Sunday, March 14, 2010

le weekend that was

peep our food at phoenix. it was so good! we went buck and ordered a tonne of food. first up is my hainan chicken rice. soooo silky! they serve it with a mashed ginger dipping sauce and this sweet-sour thai style sauce. and a little cup of the broth for dipping:

dotytron got the beef tendon malaysian curry which is fragrant with coconut milk and slightly fishy-tasting (i mean that in a good, south asian kind of way) and has chunks of tender potato. served with rice:

then we split an order of deep fried fish and squid balls with spicy salt:

and we each got a red bean shake with vanilla ice cream. it's basically red bean on the bottom, shaved ice, vanilla ice cream and evaporated milk. i LOVE evaporated milk. my peeps generally do. one of my favorite dim sum dishes was almond milk jello with evaporated milk poured on top. or chilled mango pudding with evaporated milk. basically, evaporated milk makes gelatinized sweet dishes better:

in the interests of clarity and for your own personal edification, i've included pictures of the two kinds of rice. the top photo is the hainan chicken rice and the bottom is the steamed rice that came with the curry. you can see that the hainan rice is a slightly different colour and has a slight, oily sheen:

the funeral on saturday morning was really, really sad. it made me sad that my deadbeat dad didn't care enough to foster a better relationship between his kids and his family. uncle bruce was a really sweet, gentle, laid back guy - as my mum said, he would never get riled or get angsty over anything - just take it as it comes. his daughter's eulogy was so moving and i was so glad that the three of us kids and my mum went to show our support for the family. it was an emotionally draining morning. the chinese tradition is that after a funeral you have to go someplace to eat immediately after. so the four of us went to tim horton's and reminisced and talk smack about my deadbeat dad - it was very cathartic. then we had to go home and shower (another chinese tradition - so you're not carrying the funeral around with you?)

for lunch we went to takebashi, this japanese noodle place in markham. i had the shrimp and veggie udon ramen and we split a couple of caterpila (their spelling) rolls:

i somehow convinced the dotytron that we should do our grocery shopping on saturday, to get it out of the way. saturday, if you recall, was the wettest, coldest, most miserable day in recent memory. it was just unpleasant all around. the dotytron put up a good fight but eventually acquiesced. so we went out with our shopping bags and braved the stores on saturday afternoon, sheltered under the giant canopy of my bacardi golf umbrella. when we got to sun valley, i stood deliberating in front of the deli counter, thinking about what kind of olives to get. out of the corner of my eye, i see the tip of the golf umbrella (wielded by the dotytron) appear and rap imperiously on the glass of the display case: tap, tap, tap, on the glass of the display case, right where the pimento stuffed green olives are. i look up and the dotytron says, "get the pimento stuffed ones" [note: the dotytron in particular and the dotytron family in general has a peculiar yen for pimento stuffed green olives]. "i dunno," i said, "i want it for the olive garden salad, i think black olives would be better," instead of a reply, he gives me his ipso facto look and the stupid golf umbrella emerges and raps the glass again, TAP TAP TAP. lol! i dunno why, but the memory of the dotytron tapping on the glass of the deli case with that "you're an idiot, just listen to me" look on his face makes me howl every time i think about it.

on saturday night we went to our friend S and P's gorgeous, huge apartment in seaton village for dinner. it was such a feast! we had chai, this amazing butter chicken, a sag paneer, and a cauliflower and potato dish. there was also a chunky raita and a chickpea-parsley salad. steamed rice and naan. i stuffed myself silly. they totally set the bar HIGH for the next round of dinners with this crew. and for dessert we had P's patented "poopsicles" which are chocolate covered frozen bananas that he serves out of this poopsicle stand - it's kind of hard to explain but i guess for a while there in his early 20s he went around the country dragging this poopsicle stand in a trailer and selling poopsicles out of it. the stand is a big wooden contraption on 3 wheels. it was pretty hilarious.

sunday breakkie was a bacon, onion, thyme and goat's cheese frittata with whole wheat toast:

then i spent the day working on sashing my quilt top, went to a yoga class and at night had pizza and salad at the roomie's apartment - she consented to babysit me while the dotytron went and did boy stuff with his thornhill crew up in king city or some shiz.

so that's the boring rundown of a fairly uneventful weekend.


tonight for dinner i made us clam pizza with kale chips and steamed aritchokes with lemon-garlic butter. i LOVE new haven style clam pizza. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. basically what i do is start with a prepared pizza dough crust and roll it out thin. then i sauté some diced onion and garlic in a bit of butter, add whole manila clams in the shell and white wine and steam them until the clams are open. i take the meat out of the clams, discard the shells and take any clam liquid and put it back in the pan. i reduce the pan liquid until it's only about a few tablespoons. i brush the pizza crust with roasted garlic olive oil (or regular olive oil) scatter with the clam meat, drizzle with the reserved reduced juices with the onions and garlic, top with grated parm and some finely chopped parsley and cook as i would any pizza - on my pizza stone in a smoking hot oven.

kale chips are easy too - it was my first time making them. i tore up the big leaves of kale (i discard the stems) and rinsed them and dried them in my salad spinner. i tossed the dry leaves with some olive oil and kosher salt and put them on sheet pans in a hot oven until they got browned and crispy.

the artichokes i prepped so that they were basically just the hearts and cooked them in about 1" of acidulated water. sprinkled with salt and sauced with a couple of tablespoons of melted butter with minced garlic and lemon zest.

i have some film and book reviews for you tomorrow.


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