Wednesday, February 10, 2010

if the dotytron and i were amigurumi characters that played ukuleles

...our version of the ventures' "walk don't run" would be like this:

this is u900. i believe they are a band. they have a myspace page and a few precious videos on youtube of them being adorable and japanese. adorably japanese? is there any other kind? well...i guess there's sex surrogate doll-loving japanese. or grown-men-dressed-like-giant-babies japanese.

it's my grandpa's birthday next weekend. because chinese new year is this weekend and there'll be a mass run of every slant-eyed, yellow skin, laundromat owner/railroad builder within a 100km radius of a ho-lee chow on any respectable chinese restaurant of repute and there aren't enough tables on a saturday to accommodate the family and 100+ of my grandpa's closest friends which means that he had to move his birthday dinner to sunday, a night that's not nearly as amenable to my sister, chova, or basically anyone that's NOT a retiree, we're doing a small family birthday dinner for him on the saturday. just family. which is kind of preferable because family tends to get lost in the shuffle of the dog-and-pony-and-sea-cucumber show that is the usual banquet/mah jong fests.

so, the last time we were all together, we cooked up the idea of the family paying for grandpa's birthday meal and US deciding on the menu. we've been calling it "dream menu" night and we're SUPER stoked. everyone gets to pick ONE dish. now, if you know anything about chinese banquet dining - there's a certain rhythm, order, and tradition to things. certain dishes have a semiotic/symbolic significance and there's a certain order and flow to the way the meal unfolds. "dream menu" is blowing all of that outta the water. lol! it's kind of the best. so far the pickings are thus:

little ze: peking duck
chova: shark's fin soup (chova has been eating shark's fin soup since he was a baby)
miss ramona: these fried crab claw things that feature a little nub of crab claw encased in a shrimp filling and then deep fried. her original pick was the WRAPPERS from pot stickers (but they don't serve that at pak fook - the family's go-to restaurant).
the dotytron: curried stuffed crab shells with breadcrumb topping
my sister: 3 egg steamed dish
rico: curried crab
s-dawg: sweet'n'sour pork
me: fried pork riblets with spicy salt

you'll see that we're leaning heavy on the seafood and pork right now. we have NO starches and NO vegetables at the moment and none of the traditional "wow" items to commemorate birthdays. i'm SO PUMPED for "dream menu"!!!

speaking of chinese new year, this year is the year of the tiger. if i was going to have a kid, it'd be pretty awesome if we could have a tiger baby. next year is the year of the rabbit - not as cool, methinks.

this year also marks the first year where, as a married lady, i start being the giver, rather than recipient of lai see, also known to you round-eyes as "lucky money" - the stuff in the red envelopes. G at work was lovely enough to hook me up with some red envelopes and i dragged dr. rei with me to the bank to get some crisp, new bills to stuff them with. i'm supposed to give to the "kids" (read: unmarried people) in my generation and younger, so basically my brothers, and my niece and nephew.

we're doing a chinese new year dinner up in markham on friday night with my family at big mouth kee (aka big d's favorite restaurant in the whole freakin' world). i like being chinese. the dotytron also likes being chinese, which is nice.


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