Sunday, October 18, 2009

my best friend's wedding

was the best. the best possible big wedding ever. dr. rei's dad is the cutest, most gracious, most gentlemanly little man ever. her mom was a bombshell. i was so honoured to witness her and hanbo's union - especially since i'd like to consider myself instrumental in their relationship, in my own words, "i facilitated the s**t out of the two of you." lol!

i was sweating the whole night getting ready to make my speech. for some reason, i kind of thought i would go first. then the best man speaks. then hanbo's parents speak. then dr. rei's parents speak and REDUCE EVERYONE TO A PILE OF TEARS AND SNOT. seriously...the most touching speech you've ever heard in YOUR LIFE. YOUR. LIFE. guess who's supposed to go after that? yours truly. i felt sick to my stomach. thankfully the mc's let the crowd get their shiz together and collect themselves, because as the male mc said, "that was goddamned touching." lol! it was! not a dry eye in the place.

i have to admit though...despite my second thoughts, my speech was pretty good. i try to hit all the notes - a little humour, a little sentimentality, a little nostalgia, don't tell stories too embarrassing, don't talk about stuff that's so personal it won't mean anything to the crowd...that tends to be my recipe. i brought the house down at my sis' wedding. tears help, too. people eat that shiz up. lol! luckily it's not hard for me to dissolve into tears. i'm a marshmallow, chinese veronica mars, a twinkie.

her dj killed it. he played all our favorites: journey, kansas, rick ross, wu-tang, toto's africa, which i sang aloud to at the top of my lungs. the best line in song in all of human history is: "I know that I must do whats right/
Sure as kilimanjaro rises like olympus above the serengeti" the way he makes "serengeti" fit the cadence and rhythm is a thing of beauty. we closed the place down dancing and eating cake and only left when they turned the ugly lights on us.

what a fun, fun time. i love knowing that the chapter of M-R-I has closed with all the endlessly funny stories and memories the three of us share together, but as that era has ended, a new era has begun of M-R-I-H, and of course, the goosetang clan/hamcamp klik.

dr. rei is my dearest heart. i get teary just thinking of all the countless hours we've spent on my old couch, big brown, in whatever dimly lit iteration of my living room we were in, talking through the night. all the times we've gone after a too-brief meeting, "AHHHH!!! WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY!!!!" upon parting, all the times the dotytron has shook his head at us in acknowledgement of our combined lunacy, all the times the three of us embarked on some hair-brained adventure that inevitably resulted in us being doubled over in laughter, until our sides hurt. all the nicknames we've come up for for people, all the vagaries of the toronto jungle scene we've lived through, all the messageboard scandals, all the times shopping for vintage, all the times we've traipsed through a store/ridden the ttc/walked down the street and our animated, wackadoo conversation has invited comment from a total stranger, all the times we've entertained strangers with our throwaway comments. many more times to come! i can't wait to see how we're going to grow together, what we're going to be like as parents (or not), how our lives are going to continually settle and shift and change with each other.

how can i capture 10 years of friendship in words? how do i capture 10 years of memories in words? how do i do our kinship justice? how do i convey my gratitude to the fates that we were brought together?

it always comes down to this. i am so lucky. so very, very, very lucky. and each moment that i waste on earth not fully aware of how lucky i am to have people like dr. rei with me through our all-to-brief passage on this mortal coil - is a foolish moment wasted.

my heart is full to bursting -


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