Saturday, March 27, 2010

2 legit 2 quit

great burger kitchen was legit bizness, sons. as soon as we walked in there, we were assaulted with the aroma of BEEFY goodness, lending a savoriness to the air.

they have a selection of classic burgers, with various toppings, supplemented by some alternative burger offerings (a veggie patty, a portobello burger, a lamb burger, a chicken burger). the classic burger is a beefy, thick, 6 oz served with optional (for an additional price) cheese (blue, brie, swiss, cheddar) and bacon. there are a variety of free toppings and then extra toppings that cost a little bit more. there are a selection of poutines - a lot of which sounded mundane (the ontario poutine with bacon) and awesome (the mexican poutine - with salsa, guacamole, cheddar, and sour cream - aka FRIES SUPREME BUT WITH GUACAMOLE). they also sell homemade chocolate chip cookies and what looked like hello dolly bars. pretty solid. the inside is pretty decent - warm and friendly, but not a lot of seating options - and most of what's available is taken up with hungry hordes waiting for their order.

we all got the classic burger and shared an order of onion rings, a classic poutine, and a mexican poutine. i also got a side of their "GBK" sauce which is their rendition of lick's "guk" or mcdonald's big mac sauce. here's how it looked:




the taste? pretty effin' solid all around. pricing was pretty decent. the poutines were about $6-7 a piece which considering the size of the container, was fair. the fries were chubby and crispy in some places and limp in others, acceptable given the amount of toppings in there. i thought the mexican was awesome...the addition of guacamole was inspired and it tasted kind of fresh and zingy with a bit of chopped cilantro. the poutine was very tasty as well - nice gravy, not too salty, real cheese curds. the onion rings looked disappointingly pale out of the box but were so crisp! with a light, almost gossamer batter - the only quibble from the roomie is that she prefers a thicker piece of onion in there.

GBK sauce was aight - like a thin, less chunky thousand island. it tasted okay on the burger but kind of got lost in the mix. the classic comes with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, ketchup, and mustard (i think). the burger patty was thick, cooked medium well, and very tasty. could have been a little juicier, a little brawny from over handling, but that's a small quibble. in terms of the burger offerings in this neck of the woods for dedicated gourmet burger places, it blew the pants off of burger shoppe (and i would argue burger shoppe quality meats), where the burgers were kind of miserly and not worth going back for. i would definitely go back to this place.

it's still not quite as good as five guys burger and fries - i dunno what it is about these gourmet places...they just can't test that winning formula. i think they over handle the meat - plus the organic beef isn't as fatty as USDA. i'd also hazard a guess that the thicker patties aren't as satisfying as the thinner kind at five guys - more of a beef puck instead of that signature five guys crumble.

still, great burger kitchen is a fantastic addition to the neighbourhood and to a somewhat depressed strip of gerrard (which could use a little love.) so pumped that it's so close by! now all we need is for that neapolitan pizza place to open up and the west side can eat it.

today is a grocery shopping, cleaning the house, prepping for dinner party tomorrow, going for a run, doing some yoga kind of a day. then waiting for the arrival of kdubsguelph tdot to touch down! we may or may not celebrate earth hour (i'm pushing to see "hot tub time machine")


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