Sunday, January 31, 2010

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what a weekend - and it's only 3/4 over!

friday night AYCE meant that we basically closed the place down. it was one of those meandering conversations that resulted in a LOT of homework for everyone. my homework involved finding out what fred durst has been up to lately. as i had (correctly) claimed, he's been directing indie and not-so-indie features like "the education of charlie banks" and "the longshots."

hanbo expressed some doubts as to the racism in "avatar" - racism that i clicked on as soon as i saw the depiction of the na'vi, their idyllic lives, their pan-african/pan-"Other" accents and attire, and the same tired "noble savage" pony being tricked out in 3D gear for the next generation of colonial apologists. because i'm not as eloquent as others, here is a good essay on the topic:

on avatar, the movie

again, my principal issue is that the film doesn't treat the na'vi as anything other than a plot device to facilitate the moral awakening of the white, male protagonist. they're stereotyped, blue, set dressing objects, not subjects. heck, even in "dances with wolves" (the film with which avatar is frequently, though incorrectly, compared), the tribe in which kevin costner's character finds himself is a warring tribe - not like the na'vi and their peaceful and child-like (i would argue) naivété.

saturday morning the dotytron dumped me at a starbucks near his private lesson where i spent a leisurely hour drooling over the momofoku cookbook.

so, we have this thing called the internet now and because of it, i kind of thought i was over buying cookbooks. especially because i really think (and agree with michael ruhlman on this) that the cookbook market is way oversaturated with a lot of titles that we don't particularly need or have a use for. but this...this is a beast of a different colour. i went to momofoku noodle bar with the dottyron in the year after it first opened - the buzz was building like you wouldn't believe and it popped up on my radar and we stood in line for a transcendent bowl of ramen. it was so very of-the-moment. quick, inexpensive food served in an appropriately slightly undone-but-still urban industrial space in the east village, no reservations, top flight ingredients prepared with care. it was amazing. since that visit, chef david chang has kept up the momentum by opening more and more - momofoku ssam bar, momofoku ko, and momofoku milk bar. i think my next trip to nyc will just be spent haunting all 3 new sites. the cookbook is amazing and features a special guest segment with my beloved wylie dufresne AND a recipe for deep fried apple pie. we ALL know how much i love a deep fried apple pie and lament the loss of this fast food treasure at mcdonald's.

did you also know that THIS little gem existed? i can probably pin point my growing love for all things gastronomical with my first forays into reading with the "little house on the prairie" series. "little house in the big woods" was as much about the food as it was about little laura's trials and tribulations being the dark haired, rambunctious sister to saintly mary. this makes sense, considering pioneer times hinged on the successful preparation, storage, and preservation of food. i remember reading about the spring sugaring-off and pouring hot boiled maple syrup onto snow to make maple candy and wondering what magic that must taste like. don't even get me started on johnny cakes and hoppin' john and baked beans and all the other solid, american, homestead cooking. when i found out about this cookbook and i told my sister she was THRILLED, to say the least. this is another one i'm going to bend the "no more buying cookbooks" rule for.

after the dotytron was done teaching we packed up to head to kdubs. i was going to hang with tillers and J all day. i felt like a kid being dropped off with my godparents. they planned so many activities! i was going to be taken to check out papa lou's, i was told to bring my records in case i wanted to play around on the decks, and to bring my mat in case i wanted to go to a hot yoga class. i was also told that i was going to be taken bra shopping (more on that later). i went with tillers and J to look at bath fixtures at the BIGGEST home hardware i've ever seen in my life, idyllically named "glen briar." all while the dotytron was out and about. what was he doing in kdubs, you might ask? oh, just hanging out with tillers and J's friend C's DAD. yup, you read that right. the dotytron was driving out to kdubs to attend a luthiers meeting with a bunch of nerdlinger woodworking dads who build guitars. LOL. that's kind of the dotytron's life now - he's all about the dad hangs. when we re-met up with him after he said he was the youngest at the meeting by about 20 years. so cute. anyway, tillers and J kept me well occupied and then smckay came over and gave haircuts and C and K came over and we all went for dinner.

i ended up skipping out on a lot of the activities as there was a giant rumble in the bronx. my digestive system was all out of whack, possibly from eating a questionable burger at staff appreciation day and also because i was crampy and bloaty. not fun!

despite smckay's best attempts to steer us towards eating dinner at pizza hut (for the record, it was probably the most impassioned, sustained, and concerted campaign for pizza hut that i've witnessed yet in my 30 years on this planet), we ended up at this delightful thai/vietnamese placec where a clean, light bowl of rare beef pho and a red bean and coconut shake sorted out my tummy and settled things down.

then we went to joe for bra shopping. why was i taken bra shopping you might ask? well, apparently at the farm, during a bra-reveal (there are a LOT of women at the farm - bra reveals are kind of par for the course), it was determined that my bras were not up to snuff. this is what i've been sporting since i decided to start wearing a bra on the regular (so, for the past 2 years - i went on a 12 year hiatus between high school and starting full time work as a professional):

it's a pull-on affair. no wires, 100% cotton, and apparently the subject of much derision amongst the female contingent in the kdubsguelph crew. according to the kdubsguelph girls, that's not a bra. it's like a swimsuit or an undershirt, which has been giving me wall-eyed boobs. lol!

this is what i got:

except all in black and a nude one ($8! joe fresh holllaaaa!) so now it has like, straps, and proper cups and underwire and that weird hook-and-eye closure that's impossible to get on.

i was forced to do a before and after for the crew when we got home. the before was in my american apparel bra (wearing a shirt of course) to the tune of "girl, you'll be a woman soon" and the after was wearing my new joe bra under a shirt to "she's a lady" lol! non-stop laughs.

then smckay poosed out and left after cutting my hair (new year, new boobs, new hair, new me!) and we hung out and watched saturday night live and got the munchies. so we did this:

and that's why, this post is dedicated to smckay.


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Steph said...

1. If we had gone there in the first place you would still be full right now and would never have gotten the munchies.
2. Hilarious.
3. Fuming mad that I didn't get my Pizza Hut

That could win an Oscar, just sayin'