Tuesday, September 08, 2009

latin fest ftw!

bwong's new digs are the BOMB. right on the subway line - it took us 30 minutes to get there AND there's a wendy's in the building! AND a sheffield and sons! his condo is so centrally located AND he's got a light fixture that looks like a cross between HAL and an ipod. i think he should rig it up to look like an ipod. he also did the magnetic chalkboard wall, which was a good lesson for me because i want to do it too and i wanted to see how the magnetic primer works. i'd read that you have to use a crapload of coats and use those rare earth, super magnetic magnets that have such a powerful you can really injure yourself if your skin gets pinched. the magnetic primer is just basically thick primer with little metal bits in it...so you have to stir it up good to get the metal bits evenly distributed and also use a tonne of coats.

ANYWAY, on to the goods:

communication snafu with bwonger (aka us not reading the fb message thoroughly) meant that we waited an inordinate time to meet up. this time was not wasted. we had pre-dinner churros (stuffed with milk caramel - dulce de leche/cajeta).

then we warmed up with some chicharrons. basically this version was strips of deep fried pork belly. the fat, oh, the glorious, glorious fat!

we went with the standard fair/food court divide and conquer approach. we each lined up and bought some food so that we could go splitsies. i think this is barbacoa or some kind of beef soft taco.

beef filled flautas.

carnitas soft tacos.

grilled chicken (kind of underwhelming)

roasted pork ("the best in town!" the sign proclaimed - i'm not going to argue). with potato "omelette" basically mashed potato cooked on a griddle. so good!

grilled steak.


fried plantain stuffed with queso fresco and more meat.

our spread before (for 4 people!)

the aftermath of the decimation we wreaked (clearly, we were meat hungry and rice was not our go-to).

i'm waiting on tenterhooks for our final quote from our reno guy. eeks! we'll see how much we have to shell out...kind of nervous.

tonight for dinner i made us fried eggplant, campari tomato, basil, and olive pasta. for dessert we're having leftover cherry brown butter almond streusel tart with whipped cream. it's my treat for being too busy to eat lunch today and subsisting all day on water and my meagre cereal portion from this morning.


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