Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lunging our way to success

i forgot to mention a particularly funny anecdote from saturday that A referenced in his comments on my last post. L's boyfriend T was talking about someone he knew in college or university, who wiped his butt after a deuce from BACK TO FRONT. which of course, due to the unnecessary complexity of such an endeavor, resulted in much hilariousness and the coining of the term "s**tnut" or "s**tballs" (the obvious by-product of such an action.) it was pretty funny.

almost as funny as the sight of the dotytron and i, going for a run last weekend, early in the morning, doing some warm-up lunges on the sidewalk, as per my little bro chova's instructions (chova has a body fat ratio of negative 10.) when we heard a commotion coming from a neighbour's house and saw workmen walking in and out with piles of lathe and dumping them in one of those rented dumpsters, we wanted to investigate, but didn't want to seem to bait up about snooping. so we LUNGED OUR WAY OVER TO THE PERSON'S HOUSE AND GAWKED (WHILE STILL LUNGING.) !!!!!!!!! imagine the dotytron, in all his 6'4" glory, LUNGING. it's funny in and of itself. then imagine us, in our wackadoo running gear (where we end up looking like twins because we have identical MEC fleece zippies), lunging our way down the street. hilarious.

this is last night's dinner. i took leftover corned beef and hand sliced it thinly. then piled it on rye bread with some sauerkraut and swiss cheese, buttered the outsides, and threw it in the panini, making a bastardized reuben of sorts. i served it with old fashioned potato cakes made with leftover champ mixed with the creamed cabbage and then fried. it was pretty effin' tasty.

we polished off the last of the lemon chiffon pie for dessert. we had the roomie over for dinner - it was nice. we're baby-sitting her while l'army is away.

some things that blew my mind today:

1) i read in business week (and apologies for being a n00b) that people actually have to pay for "extras" like a plum tree and whatnot when they play those stupid games that nobody cares about on facebook like mafia wars or farmville. WTF?!? playing those games already makes you appear to be a colossal loser of the highest order. finding out you PAY for that dubious privilege just blows you out of the water, imo.

2) uhhh, that's it, really.

tonight was "takeout night" so we ate wendy's big bacon classics (doubled) and i ordered my first ever fresca under duress. we were sitting in the drive through lane and i didn't want anything super sugary so i was asking if they had diet root beer and then the guy misunderstood my question and started rattling off the drinks and i just went all tourette's and shouted "fresca!" and that's the story of my first fresca. i kinda like it. it's zingy! like, more citric than sprite or 7up. do they even MAKE 7up anymore?!?

here's the thing with being with someone for 9 years: you kind of start to become the same person. there's a lot of "get out of my head" moments. one of the things we do when we can't decide what to do/buy etc. is we do a "on the count of 3, say what (paint colour/birthday gift/restaurant) you want" and then count to three and shout out whatever our choices are. the number of times that we're shouting the exact same thing is running at like, 98% so in order to decide on where to eat last night, we had two "on the count of 3s" - 1 for a fast food chain, and 1 for a non-chain restaurant. we both shouted wendy's and we both shouted square boy as our non-chain. it kind of streamlines the decision making process but it's also hella creepy.


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