Tuesday, February 02, 2010

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the rest of the weekend consisted of me playing dodgeball and our team being SUPER short on people. like, there were 4 of us (normally you have 6 people on the court) and we only lost by 5 games! bwahahahaha...the offshoot of this is: my muscles got owned. i'm so stiff! i can barely cross my legs.

so kdubs J is doing this 4x4 challenge where she goes to hot yoga 4 times a week for 4 weeks (you get a sticker each time you go). it sounded like a pretty good idea so i think for the month of february, i'm going to do my own 4x4 challenge, of doing at least 1 hour of yoga, 4 times a week, for 4 weeks. it'll probably be a combination of classes and my own home practice - i don't know how people squeeze in going to the gym or going to yoga after work and a) eating a home cooked meal, or b) getting any post-work activities in before bed. i've been feeling like i've been sleep-deprived lately so the plan for this week (and as a general monday-thursday rule) is to be in bed by 10pm for some reading before (hopefully) being asleep by 11pm. this means that the miles davis' autobiography read-a-longs have been moved up. lol!

i have no idea if my weeks are especially crazy or if everyone's life is like this...but this is how it's shaping up:

monday: juice monster over for dinner
tuesday: john carpenter appreciation film club meeting (i'm bailing on this because the person hosting is a stranger) OR TND with dr. rei and her TND crew (i'm bailing on this because i want to make chilaquiles)
wednesday: nothing
thursday: after work drinks with colleagues, then book club, then (hopefully)dodgeball
friday: ultimate fryer dinner with J & S and L
saturday: saturday night supper club
sunday: dodgeball! superbowl sunday! and birthday drinks for the dotytron's sister

WHAT THE WHAT. if i wasn't bailing on john carpenter film club night, that'd be only 2 nights that i didn't have an outing planned. how the heck is someone supposed to fit in tv watching/paperwork/skating/yoga/crafting/home improvements around that kind of a schedule? can you imagine throwing a BABY into the mix?

i had my mum, aka the juice monster, over for dinner last night because she had a board meeting downtown. she's a TOTAL juice monster. my sister has to stock up on juice before she comes down to geneseo. technically, she's a juice and magazine monster. so you also have to stock up on magazines, too. i was instructed in no short terms to "leave all current issues of magazines on the coffee table." i'm probably going to regret this, but my mum has her own key to our place. going to our house isn't the funnest for her because a) we don't drink juice and only keep one 1 L. carton of tropicana on hand (i have a glass of o.j. with my breakfast and that's it) and b) i only subscribe to food and wine and entertainment weekly - my sister's house totally trumps mine on both those fronts.

i made us my ultimate mac'n'cheese with thyme breadcrumbs and that radicchio salad with anchovy vinaigrette and egg. i didn't bother sieving the egg over the salad this time...there was no point in making a mess of the sieve - i just did a rough chop and tossed it in. i can't BELIEVE this is ONLY the first time this winter that i've made ultimate mac'n'cheese (or, not-so-ultimate: in my mum's opinion "it's not cheesy enough." she also slapped the dotytron's hand away from the plate of lemon bars i put out for dessert because she wanted to take the rest home. LOL!) i'm already stressing about the imminent onset of spring and how that's going to strike winter foods off the menu. i haven't made: prime rib, pot roast, short ribs, chili, lamb shanks, goose, ham and countless other cold weather foods yet and time is running short!!!

i'm ditching john carpenter film appreciation night because a) it's the newest of my film clubs and b) i'm only barely acquaintances with the person whose idea it was to have this film club and the person who is hosting i don't know at all and H & that guy and sweet baby D only *barely* know the host. i dunno...i feel weird having someone who's basically a stranger make dinner for like, 8 people, more than half of whom she barely knows. i'd prefer it if someone i knew was hosting and then i could meet her and then the NEXT TIME, she could host and i wouldn't feel like it's imposing. plus i need a night AT HOME. is that weird? i just feel like making dinner for 8 people is a LOT of work under most circumstances and a big imposition unless you're a freak like me who thrives on that. also dr. rei invited us to crash tuesday night dinners (TND) at her pad and rather than have to ditch one outing for another - i'm opting out.

i'm also craving home-cooked, REAL food after my tummy upset this weekend, which is another reason why i bowed out of the unknown that is someone else hosting for dinner tonight. i feel like my body just needs a general recalibration - so i made us vegetarian chilaquiles...usually i throw in some chorizo but i just made this with kidney beans instead and topped the dried-chili tomato bean sauce mixture with a fried egg, crushed up tortilla chips, scallions, sour cream and guacamole.

as an aside...do you know how loves their supernanny more than anything? the dotytron. seriously, he rogers-on-demands that shiz like you wouldn't believe. he's hot for jo frost and her sensible disciplinarian parenting advice!

so, apparently people who weren't invited to the performance, or who we dickishly invited and then UNinvited, want to see all the photos from the big day...so here they be, in facebook album form:

tied to the hitching post

the thing i'm gladdest about is that we got to take individual portraits with EVERYONE who was there which is kind of the point of wedding photography, imo. i want photos of us with our family and friends...not a billion photos of us when we have albums and albums of a billion photos of us looking probably better than we did that day and in funnier scenarios (possibly) (that's a roundabout way of saying that i regret wearing my hair down). we still have to take the tapes of the actual ceremony in to be digitized and then we'll edit them into a movie for yous and then it'll (hopefully) catch youtube by storm and then we can be famous and get a million mom hits and then be in people magazine as one of the dreaded (imo) regular, non-celebrity people featured in people magazine.

i "read" or listened to, michael chabon's "manhood for amateurs" for this bookclub my friend J has started. again, J is the only person i know in the club. yikes! i'm sure it'll be fine. i'm a little worried about being the youngest/only person in the book club without kids...but there's clearly nothing i can do about that.

ANYWAY, this book was quite good. chabon did the reading himself for the audiobook and i listened to it while i pieced blocks of my quilt. it's a set of short, non-fiction, memoir pieces on manhood, parenthood, and masculinity. i've never read his work before (i guess i missed the whole "adventures of cavalier and klay" thing) and he's quite extraordinary. the essays run the gamut from chabon's experience losing his virginity, to his reactions to his mother's boyfriend, to reflections on his relationship(s) to his brother, his wife, and his kids. the writing is confessional, conversational, nostalgic and elegiac in tone. what struck me the most was chabon's dexterity with metaphor, allusion, and simile - the phrases he turns and the images he conjures are fantastically present and visceral. it was nice to read ruminations on masculinity - to receive a break from the female perspective for a change - it made a particularly fitting follow-up to tropper's "this is where i leave you." there is ultimately something universal about chabon's experiences, an intangible thread that speaks to the mortality fears, anxieties, and sorrowful love that's in us all. the incomplete and yet ever present primordial certainty that things used to be better...in a different time and a different place, when kids could roam free and wild and get lost and bike at night. i think it should be required reading for all parents or soon-to-be parents.


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