Friday, March 26, 2010


this was my shameful, shameful dinner last night (but times the chicken x 4):

eeks! the day started off on the wrong nutritional foot when i had a bowl of mini-wheats and then went to work was was confronted with a pancake breakfast - featuring box mix pancakes, ready-crips bacon, overcooked and unseasoned scrambled eggs, syrup, juice, and fruit. so OF COURSE even though i knew all those things wouldn't taste the way they would be if they were made with love and care, i still tried to make my own mcgriddle by sandwiching the eggs and bacon with the pancakes and sousing the whole lot in syrup. it was a miserable failure. A MISERABLE FAILURE THAT I STILL ATE.

so then i met dr. rei for lunch and figured, hey, while i'm already at it, i might as well go eat a street meat polish sausage. which resulted in a horrendous case of the thirsties all afternoon.

and then i figured that since i've already gone whole-hog, i might as well indulge my lust for all things deep fried and go with a fried chicken and kd dinner. oy. the fried chicken is from city fried chicken on the danny. the person manning the fryer at this (halal) place is a 14 year old kid. seriously, i've never seen anyone else working there. he's kind of earnest and bespectacled and very good at his job. the dotytron and i call him "the young entrepreneur" - that kid fries a mean chicken. the skin is so crispy - no breading to speak of - all fat globules are fried away and leave only a shimmering, crispy, herbed flecked, lightly dredged chicken piece with moist, flavourful meat. i loves me some halal fried chicken. also - they ONLY do thighs and drumsticks, which means that rather than dealing with white meat that i don't care for, i have a 50% chance of getting my most favorite part of the chicken with each batch. score!

then i drove myself (I DROVE MYSELF) to academic book club which was at J's house. this book club is REALLY fun! i really really liked it and stayed way later than i thought i was going to. it's nice to round out my friends list with such accomplished, smart (mostly white) WOMEN. like, they're all grown ups. most of my female friends aren't grown ups like that. they either are kind of on the older side (like say, momma d or the ladies in my work book club), or youngish like me and the way i behave (by young i mean, in terms of behavior and outlook, not necessarily age), or my group of fabulous girls at work. but these are all WOMEN. who kind of talk like grown ups and have uniquely (i would say uniquely) white, upper middle class anxieties about parenting and whatnot.

it's kind of a nice change and a window into a perspective that i don't usually get to experience first-hand. they're all pretty pink, but liberal in the theoretical, political sense, as opposed to the kind of association with a really marginalized community sense. ie. they can all understand heteronormative privilege, but it's not necessarily the kind of group where i could talk about non monogamy or like drug use or something. or rather i could, but it would become a "thing" - if you know what i mean? one of the women wanted a ride to the subway because on the way to J's house she passed a park and people were smoking hoolies. you know, THAT kind of lady.

but they're all super smart and funny and seem to appreciate my zany, brash take on the world. i should note that they're not all academics, but for the purposes of differentiation, i'm calling this my academic book club. the character in the book we were reading ("white tiger" to be reviewed later) is a member of a low caste in india and rises up and kills his master (who, for the record, is kind of a d**k) so one of the questions we talked about was "could you do the same thing [kill someone]?" and they were all like, no way! that guy was so amoral! and i was like, "why are we even ASKING this question?" OF COURSE i would kill him (under the logic and conditions and auspices of the book)! i was like, "i mean, i wouldn't necessarily bludgeon him to death though." and then one of the ladies asked, "well how would you do it?" and i said, "oh, i'd connect a hose to the tail pipe of the car [the protagonist is a chauffeur for the d**k bourgeois guy( and run it into the car and kill him via carbon monoxide poisoning...or i would poison him - maybe a heroin overdose?" and then they all were kind of laughing but also giving me the sidewayseyes.

ANYWAY, last night to bring to book club i made these dulce de leche cheesecake bars, which were dead easy and sliced and cut like a dream, as long as i used a hot knife that i rinsed and dried in between cuts:

they were pretty tasty!

tonight i'm finally going to scratch my burger itch by trying this new place, great burger kitchen that's around the corner from us. they claim to be "purveyors of fine poutines" and are doing the organic, locally sourced, naturally raised beef for their burgers thing. we shall see. we're having the roomie over for lowkey hangs and movies tonight.

full review of the hombuhgeez tomorrow.


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