Sunday, December 13, 2009

party hardy

wow. this weekend has been mayhem and it's only 1/2 over! the good thing is: it's only 1/2 over! yay to one more day (one day more)! friday night we had plans to see our friend bobes' band (the creaking tree string quartet) play at the sixth in parkdale. that obviously didn't happen because the dotytron came home from his second of 2 back-to-back holiday concerts totally pooched. he was a zombie - he has no more to give. he's given it all. i'm so proud of him!

meanwhile, i was busy making a batch of marshmallows and cream cheese brownies to finish off the xmas cookie tin. in all, i think i have 10 different things in the tin (but not everyone gets all 10). here's a sample shot:

you've got: espresso shortbread, brown butter pecan shortbread, fig pinwheels, fake english almond toffee, bittersweet chocolate almond cookies, rum balls, snickerdoodles, and the gold wrapped things are hard salted caramels. i also made the aforementioned cheesecake brownies.

some people are getting these instead of the tins:

AREN'T THEY THE CUTEST?!? shouldn't i be next in line for martha stewart's throne?!???? those are little packages of vanilla marshmallows and the salted hard caramels, in little cellophane bags, with a red ribbon and a little card (i cut up my performance thank you cards) that says a little holiday greeting and describes the contents.

i also finished my FELT WREATH:

isn't it THE BEST? i'm really happy with how it turned out. it's hanging on the screen door that leads to our enclosed porch right now. working with felt is the best because the edges don't fray so you don't have to do a lot of the pinning and sealing and folding, etc. ISN'T IT THE CUTEST? i'm kinda obsessed with the colour combo.

anyway, we totally didn't go to bobes' show cuz we were both pooched. you know who went though? momma and poppa d. because they're both officially cooler than us.

so yesterday we headed over to momma d's side of the family's annual holiday afternoon soirée. it's a pot luck. i'm kind of on the fence with adult pot lucks. i'm like, are you hosting or are you hosting? like, it's one thing with people you're SUPER close with (besties, etc.) but generally, i find it kind of weird to make your guests do work at your party - especially in this kind of formal, segmented pickle-tray kind of entertaining style. like, it's not a tailgate party. but whatevs. i made 2 dips (smoky red pepper and this pecorino, mint and pea one i cribbed from dr. rei's cousin, S) and little mini banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. you know what momma and poppa d brought? cheese and crackers. lol! to me, that's the adult pot luck version of bringing a bag of chips. that's because they're too busy partying in parkdale. talk about role reversal!

then we hightailed it over to the dotytron's work party at this bar in leaside. that was really nice. although making small talk and socializing with people you don't know all that well is EXHAUSTING. i really turned it on. i have to say, i'm quite the adept small-talker. i've gotten really good at hanging out with strangers - i don't know when it happened, but it suddenly did! i have mad social skillz, sons. but it's super tiring - it takes a lot out of you to keep the conversation going.

we dip-setted out of there and headed home where the real fun began aka listening to old school jungle records. we were rinsing the sub woofer pretty late at night and the dotytron felt a little weird, but i was like, UMMM...WE OWE THE BANK 300 THOU AND CHANGE PLUS A BILLION DOLLARS INTEREST. I'VE PAID FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF A LATE NIGHT RINSEOUT. end of story.

today is poppa d's side of the family's annual xmas brunch. it's at the doctor's house in kleinburg. last year we went to the weston golf club. that was BOSS. we went to the doctor's house a couple of year's back but went on a saturday when they didn't do the sunday brunch and it was kinda meh. like, standard line-cook serca foods mushroom soup and the like. definitely not worth the drive to acton (kleinburg).

we have BIG PLANS this afternoon. we want to go skating and then see "the fantastic mr. fox" and my favorite theatre (AMC dundas square!) and then get takeout around there in my favorite food court (AMC dundas square!) i'm SO HAPPY that the dotytron doesn't work on saturdays anymore. it's nice having him around. he's worked saturdays basically our whole relationship.


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