Friday, January 29, 2010


i've got my game face on like whoa. i'm in it to win it. i'm...the contender? (i'm running out of sports metaphors).

today i'm participating in an indoor olympics. i'm in the biathlon, which involves navigating a course in GIANT snowshoes that date back to the height of the hudson's bay company - seriously, they're done up with gamy leather that left a residue on my hands and they're almost the same height as me; and stopping periodically to shoot at targets with nerf semi-automatic dart guns. i did a practice run yesterday - i almost threw up. the thing with GIANT snowshoes (the kind of snowshoes that people generally have hanging on the wall of their cottages as canadiana decor) is that you can't run in them. so on an indoor hard, carpeted surface, to get some speed, i was doing some kind of crazy kick-step/marching combination that basically set my gluts and thighs a-burning. i was sweating like a mofo. i wonder if my commitment to winning at all costs, even if it means debasing myself and showing up at the finish line a sweaty, barfy, muscle-cramped mess, makes me management material? i can only hope!

also, i'm on the team that was charged with reconfiguring our mission statement t-shirt and entering into a fashion show. based on my hunch that most people were going to do women's wear - we went formal men's wear. we turned the shirt into a formal vest, a cummerbund with the mission statement on it, a pocket square, a band around the top hat, a bow tie, and roses that our model is going to pass out to the judges. it's pretty awesome. we totally went the seamstress route. bespoke tailoring and all. our model is wearing a black suit and wearing white gloves and carrying a black cane. it's going to be pretty boss.

so, the dotytron has fridays set aside for his supply teaching day...which means that since january, when his schedule got shifted around and fridays became THE DAY, we've been on tenterhooks every thursday waiting for his cell phone to ring to see if he has work that day. it's AGONIZING. because they call anytime after around 7pm-10pm and then he has to get up at like, 5am in case they call at 6am to have him into work at a school that's an hour's drive away...he has to be able to get there by 8am or so. so, sometimes they don't call until super-late or super-early and it's super-annoying. we're always freaking out the night before when they DON'T call because we're trying to get a sense of what our financial situation is going to be next year.

last night they didn't call. somewhat predictably, i go into worry mode: "what are we going to do next year?" "what if we don't have any money?" which resulted in the both of us tossing and turning with stress. after a not-very-restful evening, the alarm went off at 5:30am and we hit snooze every ten minutes until he finally got a call at like, 6:45am. it was crazy. so he says to me, "look, you've got to relax about stressing about the supply list - i didn't get any sleep last night." to which i replied, "you?!!? i've got to compete today!" i was given a look of withering disdain and a "oh, shut the f**k up" in response! lol!

edit: home from work

so our team took second place in the biathlon. i didn't start to clean up on my shooting skills until the last two targets - each missed shot added 10 seconds to my time. so i got a silver medal. we were ROBBED on the t-shirt contest. ROBBED! they awarded it to someone who dressed up a guy in a wig and had some outlandishly bedazzled number. ours was so classy! seriously, it looked like mr. monopoly was up on stage - like he was in a totally different contest! lol! everyone said we should have won, but in the end, as has been true since grade school assemblies first began - the team that puts a guy in girls clothes will always win. people invariably find it funny. our workmanship was INSANE - the tailoring! the fit! it was savile row quality stuff...i only wish you, my faithful readers, could have seen it.

tonight we're taking lolls out for AYCE sushi in markham as a belated birthday/thank you for hosting us at the farm hang. i think dr. rei and hanbo are coming, too - haven't seen those guys in forevers (well, i see dr. rei at least 2 a week at lunch, but hanbo has been swallowed alive by mba school and we never see them after dark anymore)

in other news...i think i'm going to apply for york's masters of public policy administration and law. it's offered as a 2-year executive style masters, which means that i can continue to work full-time while completing it. i'm constantly concerned about the potential future obsolescence of my field and i sometimes feel stymied by the fact that in certain scenarios, librarians aren't permitted to do any in-depth analysis and have to hand over their work to research officers who can, because they've either got a public policy masters, and mba, or a phd in an area of subject specialty. i think this also positions me so that i can be a policy advisor or analyst if i chose to be. plus, i mean, another degree can't like, hurt me, right? kind of crazy, i know. also, the application form is due by march 1st. aieeeeeee!!! we'll see if i get accepted...they make it out like it's crazygonuts competitive.'s also york. ha!

finally, in other news: my sister is the best. she's such a faithful blog reader and commenter...and she'll save stuff up to tell me when we're face to face or the next time we talk in person. for instance, she wanted to remind me that my first exposure to helen mirren was actually when i was a wee pup and we were in hong kong. for some reason, "excalibur" was always on tv in hong kong when i was like, 9 or 10. helen mirren plays morgana.

for those who don't know, "excalibur" is like, the raciest depiction of arthurian legend in mainstream culture. seriously, seriously racy. like, it was my first exposure to incest (morgause and arthur totally do it) and it was also boob city - basically the movie (which apparently is heavily based on malory's "le morte d'arthur") is like boobs and greensleeves and j.w. waterhouse - all glittering swords and lush forests. peep that movie poster!!! 80s movie posters were THE BOMB.

edit: ZOMG, minutes after pushing "publish post" i watched the trailer on youtube and this movie is THE BOMB. seriously!!! check it out!!! if this doesn't have dr. rei's name all over it, i don't know WHAT does. lol!


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