Friday, November 27, 2009

what the-

i'm starting to get spam comments on my blog? what the hell?!??? this can only mean one of two not terribly exciting things. 1) there are actually THOUSANDS of people reading this blog and the traffic and linking to and fro has finally caught the attention of evil spammers and trolling bots; 2) there are spammers out there that have canned searches for the following terms: "chinotto" "nemesis" "lagerfeld" "dotytron" "bucktown" - which is kind of commendable from the creativity standpoint.'s almost a new decade. in the 2000s. like, what the f88k?!? i remember when the 80s changed to the 90s it was totally a big deal and i flipped through a people magazine retrospective that was lying in my house and marveled at the 80s and wondered at what strange and wondrous things the 90s would bring. and now we're like, TWO DECADES PAST THAT. i'm old, sons!

i'm old enough to start being a fiscal conservative! so david frum was on george strombo's show (p.s. i hate george strombo) and was talking about how the right wing in america has moved away from its fiscal underpinnings and has been coopted by the loonies (i'm paraphrasing) who are interested in issues that aren't part of the realm of the traditional right (ie. like whether science is a discipline, shmashmortion, etc.) so true! guys! i'm all for fiscal restraint! i'm all for pulling up the bootstraps and buckling down and the value of hard, honest, labor. p.s. this is not an endorsement of david frum - it's a general commentary on how the whole political dialogue is being coopted by peripheral, reductive, polarizing dichotomies between talking (shouting) heads and we're losing our sense of nuance and winnowing away at our capacity to critically engage and imagine. so sad!

dr. rei and i were talking about marking rubrics today. another issue of classification! tell people what they need to get an A - try to legitimize and standardize the qualitative by subsuming it in our worship of the quantitative. ugh. i remember the first time i came across one - it accompanied my A paper on top chef that i wrote for my sociology class. "demonstrates a creative understanding of key concepts discussed during the term" - whaaaa??? i was so confused. if i was to go back for a phd in information studies - it would definitely be something to do with my representational entropy model - the slippages that occur between rubrics, metrics, and classification systems and the material things they attempt to fix, define, relate.

okay, i'm currently in LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE with my dining room. love it. love love love it. the dotytron is way more cognizant generally of spending a mint on something and then wanting to preserve it - he gets it from momma d, i think. she once graciously offered me a table pad for our former dining room table and i never used it once. i'm of the opinion that stuff is meant to be used and you shouldn't be buying stuff that might potentially get mucked up a bit. not that you shouldn't take preventative measures, mind. anyway, i've caught him wiping at stray water droplets with his sleeve so i'm going to make place mats for the table. i think i'm going to make it out of toile/lace patterned oil cloth, since the marimekko stuff i pine for goes for $50 US A YARD!!!

i wanted something with a tight enough pattern that it wouldn't compete with the rest of the room's elements. i didn't want it to be HEY LOOK AT MY CHERRY PRINT PLACEMATS! but i didn't want them to be plain, either. i thought the black toile would be a good compromise.

i'm spending the weekend at the crumbling family estate. my sis is up after her turkey day. so pumped! we brought our skates. we're going for AYCE hot pot and asian legend tonight. we're going to see "the fantastic mr. fox" - hopefully.

i love these songs:

the best is the prolonged, tortured, "oooooooooohhooooooohhh"

video under copyright

this video is also under copyright...but it's worth it because the accompanying video is HILARIOUS. lol x 1000000000000000000!!!!!!!!

we're going to montreal with dr. rei and hanbo and bwong. to celebrate the birthday's of hanbo and the dotytron. to eat at au pied du cochon (the trip was precipitated by my panic at an unsubstantiated rumour i heard that they were closing in the new year). to hang with my favorite people. to go on a road trip. i've instructed everyone to make two cds for the road featuring their personal favorite singalong songs. these are definitely on my short list.

the best is the other night in the car when the dotytron asked me if billy idol's "white wedding" was a euphemism for something, or if he really thinks it's a nice day (in the meteorological sense) for a white wedding. lol!

happy weekend all! squish someone you love!


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