Saturday, February 06, 2010

lard + friends = fun

the book club on thursday was fun, albeit surprisingly stacked with academics...of the 10 or so women there, me and this other puppeteer lady were the only one who didn't have phds (actually, i'm not sure...the puppeteer quite possibly could have had a doctorate) and weren't employed by the venerable u of t. it was a little tentative and shy at first, as not everyone knew each other - but it was lovely to be in that little milieu and i'm looking forward to future book club meetings.

my physical went well, in that i have figured out a way to con my g.p. into writing requisitions for the tests that i want. she sent me for some routine blood work and then asked if there was anything else i needed testing for and i suggested, "cholesterol?" and steeled myself to face her piercing, contemplative gaze. her eyes raked over my generally fit form and consulted the chart to re-ascertain my age. "is there a family history of high cholesterol?" she inquired and in a fit of inspiration i blurted, "yes!" and held my breath as she gave me another long, considering look before checking off the cholesterol box on the requisition form for the lab. hypochondriac win!

i totally got pwned by my massage therapist. i fall on the more masochistic side of the massage as relaxation or therapy spectrum - so i like it my massages to be deep and painful - i like to get reefed on. i think it's because i can envision my muscles as tough, tight pieces of meat (hams? eye of round? chuck steak?) and can see the physical tenderizing that needs to occur for the kinks to unwind.

the rest of the day was spent finishing piecing my quilt blocks - i'm all done now...which means that now i can start cutting and piecing the sashing (the strips of fabric that go in between each block). i did this while watching the rest of "mad men" season 2. the dotytron HATES mad men. he finds it the boringest. lol! i find the slow, meditative style and pregnant silences work particularly well as visual/aural distraction when you're doing handwork. it's not engrossing enough to be the sole object of your focus, but as a sidekick to the main activity, it more than acquits itself admirably.

these are the 6 different kinds of quilt blocks for the quilt. each type of quilt block is made with the 6 different orange-blue fabric combinations, resulting in 36 different blocks in total. i had a hard time getting my 1/4" seam allowance so my blocks are going to be 1/2" smaller than the pattern directions. oh's my first time outta the gates, aight? the pale blue plaid in the bottom block of the top photo is from one of the dotytron's late grandpa reid's shirts (did that make sense?)

so after a day of quilting and bathroom cleaning (how to get the film off of tiles with NATURAL cleaner?!?) and kitchen floor mopping, the dotytron came home zonked and we promptly headed over to J & S's house to have a deep-fried dinner courtesy of L. my contribution was 4lbs of lard for frying. it was glorious. lard imparts a very clean taste to fried foods and it burns really clean too - no smoking, easily controlled - delicious. L made us these beer-battered onion rings with vidalia onions that were so addictive and an aioli for dipping. the main course was panko-breaded chicken breast sandwiches on soft cob's buns with a vinegary red cabbage slaw. it was so freakin' good! and then J made us chocolate pudding and i deep-fried hazelnut churros tossed in cinnamon sugar to go with. it was so decadent and we were stuffed after. i wish i had remembered to take photos!!!

i had this weird sparkle vision thing happen as we were noshing on onion rings - it was really bizarre. like flashy lights right in the centre of my vision in both eyes. almost like the burning faded image you get after looking into a bright light, except this was flashing a bit more aggressively. i was kind of worried that i was having a stroke or seizure but i didn't want to draw attention to it or disrupt our dinner (!!!) by saying anything. over the course of 20 minutes or so it gradually moved out of my field of vision before disappearing off to the side. weird, right? only once it was gone did i feel comfortable alerting J & S and L to it. lol! people and social niceties are so weird. i was too embarrassed to mention something that could conceivably have been somewhat serious. my main concern was that i would have to sit through the rest of the evening pretending that this sparkle vision thing wasn't bothering me. anyway, it went away and i attributed it to either low blood sugar or my massage that morning triggering something. i took an aspirin to thin my blood just in case and i'm going to call my doctor for a referral to an opthalmologist.

today has been fairly lowkey...i did another 45 minutes of yoga and ate breakfast and did the grocery shopping with the dotytron and now we're futzing around until we have to get our shiz together for our supper club meeting. we are responsible for picking the restaurant tonight - i chose all you can eat chinese hot pot - it's good for winter and large groups because you all pay the same amount. i hope people like it...i always feel so responsible when i recommend a restaurant or a movie or a book or something. so stressful. after dinner the dotytron and i have decided that we're not in for extended hangs and that we're going to high tail it back home to watch "the hert loxorz" and sleep. sleeping is a high priority for us right now.


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