Friday, September 11, 2009


things are looking up in lil' ugmoville. well, kinda. structurally, in terms of renos and repairs - not so much. the electrical will be done on monday at which point we can have our contractor in doing drywall and whatnot. it's looking increasingly UN-likely that we'll have everything painted before the big move. but what can you do. that was a bit of a pipe dream anyway, considering the fact that we're PAINTING AN ENTIRE HOUSE.

but i'm tired of focusing on the negative! here's how you can tell that the dotytron and i have been together forever - we're a good balancing act. like a lever and a fulcrum if we remember our 5 (6?) simple machines from grade 3. when one of us is down, invariably the other one will be totally optimistic to prevent a downward spiral into split-wristville.

more often than not, ***I'M*** captain half-full. i know, surprising, right? the thing is - i get negative about the small things: dishes not being done, neighbours sullying my immaculate green bin, people cutting in line representing the downfall of civilization as we know it, etc. when it comes to THE BIG STUFF, i just put my head down and plow through until its done. get 'er done, is my motto. it's the indomitability of the karl lagerfeld spirit. i'm driven as a mofo. the dotytron is all-too-easily bogged down by the perception of the magnitude of whatever the task is at hand. i can see EXACTLY where we have to be and then i just work myself to the bone getting there. sure, my life isn't RELAXING, per se - but it's productive. and in the lagerfeld universe productivity is worshiped with the fervour of the true believer.

the point is: the dotytron had to pull a rotting mouse carcass from the kitchen cupboard in lil' ugmo yesterday and it damn near broke him.

here's the positive side. this is the kitchen we inherited:

so. gross. (that's not the positive side - it's coming) our budget for renoing the kitchen right now: -$2002020202020202. (still not the positive side). i was so disgusted by this kitchen that i had hatched an elaborate plan to spend a whole year cooking dinner using ONLY the following: microwave, toaster oven, panini machine, rice steamer, slow cooker, deep fryer - until such time as it was possible to gut the thing and have the kitchen of my dreams (cork floors! gas stove! stainless look appliances! bosch dishwasher!) (STILL not the positive side). that plan is obviously impractical - but let's face it, if i spent a year doing it and blogging about it, i would probably turn into some kind of blogging celebrity and get a book deal. not half bad. look at what that "julie and julia" broad is doing now. precisely.

so i decided to paint the cabinets. BRILLIANT IDEA. the cabinets are laminate. normally, i would have to sand, prime, and apply two coats. i was feeling lazy. we bought behr paint and primer in one and i removed the hardware and started slapping that shiz on. COLOUR ME IMPRESSED. it's sticking! like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on LAMINATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is kind of a big deal. i've saved myself like 5 hours of sanding and priming time and jebus knows how much drying time. i think 2 coats should do it, so the first batch will be done by the end of the weekend. it's going to make the kitchen look MUCH better. and maybe i won't have to do my weird, restrictive cooking-for-a-year-sans-stove challenge after all.

in other good news - our landlord is a SWEETHEART and is GIVING us extermination services for our mouse/roach problem (he works for orkin) as a WEDDING PRESENT. how effing sweet is that? so cute! AND he can do the treatment whenever. we were kind of worried we'd need to get him in there while the ceilings were open and everything was exposed but he says he doesn't have to. we can move in, have our shiz in there, and he can do it in a couple of hours. sweet! amazing! apparently people like to throw around the word "fumigate" but to actually fumigate you have to close down like a block. they don't do that anymore. they just put poison traps around and the roaches take it back and slowly die a horrible death and take their roachy brethren down with them. amazing.

probably the most awesome thing about getting hitched was how the community comes together around you. to wit: the dotytron needed dress socks. he goes to ashraf at lb luomo (that muslim men's clothing store across from the big mosque that the dotytron loves shopping at) to get the socks, happens to mention to ashraf that we're getting hitched, and ashraf GIVES HIM DRESS SOCKS. so sweet! so cute! stuff like that tears my heart into a million pieces of joy. THAT'S the kind of stuff worth fighting for. when you really become a PART of your community - the community will come together.

ANYWAY, the other success story of the day is that i got an amazing massage from my massage therapist who worked me like a stiff sourdough. it felt goooooood.

but the principal one is that WE FOUND A QUEEN SIZED BED FRAME. and by "we" i mean "i". as you well know, i LOVE my teak veneer headboard and bed with the built-in nightstands. love it. adore it. but the dotytron is 6'4" and costco has really affordable memory foam mattresses and while-we're-moving-why-bother-taking-our-crappy 50-year-old-double-mattress-with-us-and-why-not-upgrade, etc. but the dilemma is, our current headboard is almost 9ft long - so a queen is going to be even longer and the master bedroom isn't THAT big. so we want our bed to be in proportion to the room. i believe in that. i'm willing to sacrifice the queen sized bed in order to serve the higher cause of proportion and form. form over function! did i mention that i LOVE our current bed frame? so the last little while i've been trawling craigslist and coming up with bupkes. sad perogie.

so today i went by g.u.f.f. probably my FAVORITE store for mid-century modern furniture (along with upsidedive). the prices there are always fair and they've had lovely queen teak beds before - but nothing lately. so i wander in and ask. i'm told that queen is the most common size for frames and the fact that i have a double is actually a little rare. but queen frames sell out in the store in MINUTES. they JUST had one, but before they could even get it into the store, a dealer came by and whisked it away. BEFORE THEY COULD GET IT INTO THE STORE! so i kept walking, bought a lovely mid-century electric lemon lamp to assuage my aggrieved soul and SAW THE GUFF GUYS DROPPING OFF A BED FRAME TO ZIG ZAG ON QUEEN EAST. i waited a bit, walked in, and casually inquired if he had a queen sized bed frame. and (of course) he did. i saw it. it's quite lovely. needs a little bit of cleaning and an oiling but it'll be fine. the lines are actually nicer than the one i have now - it's got lovely tapered legs and the HEADBOARD IS ACTUALLY SHORTER THAN OUR DOUBLE. which means it'll fit into the room even BETTER! huzzah!

he told me that he didn't charge me much over what he paid for it at G.U.F.F. plus, once is slang my double on craigslist it'll offset the costs. so that's one thing i can scratch off our list and now we can order our memory foam mattress and have it delivered to the house and it's all glorious.

i was also describing the rosewood buffet that we have to the zig zag guy (remember it? it's got the slatted wood doors - the zig zag guys says the correct nomenclature for that style is tambour). apparently rosewood pieces are collector's items, because rosewood is rare or endangered now. and the fact that ours has tamboured doors makes it even MORE rare - he told me to hold onto that piece and that it's highly sought after. according to zig zag guy, if i ever get tired of it, it's better for us to refinish it rather than get rid of it. score! i wouldn't ever get rid of it anyway - i love that piece and it was a total find.

so yeah, that's the good news.

today is my day off from work. i'm off to take our water sample to the city to get it tested for lead. i'm also going to do some light grocery shopping and then do some errands. we're going to go back to the house tonight to try to rip out more of the baseboards.

last night i made us nicoise sandwiches for dinner. i'll post a pic later - the dotytron has absconded with the camera. tonight i don't know what we're going to have - maybe take out at lil' ugmo while we're going to town on the baseboard and boraxing the hell out of the kitchen to kill les cucarachas.


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