Thursday, February 04, 2010

in which i almost vomit in bed

...from laughter.

last night, after dexter, in bed, i flipped the last page of my fantasy book, reluctantly closed it shut and sighed with contentment. i turned to the dotytron, "this book was SOOOOO GOOD! it's like 'lord of the rings' but without the singing!"

to which he replied, "what, you mean you didn't like the songs?" and broke into this little ditty, sung in a soft, nursery-rhyme cadence:

here i come from above
with a dragon's sword in my side
i see my friends through the fog
rumplety tai rumplety tai

remembering the interminably long verse passages that interrupted my reading of the tolkien series and recalling no accompanying sheet music, i turned to him and asked, "how did you know what the music was like?"

and he said, again all sing-songy, "i made it up."

which made me laugh so hard i almost puked. "i see my friends through the fog"?!!!??? ahahahahahahahahaha! "with a dragon's sword IN my side"?!!!? LOL!!!!! "RUMPLETY TAI RUMPLETY TAI"?!!!!????!! eternally funny. it's a measure of how ridiculous BOTH the dotytron and tolkien are, that i actually believed the dotytron was reciting lyrics from "lord of the rings."

i almost lost it during our weekly debriefing meeting this morning thinking about that song. it's going to be a classic.

times like these i'm so glad i have a little blurg so that i can catalog and recall all the funnies.

tonight it's after work drinks with my colleagues and then book club and then home to get a good night's sleep before my glorious DAY OFF! tomorrow.

note: i'm kicking off my day off with a physical. boo

note#2: i'm following up the physical with a massage. yay!

note#3: we're having a deep frying dinner at J & S's house tomorrow night featuring L's chicken sandwiches, onion rings, my hazelnut churros, and J's chocolate pudding. yay!

note#4: i AGONIZED over whether i should bring anything to the book club and then buckled and bought cheese and crackers because i didn't want to show up empty handed and be THAT GUY. you know, that guy who is young and doesn't have kids and is chinese and doesn't know that when white people say: "don't bring anything" and you DON'T bring anything they're going to talk about how ill-bred you are after you leave in a cloud of ignominy. this may or may not actually happen with white people. i don't know. but i suspect it does. or maybe (probably) those are my anxieties talking. either way, if i've offended any white people in my readership, i apologize. but you should know that we (and by we, i mean, "i" and by "i" i mean, "that guy") suspect that about white people.

note #5: i'm very excited for my day off. i've almost finished piecing all my quilting blocks and i'm chomping at the bit for the next step.


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