Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my dentist's office

just asked me to do them a solid and change my appointment to tomorrow instead of friday. well, they didn't say, "could you do me a solid" but they asked if i would like to come in tomorrow as it would "really help them out." ummmm...excuse me?!? what the heck? since when is it MY job to help YOU out? the only thing to recommend this place is that they're really close to my home and new - otherwise, they provide very perfunctory service and try to bilk insurers. i don't understand when the switch from a cleaning turned into "units" of cleaning but that's balls. it just gives people an excuse to charge more when they don't get the job done in the time allotted. bunk, i say!

so, speaking of style (yesterday's entry)...i recently bought myself a pair of riding boots from aldo. these ones:

in black. it was high time for me to have a pair of lady boots for the office and for tramping around in the fall. i wanted something to give me a bit more coverage when i drop the short skirts and tights look at work. but i keep wearing them around the house and trying them with different outfits and it's just not working. i think i'm too short, they make me look stumpy and a little too junior-ss on the bottom. i don't have the long legs to make the proportion right between the bottoms of my coats/skirts and the top of the boot.

i might exchange them for these ones instead. the mersereau, in black. it's a little a high mid-calf, with a fashion-forward almond shaped toe (that's what the aldo website says) and a little bit of the riding details to still make it sharp and work appropriate.

at the end of the day, though...the ones that really look the best on me are brendal:
mid calf, a little chunky, more like a motorcycle boot. i'd buy these in an instant if they would work at work, but they won't. i really like the juxtaposition of that kind of early 90s thing of a really feminine look up top and a heavy boot on the bottom. it's pretty flattering on me, especially with my trend towards the slim-fitting skirts/sweaters and slightly mod thing. also, my lower leg is quite shapely, if i do say so myself, and it cuts it off at the right point. we shall see!

rodarte is the newest label to make a lower-priced line for target. it was announced in august and they're hitting the target floors in december...for the most part, i'm not feeling it. lots of skeletons and punky, sid'n'nancy looking flouncy skirts and leopard print jackets...the mustard yellow, sheer long cardigan is the only thing i like:

totally want to get me one of those. i'm obsessed with mustard yellow at the moment. i'm knitting myself a really long cowl in mustard yellow that i can wear as a big giant loop OR i'll be able to double up and use as a super-chunky scarf. it's slow going at the fingies aren't used to the knittings.

in other sartorial news, the dotytron and i have made the deeply considered and heartbreaking decision to part ways on our halloween costumes this year. we're not going as something related. well, i guess we'll be tangentially related in the sense that both of our characters are imbued with dignity and panache, but that's about it. just wanted to prepare all y'alls.

so i totally had a minor panic attack yesterday when i realized that xmas is SO CLOSE and that we're PRACTICALLY in november and FALL BACK (yay!) is here already!!! my heart started pounding. now that i don't have a giant freezer, where am i going to store my pre-formed xmas cookie balls for the xmas cookie tin?!? (i'm hoping momma d will let me time-share her cube freezer). and what am i actually going to put in this year's xmas cookie tin?!? and will i have my shopping done by the end of november?!? and what can i get people on my list for negative monies?!? also, there's a heap of bdays in there...the dotytron's 30th is coming up, and our 8 year anniversaire (i'm steadfastedly sticking to the iriginal anniversary date - the one where we met - and ignoring the performance one; i'm not celebrating TWO anniversaires a year - well, maybe i will someday, but certainly not in TODAY'S economy - and realistically, the one where we re-met is more important than the one where we made it official, imho, tbh, ftr).

i'm kind of heart set on getting a kaiseki meal at hashimoto...i've been wanting to go since i heard about this place two years ago...but it's $200 a person and he's kind of fascist about not letting in ANY photographic device. plus it's only 8 courses. i'm predicting you definitely come out hungry but that each dish will be a perfect little tableau of delicacy. the chef is opening up a location in the don mills area, supposedly this month. no word on that yet. p.s. totally look at the pictures scrolling by on the top - if that doesn't scream "big mac combo and filet-o-fish chaser" to you, i don't know what does.

boo to chupid lil' ugmo. i can't believe i have to say fare thee well, love to dining out and fancy pants dinners because of my chupid mortgage for jerks. boo, i say, boo! although...there's always oyster boy (strangely, nothing screams winter to me like slurping down icy cold oysters by the dozen with the dotytron and a craft beer in the warm yellow light of that place)...and the harbord room, and tati bistro, and loire, and foxley, and...okay, the list of nice restaurants that aren't necessarily wallet-busters is endless. fine. i'm being a spoiled snot again. this is weird, but i'm totally craving north 44/bymark food lately. i don't know what it is...probably the fall hitting me - the idea of being wrapped in the luxuriousness of generous slops of foie and truffle oil and cheese and butter seem where it's at right now.

tonight we're supposed to be having the knitting club over for so you think you can dance and showing them the new digs and vegan foods. two of them have been felled by swine flu so it looks like it's going to be the usual musketeers, H, that guy and sweet baby D. i made the irie pumpkin stew and i'm making coconut rice'n'peas and tapioca pudding...although i think H is bringing vegan cupcakes so i might scratch the pudding as being a superfluous dessert (i know, i don't really believe in such a thing, either).

that guy made some delicious pumpkin chocolate chip vegan cupcakes. and sweet baby D ended up being a total goofball. i ended up scrapping the tapioca pudding and i made that radicchio and fennel salad. i tend to like to make something fresh if you're eating something stewy to cut the mellow, warm, dark flavours. i think i also made that guy a fennel convert!


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