Wednesday, February 24, 2010


don't worry, i haven't been rejoicing in the misfortune of others...the term has just been popping up everywhere i look, lately.

i forgot to post monday night's dinner. it was a cream of cauliflower soup that i topped with leftover toasted breadcrumbs from the giant braised lima bean dish. we had this with an ace focaccia sandwich with cheddar, roasted peppers, and a bit of the oregano pesto also left over from the braised lima bean dish (the dotytron: "are you sure about that? it's quite herbaceous" [in his stupid know-it-all voice]), pressed on the panini. the sammy was good! it kind of ended up tasting like a pizza sandwich.

yesterday we had the roomie and l'army over for dinner. it was really fun! we had a lot of catching up to do.

i put out the last of the rainforest crisps, the leftover pear chutney thing, some leftover fresh goat's cheese and the last of the murcia al vino.

for dinner i made a quick pasta of guaciale, crisped and rendered, with some of T's chilies, chili flakes, roasted cauliflower, a lot of grated pecorino and a bit of chopped parsley tossed together and loosened with the pasta cooking water. i also made a crunchy salad of cucumber, red peppers, and celery with some red onion and sliced scallions in a cumin vinaigrette. the vinaigrette is supposed to have mint but we didn't have it on hand. it's a great summer salad generally, when you want something cool and crisp and crunchy.

so my favorite retailer of late, modcloth, is driving me crazy! look at all the lovely things they have for spring and summer that i've wish-listed:

i have NEVER been able to resist the allure of crisp white eyelet in the summer. i tend to go either very preppy, very kind of 90s raver, or very mrs. roper in the summer but this skirt would look DIVINE with a fitted sherbet coloured lacoste polo (preppy). am i getting too old for eyelet? i worry sometimes.

this dress would be perfect at the beach/cottage as an easy cover-up with some flat black strappy sandals (aka my!) so summer! along with my favorite straw hat it's the definition of easy like sunday morning. standing in line at the short film festival, eating greg's ice cream, wearing that. so perfect.

i'm actually less into this the more i look at it. i feel like it's skewing a little young for me and would probably make me look blocky. plus, i need a casual summer dress the way i need a new hole in the head (for those of you who aren't familiar with that little ancient colloquialism, that is to say that i don't in fact need a new casual summer dress at all).

i thought this would make a good work piece that would transition well into fall, with some tights. i've decided that next fall i'd like to invest in some chunky, open-toed heel shoes - all the better to showcase my dazzling array of tights.

this is another grown-up lady piece for work that would function well all year round.

this is my piece de resistance. i've got two fall weddings already in the pipeline and well...wouldn't it be nice to wear this dress? with my vintage, patent, peep-toe kitten heels and a black lady cardigan with some jet beading and my feathered head piece? WOULDN'T IT?!??!!!! if i get anything from the above (and keep in mind, that's only a SMALL SAMPLING of what's on my wishlist) i will get this. even though i have a closet full of fancy dresses. that i have no occasion to wear. but still!!! one of the weddings is at the king eddy! *rampant justification alert* i haven't bought clothes in forever! *this is a lie* i'm a little concerned about the slight puckering to the satiny material you see on the shoulder part...but that's nothing a meeting with my iron wouldn't fix, would it?

between modcloth and social butterfly (for when i feel ambitious enough to actually contemplate TRYING ON CLOTHES IN A STORE AND NOT HAVING THEM ARRIVE IN A TIDY PACKAGE ON MY DOORSTEP) - it's nice knowing that all my sartorial needs are covered.

that's all for me today and probably the rest of the week, too. we're having perogies baked with bacon, onions, mushrooms, and chopped kale tonight for dinner. the dotytron is in charge of dinner duties. i'm getting a 1/2 hour massage. yay! then we're packing and sorting things out because tomorrow, after i spend all day at this librarian conference and the dotytron gets home, we're going to take our harvey's coupons and get harvey's for dinner and then hit the road for a long weekend in geneseo!

yayayayayayayayayayayayayayay!!! so excited! there's a "scrabble scramble" for some literacy charity where we're going to be on a team competing with a bunch of other brainiacs to make the highest scoring scrabble board in 45 minutes. you have ALL the tiles at your disposal and i think you have to work around and incorporate few words they set up for you on the board. apparently the judge's research students (this is the judge who officiated our performance - very good-naturedly i might add) compete and they're all like, super law school kids. nothing gets my competitive juices flowing like having my siblings take on post-secondary grads at board games!

s-dawg will have been watching the kids on his own from tuesday night until we arrive late thursday. hopefully the haven't turned feral in the interim.


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