Saturday, February 13, 2010

big weekend, guy!

this weekend is a super-duper special one. chinese new year! emma-lee's show! campfire at dufferin grove with pals! valentine's day! family day! long weekend flex!


last night we had dinner at big mouth kee with the whole fam, minus my grandparents and my sister, who stayed in the states. big d was in fine fettle, as he always is when dinner is at big mouth kee. he loves him some kee.

we started with some complimentary soup, featuring random fatty pork bits, lotus root, and tongue, which according to my mom's transliteration, is supposed to foretell a new year filled with only sweetness coming from your you'll only have happy, good, auspicious things to say.

then we had roast pork...which was DELICIOUS. it also means something but i might have been too busy trying to snag the choice skin pieces to listen. oops. YOU TRY. the skin was ultra crispy and thin and not greasy at all. so effin' good.

deep fried lobster with garlic and pork. one of the only times when the OUTSIDE of the lobster is as lip-smackingly good as the inside.

this dish was my request: deep fried oysters that are so good. meaty pacific oysters encased in a shatteringly thin, light, sarcophagus of batter, with spicy salt for dipping.

fish with mushrooms and veggies. this dish also means something but again, i was too busy grabbing choice bits of everything to pay attention. year?

fried chicken - also tradish.

this is a traditional new year's dish because the name of one of the items is "fat choy" - like the chinese new year's greeting "kung hei fat choy" - VERY AUSPICIOUS! i think the actual fat choy is this fungus stuff that looks like hair. it sounds gross but when covered in a wonder-powder thickened sauce, the mushrooms, veggies and hair fungus are super-tasty.

chova's requested's thinly sliced pieces of tender pork with veggies.

fried soft tofu balls. SO GOOD! you bite in expecting some kind of resistance but that's like, silken tofu all up in there, sons.

braised, mostly boneless duck with seafood and mushrooms. holy cow, this was the bomb shiz.

finally, dessert. red bean soup. not pictured, deep fried black sesame paste filled glutinous rice dumplings.

we finished watched "dexter: season 4" holy crap that season scared the pants off of me...even if the implausibilities kept piling up. near the end, i was getting pretty p.o'd about all the coincidences and contrivances that were keeping the plot running. it started getting pretty credulity-stretching.


i'm SO GLAD that rita is donezo. she was SOOOOOOOOOOO annoying!!! so beyond annoying!!!!!! i've pretty much disliked her from her first appearance on the scene so i'm glad she's been dispensed with.

we slept in and for breakkie this morning i made us those oat scones i've posted about before. i subbed all whole wheat flour with no discernible deleterious effects.

we saddled up and headed out to check out the closest lighting store for bedroom, porch, and hallway lighting fixtures and shades. there's a lot of HORRID lighting options out there, folks. me, i'm a schoolhouse lighting fan. HUGE. that's all i want. like this:

but i would prefer a flush mount. i might be willing to consider a short little dangler like the one above for the upstairs and downstairs hallways. but for the bedrooms, i want something like this:

polished nickel or brushed chrome. either the above style or something like this:

look how nice and classy that looks! and how it honours the time when lil' ugmo was built. P.S. DID I MENTION THAT IT'S LIKE HALF THE PRICE WHEN YOU ORDER FROM U.S. LIGHTING STORES LIKE rejuvenation and schoolhouse electric? WAY TO MAKE ME NOT WANT TO SHOP IN CANADA, idiots! before i resort to buying it online and having it shipped to us and thus having to pay the hefty tariffs - our next approach will be to try printing out these pictures and going to union lighting or the door store in toronto and seeing if they have what we're looking for and doing some price comparisons.

no one has ever loved the look of milk glass more than i. nooooooooobody!

we're doing our valentine's home-cooked meal tonight. steak, creamed spinach, baked potato, butter-sautéed mushrooms with cognac, some beer and chocolate soufflés for dessert. then we're heading out to see emma-lee play at the rivoli:

consider coming out!


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