Friday, January 08, 2010


all my complaints around berserker aside (an unavoidable pitfall when one has a large and disparate group of adult-ish friends, a zillion hobbies, demanding families, a mortal soul, and a tendency to submit to the intractable laws of time), i quite like the rhythm of 2010. work-filled, fulfilling days on the job, lunch-time strolls with dr. rei, home for a home-cooked meal, some yoga/physical exertion, paper-work/crafting/general house tidying, in bed by 10pm for an hour of reading, asleep by 11, and weekends free for more extensive home projects to tackle and socializing.

'tis good, yah.

tonight we're double-booked. first up is our friend bobes' band, elvis bossa nova's cd release party at the lula lounge. they're getting rave reviews and CBC fans will want to listen to their interview on Q with jian gomeshi next week. then after we're hooking up with hamcamp klik and peeping evil dee of black moon/da beatminerz at never forgive action at the drake underground (for the low, low price of $5 before midnight - hotcha!)

what fun! super-pumped for some dancing and rubbing shoulders with high schoolers (sure to come out of the woodwork for this), chief amongst them possibly-thrillingly!-the dotytron's high school ex-gf (the only significant gf of note [the supernova that is moi notwithstanding] in his illustrious career tangoing with the opposite sex.) plus, the usual crew will be there, the fox, ori, B & G, etc. evil dee should also be know me, i know next to nothing about le hip hop but i likes to dance to it and we haven't been out dancing in some time. plus, black moon and smif'n'wessun are kind of the goosetang's patron saints.

dinner tonight was an attempt to clear out leftovers. i had leftover chicken noodle soup and an extra-stuffed croque monsieur. so tasty and comfort-food-yen fulfilling.

okay...things i want, aka

roll call of awesome:

currently, if you recall, we have this limited edition offshore records print above our sofa:

it's a little lonely up there...and it would be nice if the print was bigger, but it's hard finding stuff to flank it. well...i've decided that i'll probably move that print elsewhere and replace the above-the-sofa real estate with three of THESE gorgeous posters commemorating 2009 as the international year of astronomy, by graphic designer simon page:

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. i love the cool, clinical, spare aesthetic and the muted, 70s colours. there are more...but these are the front runners. they come in a 13x19 size or a 18x24 - i'm going to cut out sheets of newspaper to block them out on the wall in each size to see which size would suit the space best. i think a grouping of 3 would be ideal. LOVE THEM.

this is one of the best halloween costumes i've ever seen for a child:

the colonel!

my fixation with paper-cut work is unabated. behold, the genius of helen musselwhite! i think my inability to have any patience for fine, precision-oriented detail work (no embroidery, paper-cutting, or elaborate cake decorating for me!) makes me appreciate people who can craft such stunning, intricate pieces all the more.

gotta bounce, kids.



aaron said...

Elvis Bossa Nova was on the cbc today. They did a great job. Gian compared them to Medeski Martin & Wood at one point for their tempo speed-up and raved about how much fun they were to watch. Just fyi,

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

yay!!! thanks for the head's up, buns!