Thursday, December 17, 2009

do you self identify as a feminist?

the usual, pre-xmas, last week of work, holiday hijacking of the usual routine continues apace! that means that we've been eating takeout and avoiding fruits and veggies and watching movies and mowing cookies instead of anything remotely resembling a substance with nutritional value.

the other day i took a wrong turn in blogville and ended up on the blog of some of those quiverfull (let god decide how many kids you should have/anti-abortion/anti-contraception/birth control and/or vasectomies lead to health issues) wackjobs. like those "18 kids and counting" nuts they show on TLC. i find it SUPER irresponsible that TLC glosses over their religious fundamentalism and just depicts them as this crazy, giant family, like some mullet-bedecked, dowdy prairie dress version of the brady bunch or something. doesn't ANYONE find it odd that these people think it's okay to add "iah" to the end of names to make them sound all pseudo biblical? (ie. duggar child "jedidiah" - I SWEAR THAT'S A FAKE BIBLICAL NAME) p.s. the duggars' kids all have j names, which occasionally leads to egregious faults against common sense and conventions of nomenclature - "jinger" "joy-anna" and "johannah."

oh i'm sorry, am i being judgmental? THAT'S INTENTIONAL. those people are WACK. this one lady i read (her blog here: was like, a bisexual wiccan and then totally found jesus and now wears a cap (!) and reverted back to "traditional" male female roles and has 3 children and wants a bajillion more (p.s. they all share A FAMILY BED) and lives off the grid and farms. you can read her testimony. she used to be like me! she mocked christians! and now look! i'm always super-afraid that i'm one dr. laura radio episode away from abandoning popular culture and being born again. i think what's saving me is the poor design aesthetic of most religious materials (ie. super depresso jesus, crappy fonts, etc.) also, bathing in the blood of christ is the grossest.

anyway, i'm super-concerned about this movement. it freaks me right out. they're breeding a holy army! also, the rhetoric is outright racist, ignorant, and goodness knows what else. all creationist and global-warming denying and misogynist. you also can't convince me that there's not all kinds of sexual deviance being bred in a situation where people practice "courtship" (no kissing, hugging, touching before marriage; asking permission of the father to marry a girl; always accompanied by a chaperone) AND a family bed.

crikey. it's terrifying. also - i have a lot of superficial stuff in common with these folks - the d.i.y., the preserves, the knitting and craftiness. ugh.

this all culminated in me storming downstairs this morning and yelling at the dotytron: "DO YOU SELF-IDENTIFY AS A FEMINIST?" him: "yes! ... have you been reading blogs again?" lol! then he started saying that he was for equity in general, which started me on a giant tirade. i'm really sick of people trying to pull the humanist card instead of feminist. THAT'S the problem with the left. THAT'S why we don't have a civil rights movement anymore. because everyone wants to be everything to everyone. that's not going to work! you need to root yourself in a subject position (however contingent, however transitory) in order to have a place from which to speak. then you can look out and speak to other people/groups/whathaveyou that experience similar oppression and make strategic alliances. it's NOT going to work if you lump all discrimination under "humanism." that does NOTHING to address the REAL world ramifications of patriarchy and misogyny and inequities based on gender, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, etc. movements like quiverfull are a DIRECT ATTACK against feminism and the gains made. getting rid of women's studies programs is a DIRECT ATTACK against feminism. don't effin' flap your gums at me about the "crisis of boys" in the education system. gimme a break. tell your little principessa (that was dr. rei, the dotytron's and my shorthand any time we saw a little italian boy of like, 7, being wheeled around in a STROLLER in the streets of rome or florence) to get out and get a freakin' job. there's no boy crisis! there's a generation of boys (in my cohort, actually) who were lazy, coddled sods who didn't know what to do with the riches granted them and frittered them away.

i basically yelled all of the above at the dotytron this morning as he was trying to relax, which culminated in him musing: "i don't understand why everything went all first year university all of a sudden this morning." lol!

as an aside, quiverfull messageboards are a hot mess. giant avatars, cheap comic sans fonts, poor quotation etiquette - it's a s**tshow. it's like mom-internet on meth.

on a lighter note, last night we ate harvey's. we placed our order and were waiting for it to be ready, behind a few other people. the dotytron leans back, pulls out his phone, bends a leg, and STARTS PLAYING BRICK BREAKER ON HIS PHONE. I'M STANDING RIGHT BESIDE HIM. i was like, "um, are you SERIOUSLY going to be game-playing phone guy while i'm standing right here?" and he looked up, cocked an eyebrow at me, and said, "ssssuuup?" lol!

today was my last day of work until january 4th. so pumped! our montreal mixes are done, we're all packed and ready to go and looking forward to some r&r. i told dr. rei today that i don't care if all we do in montreal is lie around in our b&b rooms and watching movies on demands and venture out for food - we all are in dire need of a well deserved break with our favorite peoples.

i'll be back on monday - with lots of photos of foods eaten!

goosetang clan in MTL - whut!


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