Tuesday, February 09, 2010

scott fujita love

i'm so enjoying scott fujita's manly man face beaming up at me from the top of my blurg that i'm kind of loathe to post YET ANOTHER long-winded blabby post that will push him down the screen.

but...long-windedness is kind of what i do.

speaking of long-winded, s-dawg told me a funny story about big d that i thought i'd share. so like, in the summer when i was visiting at my family's crumbling estate i brought some laundry with me and as a direct result of my habitual tendency to over-estimate the capacity of laundry equipment...i burned out the motor and broke their washer. i offered to buy them a new one or contribute to a new one which went a LOOOONG way to big d not chewing me out for the better part of 16 hours. so my mum and big d finally bought a new washer.

now, lest you have ANY misconceptions about the gendered division of labour example in which i was raised, you should know that the assignation of duties in my childhood home go something like this: big d: everything domestic; my mum: nothing remotely domestic. that's not entirely true...my mum will come up with half-cocked theories and ideas about WANTING to do something (say, bake) and is very good at going out and buying all the necessary tools and materials, but not so good on the operationalizing. which is to say that all my life, big d has been the laundry-maker, grocery-shopper, etc. etc. in our house. which is to say that he has been applying his prodigious talent for OCD-ing and micro-managing a perfectly normal situation (cell phone plans, grocery shopping, etc.) to laundry for the past 25 years.

so s-dawg shows up shortly after the purchase and installation of the new machine to find that there's like 8 different detergents lined up outside of the laundry room door. he asked what was going on, and APPARENTLY, the new energy efficient machines are SO smart that you have to use detergent specifically designed for them, because otherwise they'll sense the excess of suds in the water and CONTINUE running, thereby negating their energy efficiency. s-dawg was suitably skeptical, to which big d replied something along the lines of, "i didn't believe it either, but then i verified it by looking it up on the FORUMS ON LAUNDRY DOT COM" LOL! the idea of big d trolling the forums and being a n00b on laundry.com is kind of the best, ever. the idea of big d being so invested in laundry that he went out and found a message board dedicated to his passion is also the best, ever. what gets even better is that even when presented with the irrefutable first hand observations of the interwebs, big d STILL didn't believe them and SAT AND WATCHED THE LAUNDRY GO THROUGH THE ENTIRE CYCLE WITH THE REGULAR DETERGENT. ahahahahahahahahahaha!!! that my friends, is TEXTBOOK big d.

last night we went out for em's birthday dinner. we went to vi vetha bistro in the beaches. i wasn't the biggest fan. if you click on the menu you can see the offerings - i had a hard time deciding what to get because all of the millions of plates of pasta had at least ONE thing that i wasn't feeling and didn't understand or appreciate the addition of. as a general rule i tend to avoid places with a vodka sauce, a rosé sauce, or with too many items in a pasta. i really feel like there should be a max of like, 5 ingredients in a pasta dish. and i really don't like fusion pasta - like curried pastas or pasta and chili hybrids or pasta and thai combinations...i ended up ordering a GIANT caesar salad that was pretty decent if a little over-dressed and a seafood pasta in what was touted as an olive oil, lemon, wine sauce (which i kind of assumed would mean the pasta would be lightly coated in the above), but which actually meant that the pasta was totally naked except for a giant pool of the liquid-y sauce sitting in the bottom of the bowl. my preference would always be to have a place do 4 or 5 pastas REALLY well instead of 20ish pastas okay. the portions were quite large though and the scallops in my pasta were cooked correctly.

more importantly, it was a hilarious night of much laughter and conversation with my outlaw family, that involved a spirited discussion on why me and the dotytron aren't interested in listening to CBC radio (1, 2, 3...whathaveyou) that culminated in momma d totally momming it up by leaning over and telling us that music is subjective and everyone has their own taste. lol!!! also, the dotytron's sister asked us, who would we like to have sing to us, and without missing a beat, i said: "hall and oates" and then "steve perry" but the dotytron thought i was mis-interpreting the question and tried to rephrase it so that i understood. basically, it's who you would want to like, stroke your hair while your head is in their lap and have sing to you, not who has awesome songs. and to that, i reply, "i SAID hall and oates." ha! i later amended my choice to include willie nelson, or spandau ballet, but only doing "true":

the dotytron picked sarah vaughan...BORING:

uhhhh...i know music is subjective (thanks, momma d!) but...I WIN. c'maaan!!!

tonight s-dawg came over so that we could have an on-camera interview for that tv show. it was to make sure we're comfortable being taped? s-dawg had already demanded that i refer/introduce him as colonel charisma (upgraded from the lower-ranking captain charisma). i *think* the interview went well - we're pretty winning. i really don't know what they're going to do about the finance bit, but as dr. rei said, if they want us on the show, they'll figure something out.

i made us a quickie dinner when we got home...penne with guanciale and cauliflower and a romaine salad with toasted walnuts and caramelized cinnamon pears and red onion in a red wine vinaigrette.

now it's yoga/stretching time.


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