Tuesday, October 20, 2009

profuse apologies

i've been sounding like a jerk lately and yesterday in particular.

i shouldn't harp on neutral paint colours. they're great. if that's what you're into, they really are. and i know next to nothing about design in any formal capacity. i just know what i like, what colours and arrangements and lines and textures i feel go together. what little vignettes i like to set up, what proportions i like to play with.

i just really really really dislike when people who don't know where i'm coming from, try to tell me to do something different. i know what my faults are (i'm a terrible driver, i'm bossy, i get mad to quickly, i don't shower as frequently as other people [in my defense, it's because my skin dries out something terrible]), i'm way too okay with dutch ovens [the practice, not the cooking vessel]) but i also know my strengths. and one of my strengths is dressing well and having an eye for general aesthetics. knowing what i should wear, what would look good on other people, how to put things together, finding the odd little touch that will pull things together, juxtaposing elements - these are all things i'm extremely good at.

so neighbs, just back off a little. i'll go about my merry little way and you can go about yours and when your little yard gets all verdant in the summer, i'll smile and compliment you the same way you can compliment me when my yard explodes in a riot of colour. truce?

there, i feel better for having unburdened myself. i didn't mean to sound like a holier-than-thou f**khead. i mean, i do think i'm better than a lot of people, but i know that there are some peeps that are better than me at other things (like, buckethead, nuno bettencourt, uhhhhh...colonel sanders?)

in general, peeps can do what they want, as long as they don't tell ME what to do.

tonight for dinner i made us a lovely fall dish. too bad it warmed up like crazy. we had smoked garlic pork sausages braised in beer with sauerkraut and apples. i served it over sweet potatoes and yukon golds that i boiled and mashed with their skins with sour cream, buttermilk, and dill.

i also made 2 pillowcases for the pillows for the couch with this spritely yellow sparrow flocked fabric. cute, eh?


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