Tuesday, September 29, 2009

in praise of lamp light

everything looks better with lamp light! did i mention that unlike every other nice house on the block, we went NON neutral with our colour scheme? bye, sage green! bye, taupe! bye, mocha!

hello, sea-green/cucumber! hello vintage grape purple! hello, teal! hello, citron! the colours look fantastic in the light of day but much less so under the cold, intensely unflattering, blue-spectrum glare of the fluorescents we have in most of the rooms (we inherited them!!!) good god, blue spectrum fluorescents are THE WORST!

last week when i had lunch with my dad, that was one of his parting words of wisdom: GET RID OF FLUORESCENT LIGHTING. specifically, "god, you know! fluorescent lighting! it makes chinese people in particular look terrible. the yellow tone of the skin! GOD!" lol!

anyway, any time we have the lights on, it makes me want to scream and it makes me hate lil' ugmo. last night, we brought over some of our lamps...i plugged them in and IMMEDIATELY my "SELL THIS MONSTROSITY NOW!" impulse abated, ebbing into the warm pull of lamp light. WHY OH WHY do people love overhead lighting so much?!? lamps are way more fun! WAY more fun! so much more flattering!

also, if one more person asks us if we're getting pot lights, i'm going to vomit. who cares? why does everyone have such a big horny for pot lights? i don't get it.

so the citron wall is INTENSE. it is NOT JOKING AROUND. it is CITRON! at first i was freaking out about how we would work around it as a colour (ie. drapes, etc.) - but i've found some online inspiration - we can do navy or dark grey or hot pink - it's actually quite versatile:

this is from a wedding blog i stalk. it's a pretty sophisticated colour combo. i like the blue and the grey, but i think together it's a little severe.

i keep leaning towards this fabric for drapes for the master:

i know, it's pretty intense - but i kind of love it. the issue with this print is then the bedding - you'd want something fairly solid, with white. but i just bought some gorgeous sheet sets that are bright (the marimekko one) or super colourful (the pottery barn flower set).

this one is another option, if i want to tone it down a bit. or this:

but i keep being drawn towards the floral. we're going to do two layers - one set of sheers and one set of drapes hung on a double rod.

the dotytron is getting this for his studio drapes. his room is mostly blues, whites, and red - with a big teal wall.

i have the fabric already for the drapes in my craft room.

i'm the iffiest about the colour in the dining room. it ended up more blue than i wanted - really baby's room. kind of like this:

which is fine - and it even looks good with the white accents and teak furniture they have - similar to the buffet we're putting in there. but i wanted more this:

a little lighter - a little clearer with a bit more green in it. we'll see. i'm off all next week so if i get fed up enough, i must just go buck and paint over it while i've got the time.

i REALLY REALLY REALLY want these shelves for above the bed in the master:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know they're for a kids room but good god! they're adorable! and will be perfect spaced out over the bed - i wonder if it's too juvenile? i think it'll add the right touch of whimsy and give us a spot to put pictures and prints. i effin' love these more than anything! anything!!! i want i want i want!

tonight H and that guy were total lambs and helped us give a second coat on the hallways and paint the trim on the doors and windows upstairs. wheee! now all we have to do is paint the baseboard, the master bedroom trim, the doors themselves, the window and door trim downstairs, and do some touch ups on the grey and our painting is mostly done. it sounds like a lot but it's not that bad.

we have SO much to do between now and moving day! how did this happen! for a while i thought we were doing so well staying on top of it. but now i feel like we have mountains of work to do and negative time to do it.

gadzooks, i say!


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