Thursday, February 11, 2010

black rabbit

who do you think i would be in u900? and the dotytron?

we both think that i would be the black rabbit and the dotytron would be the laid back bear, strumming away and sweating at having to sing "jingle bells" in english:

SO CUTE! the dotytron thinks i should learn to play the ukulele. he says it embodies one element of my personality. the small, asian, cute-loving, domo-kun, mashimaro part. he says that capturing the OTHER part of my personality (the loud, brash, obnoxious, spiky ball part) would require a LOT more instruments/time/investment than learning how to play the uke. i'm in! i hope he gets me one for my birthday.

one of the things i like about the dotytron is that whenever i start singing, "what's with these homies, dissing my girl..." he'll ALWAYS, reliably, finish with, "why do they gotta front?" i like the consistency. it's nice knowing that someone will finish weezer song lyrics for you.

i made the dotytron some business cards that he can hand out and leave with principals when he goes and supply teaches at various schools. that way, if they need a supply teacher they have his contact info on hand and can call him directly if they like him (and who WOULDN'T like him?)...i think they turned out okay. i mean, no one would mistake them for a professional graphic design job but i kind of thought they were decent for someone using microsoft publisher with no design skills. what do you think? i came up with 3 different concepts:

i like the second and third one, best.

last night we ate leftovers - i had clam linguine. i EFFIN' LOVE clam linguine. so good - al dente linguine noodles with the chewy brine of clams carried aloft on a fragrant raft of onions and garlic. i also ate more brownie and ice cream even though i really shouldn't be eating that AT ALL, what with me trying to regain my svelte figure and whatnot.

tonight we're playing dodgeball and then chasing that with some veal sandwiches from california's sandwiches. nom nom!


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