Thursday, December 10, 2009

she dreamed a dream of time gone by...

we didn't get to go skating last night because of stupid xmas concerts of doom sapping all of the dotytron's energy and vim. but we had a good night nonetheless.

tonight is xmas concert #1 of 2. so as of friday evening, i have my regularly scheduled dotytron back in my life. we picked out his outfits last night. he was a bit of a nervous nelly this morning. luckily, i had a funny dream to recount.

edit: so i text the dotytron during the day today to recount my streetcar ride into work with our shared wall neighbour [male], hereinafter to be referred to as wall-yM, who is totally awesome and cool btw - even if my toto-loving sensibilities and his indie rock music sensibilities don't quite match up. ANYWAY i received this terse text message in reply: "all i have to say is: grade 6 lice outbreak - the day of the concert"

laughing, laughing, laughing, out loud.

last night i dreamed that i was at my alma matter, trent university, to see some dude i know speak. the dude i know is some guy who was friends with the old roomie - he, montreal I and old roomie were a team and i met them in my first year, their second year. he was really cool, super into entomology, and kind of koo-koo *does universal pantomime for loco* ANYWAY, also attending that conference was a grade school friend of mine, E (who i lost touch with in late high school.) and i was asking E if there were any cute guys in her program, and she said no, but there was LES WIZ. p.s. LES WIZ was a person. apparently a really flamboyant, possibly gay dude. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i woke up howling. the fact that "LES WIZ" was a PERSON is infinitely funny to me. also, the fact that there was an entity called "LES WIZ" is making me laugh out loud. i told the dotytron he should do a musical production of "les wiz" at his school - just like "the wiz" but with many wizesesseseszz.

speaking of musicals (tangentially) - my colleague at work has JUST discovered susan boyle. it's kind of the best, actually. so the past few nights after work is "officially" closed she's asked my permission to play susan boyle. and it's always the youtube clip of boyle on "britain's got talent" - over and over! so best! last night we saw a little entertainment show segment that boyle has sold over a million cds in just 2 weeks - making it one of the best selling cds of 2009. the dotytron turns to me and says, "can you believe this whole susan boyle thing? i hope at least she's been kissed by now." awwwwwwww - isn't he the cutest? although, the awwww factor is probably mitigated by the fact that he followed up that heart-warming sentiment with, "i mean, even if you were a total fame groupie, you'd have to be pretty hurting to hit up some boyle." lol! (which i disagree with, by the way - i told him that being a recording star has probably put her amongst a wider sphere of potential boyfriends than she had in her village).

tonight i totally bogarted the leftover chicken kiev and ate it with leftover spinach salad.

over the summer i read jane and michael stern's "two for the road" - they're the couple that used to write my HANDS DOWN favorite segment in gourmet magazine (r.i.p.), "road food" which was about precisely that - regional, local, americana. stuff like friday night fish fry, and hoagies and grinders, and the best steaks or the beset onion rings or fried chicken or ribs or shoofly pie. stuff that speaks to an elemental part of me. this book tells the story of how they got their start and how they lucked into my dream job - criss-crossing the US for road food and writing about it. bliss! the food writing is top-notch. at least, i think it is. i mean, they can describe the food so that my tummy growls when i read it and i notch the pages and file them away for future reference - but i suspect a simple menu description of the food itself would do that. that's how much i love bbq and friend chicken and muffulettas and the rest. my food prof friend J said that she hates the sterns because she thinks they hate (or capitalize or fetishize) poor people. i'm usually pretty sensitive to that kind of cultural capital trading so i'm surprised i never picked up on it. i wonder if my love of the food blinds me to it?

john green's "paper towns" is one of the best books i've ever read. young adult, adult, whatever. genre does not apply. this is writing that is at once deeply intelligent and deeply understanding of the human condition. it's funny, winsome, smart, wistful - i can't say enough good things about john green! i'm obsessed! the book is ostensibly about quentin, a nerdish, bookish high schooler nearing the end of his senior year, and his difficult, distant, removed relationship with his neighbour, margot - also a senior in high school - but in direct contrast to him, she's the popular, dramatic, charismatic girl that every high school has - the one that everyone in high school knows, even if she's not the stereotypical high school queen bee. so i say that it's about these two, and you think it's a romance - but it's not. it's about the connectivities between people - it references walt whitman and physics and woody guthrie all in the service of different ways in which people connect and come to be who they are, how people come to grow and inhabit their own skin and how we live simultaneously through and for others. it's about relationships and the maturation of them - that coming of age that you do in high school where old divisions fall away and as you near graduation, lines get blurred in a bittersweet nostalgia for what you've been through together. i can't capture it in words. i made the dotytron read it immediately after me so that we could discuss it - it's so good. like, a touchstone piece of young adult fiction.

this is john green's blog: sparksflyup

he also does a video blog with his brother hank which is a triumph of all things erudite and nerdy:

he's brilliant.

edit: i KNEW i shouldn't have written that twitter update this morning crowing about how this was going to be a good day. all day long i was looking forward to the moment when i could come home, heat up chicken kiev, and eat it with a spinach salad, then change into my jammies and work on my felted wreath. FAIL. i got locked out of my house tonight! NOT BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE THE KEY, but because my stupid lock sticks out just a little, teeny, tiny bit and then WON'T open, even though it's "unlocked." all this on the COLDEST NIGHT of life. so i called the momma and poppa d - no answer. the roomie - no answer. i used wall-yM's bathroom then felt bad about imposing even though they graciously offered me dinner and a warm place to stay. i asked monster truck neighbour on the other side to help me out but he couldn't do it. so i biked in the FREEZING cold and in my WORK CLOTHES [imagine: i had been SO pleased with my outfit today. it was nice. but NOT MEANT FOR BIKING IN] to H and J and sweet baby D's place where they graciously put me up and fed me yummy pasta. i almost got blown off my bike. the dotytron came to get me at 10pm. i KNEW IT. i knew even as my fingers hovered over the "g" key for "good day" that i was tempting the fates - BUT I DID IT ANYWAY LIKE A FOOL. never again!



dr. rei said...

ack! dude, that stinks!!! glad you made it to a safe, warm place.

in other news "all i have to say is: grade 6 lice outbreak - the day of the concert" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! eternal lols. i find this so so hilarious for some reason hahaha....poor dotytron!

also, i just finished reading paper towns (got it from the lib just a week ago) good!!!

see you tomorrow, les wiz.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

all i have to say is: the largest collection of black santas. lol! i freakin' loved that book so much i want to own it.