Wednesday, December 09, 2009

regular guy voice

zomg! last night was insane! i biked home in the freezing rain and sleet and it was awful and my toes were cold but i had to do the grocery shopping so i did. i had my paniers on my bike so i didn't take a bag from the bulk store but carried out all the bulging bags of bulk goods in my arms. made it almost to my bike and then SPLAT! the bag of dates fell and EXPLODED in the road while i stood for what seemed like agonizing moments trying to decide whether to pick them up or not. then this creaky old man (like, seriously old...) came up and sweetly offered to hold my bags while i collected the dates and when i demurred, he said "no one will know!" lol! then i tugged on my bike and discovered that i had forgotten to LOCK IT UP. i could have lost my bike last night!!! then i came home in a fit and fury and totally damp and bone-cold and foul owly and told my tale of woe to the dotytron who said that he could top it with HIS story of being hijacked by CTV news on his way out from canadian tire with our natural ice melter. he was so zonked that he couldn't even be funny or ironic or taking the piss and it was plaguing him that he basically stood there with his mouth agape blindly answering questions like, "and why did you choose the natural ice melter?" "do you find that you're MORE prepared for winter this year than last year?" with his regular guy/everybody loves raymond voice and responded with total regular guy stuff like, "because my wife tells me to." LOL! it was really amusing how upset he was that he was going to be regular guy on national tv.

further to my post yesterday re: bedding saving your life. BEHOLD OUR $20 FLANNEL SHEETS FROM TARGET:

ZOMG. it's like sleeping in a warm cloud. i was WILLING myself to go to bed at a decent time and not dive in. i made the bed as soon as i got home and we kept looking at it longingly until it was a seemly hour to retire. so cute! so warm! so fluffy! so seasonal!

so i was nosing around on the shiny squirrel (where i got the print of the silhouette of my hair) and there's a NEW ONE. that looks like me with bangs! lol!

isn't that hilarious? and check out this ADORABLE blanca gomez print...if i ever have a baby girl, i'm so getting this for her room:

i was fiendishly excited all day at the first snowfall and first bitter cold of the season. this despite discovering that my faithful no-name ugly, heavy, winter boots had a hole in the sole on the way to work this morning. ugh! time to throw them out. i had harbored hopes that they might be salvageable when i discovered a small crack where the rubber meets the nylon near the end of winter last year - but a hole in the sole is not something you can cope with. luckily, i had the foresight to buy an uglier pair of boots last year. however, they're nowhere near as nice (i'm using that term loosely) and functional as the last pair.

guys, i freakin' love winter. love it. i love being too cold and having to get warm again. i love winter foods and winter activities (staying in, eating aforementioned winter foods, being cozy). all i wanted to do when i got home today was make tuna noodle casserole, make a batch of gingersnap cookies, and then change into my flannel jammies and hunker bunker down with the dotytron and knit. and i'm getting to do JUST THAT!

this dinner was a little dangerous because i'm capable of eating a freakishly large amount of tuna noodle casserole (especially when it's topped with brown, buttered, challah cubes) AND caramelized brussel sprouts. can you believe that before i met my friend T in university i had never had a brussel sprouts? one day i was over at T's house and she was talking about boiling up some frozen ones and tossing them in butter (she was a strict vegetarian at the time) and the THOUGHT of little wee crucifers glistening with butter so enraptured me that i set out to make them. and there's been no turning back. i love them so.

on sunday night we watched "two lovers" - after nearly cracking and ordering an exorbitantly priced movie off rogers on demand. what stopped us was not knowing our pin and being too lazy to find out. i'm not familiar with james grey's work. this film was my film friend D's favorite film of 2009 (barring any late contenders - which he doesn't anticipate.) it's a quiet little character study of a jewish guy leonard (phoenix) who works at his parents' dry cleaning company and attempted suicide once. he's caught up between two women who represent the two possibilities open to him - sandra (a luminous vinessa shaw), who stands in for the good, steady, sweet, nurturing path, surrounded by the (at times) suffocating pressures of family and lineage. then there's the shiksa goddess, michelle (played by gwyneth paltrow) who's a total head case and is mixed up, fragile, and possibly more broken than
leonard - but who promises a whole other world in her swinging blonde hair and lithe body.

the film is BEAUTIFUL. gorgeously shot - it takes place in the farthest reaches of brooklyn - not the romanticized part that young people and michelle williams have colonized and claimed as their own, but this whole other area of resolutely ethnic, working class folk that seems to belong to another era - another time in new york - before the different ethnicities were all appropriated and diluted in some swinging metropolitan cocktail. the tones of the film are gorgeous, deep, shadowy watery blues outside - shot through with warm russet rembrandt golds and tawny browns. so beautiful to look at. it's a tight, lean little feature too - and joaquin phoenix is a wonderful actor - all the performances are strong, with isabella rosselini as the wary-eyed, caring mother anchoring leonard's family life. i really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

i'm off to craft and listen to china mieville's newest book "the city and the city" on tape (ipod). a colleague hepped me to - which sells books on tape. it works kind of like netflix or - you pay a flat rate per month which entitles you to x amount of credits (usually 1 credit = 1 title). i signed up for a special 3 month reduced rate - and apparently there are sales all the time on titles. i'm really excited. we're going to move my little portable ladybug ipod dock into the bedroom (we don't currently have any other media-players in there other than my vintage flip alarm clock) and listen to it before we go to bed - it's nice because that way i can knit and "read" at the same time.


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