Tuesday, February 16, 2010

frankie: don't go to hollywood, i've changed

that's a bit of an in-joke between me and the dotytron (aka "special drinks"). lately we've been riffing on frankie goes to hollywood. i think it started when i was trying to remember the name of this cat in our neighbourhood who is super-friendly and is always sleeping on/under/beside the cars on the street and likes to use our denuded formerly lawn-covered front yard as a giant litter box. the cat's name is freddie but i thought it was frankie. from there it was a short jump to laughing about naming your pet cat "frankie goes to hollywood" and from there it's a short jump to talking about the film "daybreakers" (which features a vampire named frankie) and making up our own dialogue for the film where you tell frankie NOT to go to hollywood because you're no longer a vampire (i'm chuckling as i write this but i'm also fully cognizant of the fact that this humour might be too esoteric and of the "you had to be there" ilk to translate well to text on a screen.)

the dotytron is the king of improv movie dialogue. THE KING.

so...there's dream menu dramas. i've told you that my mum calls the dotytron "special drinks" before, right? well, the reason for that is because he came into our lives and, completely ignorant of the long-standing tradition of the kids having no options other than drinking water with our meals and having to BEG AND PLEAD for pop or anything "extra" in the drinks department at lunches/dinners out, he always blunders ahead and orders a special drink. sometimes the drinks are more special than others. seriously folks, you have NO IDEA. it's only recently (like, in the last 8 years or so...basically once we all got jobs and had disposable income) that "the kids" (a term that encompasses everyone in our generation, from rico the outlaw bro to chova, the youngest sib) routinely got to order pop with our meals, borne out of a day when, frustrated by big d's exaggerated bigeyes and my mum's exasperated dangereyes when one of us dared to place an order for diet coke, we finally said, "IT'S OKAY GUYS. WE'LL PAY FOR THE POP" and that effectively put an end to the reign of drink-variety-deprivation.

there are limits though, to this junta's change in beverage ideology. limits ROUTINELY tested by the dotytron when he orders a scotch at congee wong, a negroni at the keg, or a caesar at some big box chain place in the states that results in puzzled, sweaty looks from the staff because apparently clamato is a fantastical substance down there and they haven't a G-D clue what the crap a caesar is. the caesar incident, helped along by the dotytron's indignation at NOT being able to get one, is what prompted my mum to hiss in frustration, "you and your SPECIAL DRINKS!!!" - a vocalization of what had obviously been a long-simmering grievance.

ANYWAY, in true "special drinks" form, the dotytron ordered like, THE MOST EXPENSIVE thing you can get for dream menu, this stuffed crab shell dish which involves FRESH crab meat and comes out to $10/person (this is a lot for ONE dish at a chinese banquet meal). it all came out on friday night. in an attempt to diplomatically resolve the issue, and make the dotytron feel less bad about his super-expensive luxe dream menu item, i dropped the following little gem, "guys, it's okay! at $10 per person, once you add it all up and divide it, it won't be too much at all!" *insert two beats of silence* then s-dawg gave me a sidelong glance and said, "UHHHHH, IT'S STILL $10/PERSON YOU IDIOT!!!" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway, the dotytron might have changed his dream menu dish to white rice...i don't know what the verdict was on that one.

yesterday was a lazy lazy lazy day. i made corned beef hash for breakfast which we didn't eat until quite late for us (around 1pm). we didn't want to do ANYTHING but avoid the spectre of tuesday's return to work. so we laid around and watched movies.

we watched "daybreakers," which i've been wanting to see since catching this preview on MTOD featuring placebo's rather effective cover of kate bush's "running up the hill":

the movie was a solid B. pretty decent for the genre - nicely moody with shadowy, inky blues and a believable world. the ending falls a little flat but that wasn't unexpected. good amount of thrills and chills. i found the score to be a little over-bearing - it's like the composer forgot what era he was in...the accompanying instrumental music was over-blown and kind of dated-sounding - i found it very distracting. it's worth watching, especially if you're my kind of scaredy cat (ie. terrified by serial killers but able to logically rationalize away fears of vampire plagues).

dinner was a bit of an odd duck on monday. we had treated ourselves to some rather pricey geai blue cheese (canadian raw milk out of new brunswick) and extremely pricey cranberry and hazelnut raincoast crisps crackers. the geai blue is really nice. it's got a rather intimidating orange-y beige rind and a deeply veined, crumbly-smooth interior that brings to mind the well muscled brawn of cabrales. when you taste it though, it's surprisingly smooth and mild with a sharp saltiness that's quickly tamed. purportedly it's canada's only naturally blued cheese (in that they don't inject it with culture and allow it to blue naturally in caves). i'd highly recommend it.

we had a couple of bosc pears going bad in our fruit bowl so in a fit of inspiration i made us a caramelized shallot, pear and balsamic compote, which the dotytron was skeptical about but which ended up going astoundingly well with the blue cheese and the crackers. we also had a spanish murcia al vino goat's milk cheese. and then the dotytron fried up some chinese turnip cake (also, more correctly called daikon cake or radish cake), lo bak go. it shows up at dim sum (cantonese) all the time but the different kinds of go (new year go, or nien go) are pushed on you during the new year. lo bak go is basically made out of shredded radish mixed with bits of preserved pork and dried shrimp. it's hella tasty crisped up in a pan with oil. the dotytron prides himself on his go-cooking abilities, mostly because he also fries the sides of the go too, and not just the top and bottom.

we also watched *cough* "the blind side." heh. i wanted something light-hearted! it's pretty krazy kristian and heavy handed on the jeebus. am i saying i didn't tear up? no...of course not. it was pretty brutes though...and definitely NOT best picture worthy, even if it DOES make you want to adopt black kids. it's just a paint-by-numbers story of white people throwing their white people money around and fixing the problems of the great unwashed and expanding the definition of family (within VERY limited parameters of "expanding") blah blah blah. it's like a red state love letter to itself.

today was pancake tuesday. YES! we loves us some pancake tuesday. i made us the fat baby, a half pack of jimmy dean maple sausage, bacon, and more lo bak go since it's fat tuesday and we're trying to fat it up, proper. i also split the rest of the creamed spinach and leftover mushrooms with the dotytron to get some green in us.

it's movie club night tonight...i think i'm going to pop over to H and that guy's and sweet baby D's place for a quick visit but not to stay for the movie. i r tired cat.


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