Tuesday, January 19, 2010

reality tv star?

you may or may not know this about me, but i was nearly featured on the food network program "the heat" (following the trials and tribulations of fine dining moghul mark mcewan's catering operation.) then i left for a job at canoe and beacuse they weren't finished filming, they relegated me to out-of-focus background shots in early episodes.

well...i might possibly be getting a second chance at reality tv stardom. sooooo, the dotytron's sister em pointed me in the direction of a craiglist posting for a new reality tv show where they give you tips and tricks to help you shave years off your mortgage. in exchange for allowing this "amazing race" style show (apparently, the couple/family completes a series of challenges with escalating intensity) to follow you around for 4 days, you get $5000. that's kind of what lured me in, considering how debt-ridden we are right now. so i filled out an application. being the savvy cultural studies-versed kid that i am, i played it up a bit. fudged a bit on my spending habits (which are really generally restrained...i mean, the only way we could be paying down our debt faster would be if i made more money), talked up the differences in financial acumen between me and the dotytron. so i got an email back from one of the producers and they wanted photos! LOL!!! so i sent them some and now they're going to be contacting me again!

i have to see if there are any family/friends who are involved in our day to day lives and have opinions on our spending habits who would be willing to appear as "secondary characters." i thought i'd throw momma d's name in the ring as she has LOTS of opinions (normally revolving around some antiques roadshow-fueled idiosyncratic plan that will result in the proverbial "license to print money" - LOL! sample plan: saving handwriting samples for future sale)

ANYWAY, i'm willing to do it for the 5 grand...even if it means i have to take 2 days off of work. i think me and the dotytron would be REALLY funny on the show, especially if i go through with my plan to be all meta about it and constantly pull a ferris bueller and break the fourth wall, speaking directly to the camera. i also can't turn down easy luche to do something that's going to be kinda fun and hilarious. at the very worst, we just don't have to tell anyone we were on the show and it's like it NEVER happened, right?

i'm a little worried because i'm not sure what we can do. realistically, we manage our finances as best we can and don't make insanely frivolous purchases - i mean, granted, i probably could have done without my new set of 8 teacups and saucers from crate and barrel. but those motherf**kers were on sale for like, $2/piece! and i *probably* didn't need the marimekko cotton sheet set from crate and barrel, but that shiz was ALSO on sale and we just upgraded to a queen so we don't have many queen sized bedding and i'm a flippin' sucker for prettying my bed, aight? what do you want me to do? it's not like i've got an insane gambling problem. i make payments on all my stuff and i'm a slave to my monthly budget which allots me all of $300 a month for spending money, INCLUDING transportation costs. G and K and Mhui at work are all over their "til debt do us part" and i've seen a few episodes...i'm a little worried about what they're going to make us do. apparently on one episode of "til debt" they made a guy sleep in his car!!!!!!! i was telling G: "are they going to make me SELL MY STUFF?!???" there's no way in HELL i'm selling my stuff, only to have to buy it again. are you kidding me? G had awesome advice - just hide it! lol! send all my nice stuff to dr. rei's or something and beat the crap out of my existing stuff so it looks all worn and shiz.

ANYWAY, who knows. my main concern was that you don't get the 5 g's automatically and you only get it if they "judge" you to have performed the tasks satisfactorily (like on "til debt do us part") - but i clarified with the producer and you get it at the end of filming. we'll see whether we get past the next screening round! realistically, i want my own damn show out of it. also, if the sight of me and the dotytron standing in the bathroom gawking at raccoon sex could be recorded for posterity, that would pretty much make it worth it.

tonight for dinner i made sweet potato gnocchi in a gorgonzola sage sauce. the gnocchi were actually made on sunday, but i let them dry out for two days in the fridge, on account of sweet potatoes being so moist. they were a little gummy, but when swimming in a creamy gorgonzola bath, it's barely noticeable. especially for a MFin' weeknight meal. i tossed some mixed baby greens with some caesar dressing in the fridge and broke up some of those luxe herb and seed crackers for quick and dirty croutons.

i'm 99% done putting photos in albums...oy!!! we're having company over on friday night which has inspired us to kind of get our acts together in terms of cleaning the house and whatnot. it's newish company so we want to put our best face forward...otherwise, entertaining on a friday evening (unless it's crew) is not for me.


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