Tuesday, December 01, 2009

baking for work

is not as much fun as baking for fun. yesterday i was home all day to prep for my work's open house. i made:

- peppermint swirl marshmallows
- vanilla marshmallows
- blanched asparagus spears (for asparagus and proscuitto)
- smoky red pepper feta dip
- mini devil's food cupcakes with mint cream cheese frosting
- egg salad filling for these little egg salad cups
- herbed cream cheese for smoked salmon crostinis
- my ultimate chocolate chip cookies

and i feel like there's more but i can't remember. it took me ALL DAY. i woke up at 7 and didn't eat breakfast until 2pm. exhausting! last night i had my friend L from library school over for dinner. there's a permanent full-time position opening up at my work and she wants to apply and i want to work with someone i like and not someone who's going to be on my jock. i originally had congee on the menu but i figured 1000 year old egg and pork congee was a little weird for a first-timer at our place so i went with a baked pasta with meatballs and ricotta and mozzarella. and a i made a caesar salad and served extras of the mini-cupcakes.

the dotytron makes me laugh so hard. he came up as i had the first batch of mini-cupcakes out and he took a look at them and said, "what are these little buggers? they're a-dor-able!" but in a sing-songy way that i replay in my head and it makes me laugh out loud. i like partnering up with a guy who uses adorable as a descriptor for little cupcakes.

we went skating with the kids. ummmm...i suck. not having skated for 20 years really takes a toll. mi ankles! aaaaannnddd...i'm super afraid of falling so i doubly suck. i just have to practice more. it's finally taken a turn for the cold around these parts so hopefully the rink will be up and running soon. the weekend was fun - we went for midnight karaoke at pacific mall. i was super afraid of getting accosted by triads and getting capped. the place we went to was super cheap and on the verge of bankruptcy. i was pretty cranky at first as it was way later than my usual bedtime, but it all worked out in the end - totally bummed they didn't have heart's "these dreams" or enough toto for our liking. s-dawg's a-ha voice is amazing, as is his alphaville. lol! there was a $90 minimum on the room so the dotytron ordered a pitcher of johnny walker black label, which was listed as $36 (the fine print said the "pitcher" was 9oz) and we ordered some water. then he thought we were way under so he ordered more waters and the WORST FRIED FOOD ever. then we got the bill and it was like, $200!! so we had to talk it over with the owners because we didn't understand how ordering a pitcher for $36, turned into an entire bottle of johnny walker for $108, even though the dude came in, poured the bottle of johnny into a carafe and left with the bottle. like, if we were buying a full bottle of johnny walker, why wouldn't you give us the bottle? why decant it into a carafe? it was mad sketchy.

speaking of toto, this one goes out to my hairdresser, Smckay:

so obviously today i'm going to be gorging on bite sized foods. i'm going to try to keep my impulses in check, if i can. but that's not likely. I CAN'T RESIST BITE-SIZED FOODS! the open house is kind of a big deal, it's our big social event of the season and it's highly anticipated by staff and clients alike. i hope it goes off!

i did a lot of work on the haus yesterday. we're pretty much done for what we can do now. look at our landing strip:

it's a lot less austere than it looks in the photo. i also did some exploratory drilling and hung two coat racks in our enclosed porch. they're screwed into anchors into a really thin piece of masonite, but i think they'll hold, as long as we don't hang our lead coats there.

we put up our bedroom shelves on sunday night, which also involved exploratory drilling. into the brick. that divides our master bedroom from the neighbours'. at 10pm at night. oops! i hope they don't hate us.

wish me luck on not being a fat little weirdo!


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