Monday, December 07, 2009

the difference

between decorating the tree with my family and the dotytron's family:
- when you go decorate the tree at momma and poppa d's house, there's christmas music playing, hot chocolate is being made, ornaments are delicately pulled from their papery cocoons and placed on the tree, the very act of which calls forth a stream of reminisces and memories.
- when you decorate the tree at MY house and your mother and s-dawg happen to be present, you're silently gritting your teeth and battling through a headache as you're alternately told that your ass is fat (thanks, mom) and the two of them mock you for being "norman rockwell"-y while they splay themselves on your couch and loudly haggle over various cell phone plans. your mother will intersperse the wheeling and dealing with demands for leftover food to take home. food which she spent the better part of the dining portion of the evening proclaiming: "it's not very stroganoff-y. it's not creamy enough, you know? and the meat pieces are too large. i mean, i LIKE it, but it's just not a classic stroganoff." le sigh.

i love my family, but it's VERY trying to come home from a day of work and grocery shopping by bike in the freezing rain to that dynamic. especially on a day when all i wanted to do was nap and eat and burrow under the downy coverlet of my bed and while away the hours without ever having to call upon the supporting services of my vertebrae.

in times like these, i turn to best week ever to provide some relief:

lol! the tiger woods voicemail slow jam.

how to cry forever, courtesy of orphaned orangutans the part about that image not being a still of clint eastwood from the end of "grand torino" had me shooting beverage out of my nose. lol!!!

this is the by product of our decorating:

and here is the pork stroganoff that wasn't a classic stroganoff (with egg noodles and brussel sprouts roasted with bacon and apples):

it's too early in the week to feel this ruined.

i'm going to be coming at you hard tomorrow with about 6 months' worth of back-dated book reviews. watch out!


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