Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's come to THIS?

last night before the roomie and l'army came over, we were doing some frantic, last-minute the tune of satie's gymnopédie no.1 do you know what this means? we're ACTUALLY like, no better than edward cullen from "twilight," who wooed bella with debussy. it's sick! in case you thought this had anything to do with me, allow me to correct you - i came home last night singing the one line i know from miley cyrus' "party in the u.s.a." nuh-uh - this is all the dotytron (who, incidentally, hates that "twilight" sullied debussy's good name by using it as a cheap vampire panty-removing tactic). i will say that it gymnopédie no. 1 does make whatever it is you're doing, no matter how mundane or frenzied, take on a certain air of limpid languor. it makes dirty clothes-hiding and half-hearted sweeping much more civilized.

i went with dr. rei today to return the boots and hear more about her and hanbo's time away. we've decided that we basically need a week's worth of lunches to catch up. so our mission today was to bring the mersereau's back to aldo and hopefully get the motorcycle ones. except fate and dr. rei's keen eye intervened. when i put the mersereau's back on in the store, she said she liked them and the oddness of them comes not from the boot, but from the fact that i really don't wear boots with pointy (almond shaped) toes that are so feminine and girly. the motorcycle boot was playing it safe, but would be an unnecessary addition to my wardrobe. and that was that.

see why i needed her back?!? my warping mirror at home and the style-blinded eyes of the dotytron are no substitute for the sage advice of a bestie. especially a girlie bestie at that. i feel better, now. i also woke up this morning feeling like it's time for a hair change. i've been rocking the same hair for FOREVERS.

i think i want blunt bangs and layers by my face and i'm going to lose the side part and go with something either in the middle, or wherever it wants to be - i've been wearing my hair down the odd time and S does such a great job cutting it, that the grow-outs are fantastic. i think the blunt bangs would make wearing it down a little more fun - i'm thinking something along the lines of zooey deschanel:

i keep meaning to try the braid hairband but never get around to it. maybe this weekend. i want to lop some inches off but still have it kinda layered and a little textured to work with my natural wave - i have high hopes.

ugh...had the worst tussle with the TTC today. i effing hate them. any bleeding heart, leftist chickenhead liberal who tries to defend the blatant mismanagement of their frontline, customer service staff is completely blinded to the reality that ttc ticket takers, bus drivers, streetcar drivers, etc. break down into roughly this proportion: 10% amazing, pleasant, nice, lovely, considerate; 60% apathetic, middle of the road, disinterested; 30% AWFUL, stupid, ignorant people who kinda deserve to get spit on, sorry to say. i mean, no one DESERVES to get spat on, but some of those dudes are d**ks. the way a d***y cop can be a total d**k who invites a little civil and not-so-civil disobedience from the general populace. think about it this way, td bank records like, all of your phone calls to their staff and you still get crappy service about 15% of the time - what do you think is going to happen with the ttc peeps? it's like the wild west out there! do they even HAVE supervisors?

it's appalling. the indignities of public transportation in toronto shave years off your life, i'm convinced. our transfer system?!???!!!

it took me almost an hour and a half to get home. redonkulous. feeling a little down - reading harvey pekar and joyce brabner's "our cancer year" - totally depressing. hoping to sleep it off.

this trailer totally made me perk up, though:

it's quite dear. stop motion makes wes anderson's usual affectations much more palatable. and well, the clooney could sell you on most things.

the other thing that made me perk up was watching south park tonight and hearing cartman say, "oh, F**K OFF!" to a homeless guy asking for change. the comedy network keeps showing an ad where they have cartman farting over and over and it always makes me laugh and the dotytron turned to me the other night and said, "you're such a f**king cartman, sometimes." it's so true. i am a f**king cartman sometimes.



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