also be real here though, i could go to jim lahey's new joint, franny's, motorino, etc...but dom demarco isn't gonna live forever. and i'll always remember the sense of secret adventure the dotytron and i shared the first time we ventured on the Q train out to the wilds of brooklyn and landed like weary disciples on di fara's doorstep.

there are also a heap of neighbourhood restos that are generating mad buzz in the brooklyn area - too many to name, really. it's insane! decisions, decisions. i'm glad i've left myself 2 months to massage the final list. it's going to take that full amount of time, i'm sure.

tonight for dinner i made pan-fried polenta topped with a ragout of spinach and mushrooms and leeks enriched with cream, parmesan, and flavoured with thyme and rosemary. at the last minute, i added an over easy egg. it was perfect.

so i biked to the library and on my way out got slapped in the face with the neighbourly. my neighbour gets out of his car as i'm pumping up the tires in my bike and pulls his kid out of the car and says, "i was just asking {kid} if he wanted to say hi to you and {kid} said, 'where's dotytron?'" WHY IS THE DOTYTRON SUCH A KID/BABY WHISPERER?!? i've seriously never seen anything like it. like with my friends J and S, their kid met the dotytron once and the next time we were over there was all like, "i want to show the dotytron something," "can i play with the dotytron?" the other super annoying thing is that the dotyron RELISHES his kid/baby whispering supremacy. i seriously DO NOT get it. the only exception is miss ramona, my niece and it totally rankles the dotytron because it's the only blemish in his record. lol.

k...i'm going to try to stay up so that my sleep patterns go back to normal.


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