Wednesday, March 17, 2010

insert annual rant re: spring forward

it's kicking my a** this year. AND futzing everything up. to wit:

- i was doing quite well with a 6:30am run every morning in the breaking light of day. this meant that i still had time to do my morning stuff AND was jazzed enough to get into work early (and thus be able to leave a bit early)
- NOW, at 6:30am it's unbearably dark and it's nigh impossible to run without fear of getting mugged
- ergo, i have to fit in running on my lunch at work, which is okay, but kind of sucky because i have a lot of work commitments (read: lunching with dr. rei)
- i've been going to sleep at 10pm every night. which robs me OF AN HOUR of potential productivity. bogus!

so today i had my book club at lunch but i had to split my time between running AND doing the book club. it was kind of a s**tshow.

last night for dinner i made us a very very very good one. it was a pan-seared, oven-roasted hunk of salmon (seriously, i think my portion was a 1/2 lb-er) topped with a spoonful of sour cream mixed with chopped parsley, dill, and maple syrup. then i made a cold soba noodle salad with scallions, broccoli, and carrots in a chili-kicked sesame-soy dressing. so good!

i've been making a concerted effort to up my fiber intake every day. my goal is about 20 grams of dietary fibre. i'm doing pretty good! i've been starting my day with either a whole wheat bagel, 3 homemade bran muffins, or a bowl of frosted mini-wheats. then during the day i snack on almonds, at least 3 clementines, 2 grapefruits, and a fuji apple with a piece of cheddar cheese. come home to the fairly healthy and vegetable-infused meals we've been eating lately. true facts: dietary fiber is easier to come by if you cook the vegetable. so if you eat cooked broccoli instead of raw, you're like, doubling the amount of fiber.

note: i realize all this talk of dietary fiber makes me sound like a senior citizen. i am what i am. convergence: this fiber kick of mine totally coincided with the GIANT colon at my work! we walked through it today. it's kind of awesome. a 40 ft. colon you can walk through. a 40 ft. colon you can walk through that costs $12,000 to set up for 2 days. amazing.

i felt like all my good work lately was undone by the fact that i had a bowl of mangled mini-devil's food cake cupcakes with bourbon toffee sauce and whipped cream last night for dessert. AND 2 small pieces of leftover mama's pizza. SOBA NOODLE SALAD ISN'T VERY FILLING, AIGHT?

i baked the mini-cupcakes to bring to work tomorrow for a belated st. paddy's thing. i'm participating in a talk tomorrow evening after work with my executive director's class, so i thought i'd bring the cupcakes to that, too. and i'm bringing them again to my non-work book club meeting at my friend J's house next week. mini-cupcakes are the gift that keeps on giving. seriously. at 96 to a batch - you can't beat that yield!

tonight i had a massage after work and then came home and made chova and my mum's joint birthday cake (chilled hazelnut mousse cake with chocolate ganache). for dinner we had homemade ramen (i didn't actually make the ramen). purchased ramen, boiled, and then added to homemade pork stock with boiled watercress (note: I LOVE BOILED WATERCRESS - i can seriously eat like, 10 lbs of the stuff, easy) and boiled pork and leek wontons (also not homemade) with a boiled egg and chopped scallions.

have i ever mentioned that i hate spring cleaning? i do. but it's that time of year. we've kind of started. i've started switching out my summer clothes with my winter clothes and washing and sorting. we're going to do a massive re-org of the basement and install some shelving in the bathroom. we defo gotta clean out our enclosed porch. the dotytron was a prince of new england and raked up all the leaves and detritus outside with a broken, hobbit, half sized rake. you know how tall the dotytron is? it was hell. YOU KNOW WHY HE HAD TO USE THAT RAKE? BECAUSE SOMEONE STOLE OURS. OUT OF OUR BACKYARD. what a c**t thing to do. if i ever catch someone doing it i'm going to go berserker on them and rake the shiz outta their faces. nothing like poetic vigilante justice. AND we've got to start thinking about the giant litter box that was our formerly sodded front yard. and the plumbing. and the roof. and the back deck. ugh ugh ugh.

ugh. i've just spring-cleaning-talked myself out of giving you a movie and book reviews.

sorry for being boring.


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