Monday, March 08, 2010

in which i put together a rather hideous quilt top

sunday breakkie consisted of a BLT with egg and smushed up diced avocado, red onion, and lime on a whole wheat kaiser. delicious! intensely filling!

i spent the afternoon fiddling with the layout for my quilt's turning into a bit of a monster - have a look for yourself:

well...lesson learned. here's where i went astray:

a) there are two distinct types of blues going on - the strong, bold blue and orange and the slightly lighter, more pastel-y blue/orange palette.
b) some of the fabric combos i paired have A LOT of movement which can be stressful for the eye.
c) this is my first time doing this.

i mean, i guess i could potentially separate out the two blocks of colours and make 2 smaller quilts that are more unified, but at the same time, i kind of like my little clashy quilt and i think i'm going to see it through. it'll still make a perfect picnic base or a lying-on-the-couch-during-cool-summer-nights companion. plus, its very n00b-ness makes for some built-in nostalgia down the line - like your first ever made-at-home chocolate milk popsicle, or your first lumpen, craggy clay bowl, or pipe cleaner edifice.

last night's dinner was delicious. the heritage turkey was tasty, full of pumped-up mayflower turkey flavour. the drumsticks were stringy and tendon-y, befitting a breed of bird who's been eking out a hardscrabble existence since the time of the pilgrims. the meat was juicy (probably due in equal parts to genetics and my cooking method) and had the faint wildness and slightly resistant texture of a squab or quail. for dessert i served the last of the sticky toffee pudding from the freezer - i'll have to make pumpkin pie another day.

the goosetang had a lively debate about the TTC and how it's the most ineptly run transportation system in all of christendom. we watched the oscars and ruminated on such things as:

- why penelope cruz can't speak english yet
- how the dotytron should use penelope cruz as a case study for his ESL teaching course he's taking right now
- how dr. rei is convinced that randy newman was in a folger's commercial singing "the best part of waking up/is folger's in your cup"
- how dr. rei is convinced that christoper plummer was a jerk and a tyrant on the set of "the sound of music" based on an interview with all the von trapp kids that she may or may not have imagined seeing 10-15 years ago
- that we all collectively hate the fact that they always say, "precious: based on the novel 'push' by sapphire" instead of just calling it "precious"

the oscars were super-long and kind of boring, although i was pumped to see neil patrick harris do an opening number because i really really like him.

tonight for dinner we just had hot turkey sandwiches with gravy. my digestive system has been all mucked up lately...i'm not sure that hot turkey sandwiches slathered with reconstituted swiss chalet gravy counts as something to revive a sensitive tummy, but i got it down okay, and it's sitting win!

we've started watching "lost" - we're giving it the proverbial old college try - again. we figure that now that it's almost all over, we can watch and marathon and there's no pressure to catch up and if it doesn't take, it doesn't take. we finished watching "how i met your mother" season 1 and it's hi-larious. jason segel and neil patrick harris (NPH) make the show.


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