Saturday, October 24, 2009

busy busy busy

guys, halloween is SO SOON! and we have AMAZING costumes this year! mine has the following going for it: comfort, funny, dashing. the dotytron's has this: historically relevant, a wig, a women's sized MEDIUM coat. lol!

what have i been up to the last few days, eh? well, on thursday night my mum and big d took us out to big mouth kee for dinner along with some of their friends who gave us wedding presents (cash) that my parents promptly stole. lol! i think that's how it works in chinese culture. basically, you're always giving money back to your parents for having birthed/raised you. when i was a kid and i asked my mum what i was getting for my birthday, she'd inevitably reply, "ummm...what are YOU getting for ME?" chinese people in general don't really do birthday prezzies (or maybe it's just my fam?) that's not cash, which made the grade-school post-birthday debrief of, "sooo...what'd you get for your birthday?" kind of squirm-inducing. what was i supposed to reply? "uh, i got the gift of being born 8 years ago"?

anyway, big mouth kee is kind of dingy on the inside. i think i've mentioned before that it's rigged up to look like hong kong circa the 1920s or something. big d is a HUGE big mouth kee champion but i've never seen it before - but that meal on thursday was INSANE! INSANE! we had:
1) roast suckling pig - one of the best iterations of that dish evers! the perfect balance between the crispy skin, a sliver of pork fat and a sliver of tender pork - just enough to support the weight of the bristling skin
2) sea cucumber (which i usually hate) - stuffed with shrimp paste and served with perfectly cooked broccoli
3) shark's fin soup but in a rich, crab bisque reminiscent broth
4) these little nests made out of thin, rice noodle threads that had been deep fried to shattering delicacy, holding asparagus and scallops
5) the veggie dish was mushrooms (maitake, i think) and shanghai choy
6) braised duck with shitakes and more veggies
7) a GIANT like, 8 lb lobster that had been hacked apart and deep fried and showered with crispy bits which was browned garlic and the tomalley
8) a "high class" steamed fish (i guess even fish aren't exempt from hong kong chinese people's obsession with class consciousness)
9) fried rice
10) dessert #1 was silken tofu in a ginger syrup
11) dessert #2 was deep fried, black sesame paste stuffed glutinous rice balls
12) dessert #3 was steamed asian pears in a sweet syrup with gingko and nuts

bliss of blisses! the dotytron was enthralled! i was stuffed to the gills! and what a fitting and decadent way to end off my short work week.

yesterday was my day off. i celebrated by:
a) showing up 3 hours early to my massage, thereby scaring the beejezus out of my lovely rmt, not to mention waking earlier than i had to
b) doing all of next week's grocery shopping, which meant wrecking my back by carrying about 40lbs of groceries on my bike in the sleet and rain
c) going to the dentist and getting a cleaning
d) then showing up LATE to my scheduled massage, thereby cheating myself out of my rmt's restorative ministrations
e) coming home ravenous and eating 2 cupcakes (1 was for the dotytron) and 4 pepperoni sticks (2 were for the dotytron)
f) crafting my heart out.
g) hosting s-dawg for some low key hangs and popeye's fried chicken
h) having gut rot and then being a giant buzzkill

the plus is: i got all the stuff i needed for the dotytron's costume. and i made my halloween bunting.

this is what lil' ugmo's dressing up as for halloween:

pretty cute, huh? the bunting turned out really sweet. i used my new favorite font: cooper black. i'm really obsessed with 70s style fonts lately (bodoni, cooper black, etc.) i didn't do a very good job sewing the cut-out letters so the edges might fray away to nothing - we'll see! it would have been easier to use a font that had all right angles - but this looks so nice! don't you think?

i cut out the pumpkins using this tutorial as my guide/inspiration and put them up in the windows of our enclosed porch. then i cut out some leaves from some random wrapping paper i had around and placed them around the pumpkin heads. they turned out really well! i'm also supposed to make the grave stones today...finished project pics will be posted accordingly. and tomorrow i'm going to pick out my pumpkins and those will add the finishing touches (plus "monster mash" playing on repeat) to lil' ugmo's first halloween.

i'm also supposed to start/finish my costume today. then i will call it a day. and by "calling it a day" i mean: "sit on the couch and organize all my photos into albums or if i don't feel like doing that, knitting and reading all the comics i ordered from the library"

tonight we're purportedly meeting with some high school crew for dinnie at caplansky's. i had previously reviewed them in their former incarnation at the monarch. now they've added kishka and knish and all sorts of other jewish deli staples that i'm itching to try. the smoked meat was always good as were the fries. the sides tended to be lacking. my sis ordered matzoh ball soup there and it was TERRIBLE. tasted like dirty dish water. i'm going back in their new, self-standing location so i can know whether to close the book on the place or not.

we're hoping to follow that up with some "where the wild things are" action.

okay...costumes don't make themselves!


p.s. in case the neighbours didn't hate us already, the monday after the move, on my first real day to start tackling lil' ugmo, i made it my first priority to do this:

yep, i spray-painted "fire walk with me" in red stencil letters on our garbage, green, and recycling bin (i also put the address on the other side).

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