Wednesday, January 27, 2010

in the grand tradition...

...of me deliberately making my life as non-restful as possible by scheduling tonnes of entertaining and non-stop activities...last night we had our friend P over for dinner. i was in the gifted program with P in high school. he's kind of the best. we have a grand tradition of sitting around and talking shiz out that goes back many years and was lost for nearly all of my 20s when we lost touch with each other. but then, in the past 3 years, he's come back into my life and i'm so pleased! he's on a month-long break - back from teaching in chile and cooling his heels in toronto before heading out on a two-year teaching contract in egypt - it was nice to squeeze in a visit before he left again.

us in front of our american revolution masonite wall

i started us off with the rest of the spicy cured sausage, the last of the hippie crackers and the mint-pea-pecorino dip.

for dinner i made us a riff on nany's pasta with rosé sauce...the basics being - one spanish onion sliced and sautéed, some garlic, some italian sausage out of the casing, crumbled in the pan and browned, some white wine to deglaze, 3/4 large can of diced tomatoes, and a couple of slugs of cream to simmer. salt and pepper to taste and tossed with penne.

i served that with a salad and for dessert i defrosted some of the sticky date pudding i had frozen and leftover from xmas and warmed it in the oven with residual bourbon toffee sauce, also from xmas. frozen sticky date pudding and residual bourbon toffee sauce is a good thing to have on hand, if you're like me and am loathe to serve dinner to guests without a dessert. however, if you are also like me and have issues with portion control or any food-related control, it becomes problematic because then you end up eating sticky toffee pudding for dinner on nights like tonight.

okay, much to my chagrin, the fat little weirdo is back in a big way. i've been eating like a piggerton! what the heck! oh well...there's no use fretting about it - as long as i can still fit into **a** pair of pants i'm good.

further much to my chagrin, the dotytron has taken to reading OUT LOUD from miles davis' autobiography in his best version of miles davis' raspy, slow, delivery:

the parts he's reading out loud are about how miles davis lost his virginity and how miles davis' first wet dream had him feeling like he had rolled over onto an egg. imagine that, in first person, delivered in an approximation of miles davis' voice, read out loud, while you're trying to do YOUR OWN G-D reading in bed. LOL!

tonight i'm spending my precious free time compiling one of my justifiably famous city restaurant lists for the anti-scheist's (aka, my sister) friends. the friend has been lovely to us and gifted us with local maple syrup for our gift baggies for the out-of-towners, so i'm putting something together for her so that she's got some rec's in her pocket when she heads to vancouver for the winter olympics. obviously, because i'm working under time constraints, the vancouver edition won't be as methodical and exhaustive as my other city lists. THOSE ARE THE SACRIFICES YOU MAKE WHEN YOU FORCE ME TO MAKE ONE. lol!

okay...i better get cracking...even under the gun it's going to take me all night.

p.s. i haven't mentioned that work has been INSANE. i've got a zillion questions due on friday, which just so happens to be staff appreciation day, which just so happens to mean that i'm competing in the biathlon for the work olympics AND i've got an entry on the t-shirt redesign contest AND i want to be there to watch the "are you smarter than the boss?" trivia game. AND i've got a zillion meetings every day to go to and a million balls in the air. would i have it any other way? obvs not. but still - i could do with a 7% decrease in intensity.



Nicole said...

lol - work on friday sounds like fun.

also, i think the dotytron should hang out with my stepdad so they can read miles davis books together along with album liner notes

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

the dotytron and your dad should TOTALLY hang out. ian can add your dad to his weird posse of dad friends, currently consisting of c. collins' dad.

maybe see you this saturday? i'll be in town while ian hangs out with c. collins dad and other people's dads at a guitar-building workshop.

Nicole said...

lol!! i thought of that.

sorry we missed you this weekend. we were actually in toronto for a combined work and family weekend. we were thinking about you guys!