Friday, November 06, 2009

so happy it's friday

this week has been exhausting for one reason or another. wednesday night i went and watched the dotyron be a baller for the first time in like, 20 billion years. he was getting no love from the rim - every shot bounced back. poor little guy. he was subbing on dr. rei's team alongside s-dawg and s-dawg's buddy, R, who also got recruited to make up the thinning ranks of the compact pressario's.

thursday night poor dotytron had parent-teacher conferences that resulted in him coming home tired and exhausted - a state of being that i completely bulldozed over as i harangued him into coming to dodgeball. it was the haranguing of haranguings. shrill-bot 2020. after making a giant, pouty stink and basically FORCING him to go with me, i then played the CRAPPIEST GAME OF ALL ETERNITY. it was so aggravating, especially cuz last week i was ON. so so ON! we got shellacked last night. we all played pretty poorly. i hate it when that happens because the other team was ENTIRELY too pleased with themselves and thought we were a joke to play - which is the worst because if we were doing our best, we would have beat the pants off them and it would have been US being insufferably self-satisfied. gah.

treat of treats, though! we got a surprise visit from A & J last night! and s-dawg was already coming over for dinner. yay! this meant i had to high-tail it home after work, speedily pick up remaining groceries, tidy up the house, and then get dinner going. earlier in the week T gave me a jar of her sauce and some i mixed her sauce and my previously frozen tomato sauce with some cooked pasta and dolloped in some ricotta, topped it with mozzarella and baked it in the oven. i put the meatballs on one half so that they didn't contaminate the side for the veggies. i also made a caesar salad and croutons.

and a cardamom apple cake for dessert, served with ice cream.

okay...i already knew this, but sometimes it bears repeating: people on ebay ARE CRAZY. 15 of those mercury glass icicle ornaments are currently going for ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN DOLLARS. that's INSANE! they're the size of my middle finger!!! (fittingly) how is it possible that a few antique beads re-strung onto wire could turn ordinary (presumably), sane (usually) individuals into a pack of sir richard bransons at a rappelling convention?!??! don't they know we're in the middle of an economic crisis? jeeeez. who has that kind of extra coin to blow on fifteen ornaments?!?

so, i've kind of made a new important discovery. that is: that i'm kind of obsessed with vintage salt and pepper shakers. i'm hunting for the PERFECT set to grace our dining room table. there are so many to choose from! i tend to be especially taken by kitsch (no surprise) animal these native american kitties, which make me LOL every time i look at the beatific, serene look on their little ceramic faces:

then there are those of the "blushing woodland animal" ilk - like these dainty, rosy-cheeked skunks and pert little dalmatians:

these very, very, old wooden ones are adorable, with their cherubic, campbell's soup kids-like faces and cheeky sidelong glances:

you can also go mega-kitsch and get the classic, attention-grabbing lobster claw route:

or the toadstool route:

my favorite vignette in "fantasia" was always the little dancing mushrooms in the nutcracker suite bit. little, wee, red-capped mushrooms are kind of played out right now in the crafty, bloggy, world - but does anything this darling ever really go out of style? i say nay. they might fall out of favour but there were always be a place for them in a damp, forest-floor corner of my heart.

i've decided which ones are going to go on my table...none of the above, actually...although the longer i stare at native american kitties, the more they make me laugh. it's a bit of a surprise. they'll go with a sweet vase i found for a song on threepotatofour that spoke to me as soon as i laid eyes on it. i can picture the table in my head...a little ceramic rectangular dish holding my vase, the salt and pepper shakers, and some nice beeswax candles. lovely! i can't wait to show you the whole vignette...we'll have to wait for the items to trickle in. and the table to arrive. and the chairs to be bought...oy.

all the winter tire research paid off. i can now call up an auto body shop/tire centre and converse like a bodmon and not fear for an instant that i'm going to get ripped off/taken for a ride. it's a wonderful feeling to have. plus, i know now how to read the markings on a tire sidewall. the problem is, we've found a mechanic we LOVE, but he's in geneseo. his prices can't be beat and he's really honest (i hope) and upfront and gives you the lowdown and guarantees his work. we just have to drive 600km there and back to see him.

today (saturday) i'm meeting old supervisor T to go to mccaul's (baking supply store) for our annual trip. i rarely buy anything. the stuff there is a little overpriced but she loves it and it's a tradition now. then i'm meeting my friend D to go see "an education" - then it's grocery shopping, errands, home, baking a brown butter apple tart, then heading to J & S's house for dinner prepared by L. holy cats! i'm kind of tired already, and it's only 9am.


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